10 Best Ballet Schools in the US (Benefits, FAQs) | 2023

Dance teaches children focus, creativity, and discipline, which are necessary skills in any study area.

The best ballet schools in America enhance sensitivity, comprehension, respect, and consideration in students, both in their similarities and differences; that’s why this article explains the best ballet schools in the US.

What is Ballet?

Ballet is a form of art that is made by moving the body. It has theatrical elements, such as a set, costumes, and stage lighting, and is presented to an audience in a theater.

It can convey an idea, notion, or feeling and tell a tale. Ballet has the potential to be enchanted, thrilling, thought-provoking, and even unsettling.

Ballet is a great way to work on your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Physically, ballet training improves flexibility, strength, and even posture. Increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping are just two of the many benefits of ballet that make it a fantastic cardiovascular sport.

Why is Ballet important?

1. Ballet Is a Good Form of Exercise

Every young person should take up some physical activity as a pastime. Instead of immediately resorting to sports, think about the additional benefits of ballet.

It strengthens muscles, promotes cardiovascular fitness, improves mobility, and loosens stiff joints.

Ballet is a great way to improve physical fitness, balance, and agility. Strong and flexible, ballet dancers have better mobility and posture.

Because it gets your heart pumping and encourages you to move, ballet is also excellent for cardiovascular health.

2. Ballet Has a Rich History

Ballet classes for children provide many chances for growth in both body and mind, from exposure to classical music and ballet musicals to learning about legendary ballerinas and dancers from the past and present.

3. Ability to Communicate

Seeing a live ballet performance is fantastic because it conveys emotion and plot without dialogue. 

The performers share the thrill of an audience on opening night as they learn to utilize their bodies to communicate with one another. 

Ballet is a wonderful artistic expression that can be learned in one’s leisure time and used to cultivate new and interesting modes of self-expression.

What does a Ballet school teach?

Ballet schools specialize in teaching ballet(dance) to children. A typical ballet boarding school provides education and ballet dancing programs to students living on the premises, similar to day school students.

Benefits of Ballet Schools

Ballet trains their memory and coordination while allowing kids to explore movement and instilling a sense of dedication and discipline.

Regular sessions will assist youngsters in developing and honing these critical life skills, which they may apply in regular situations such as school and employment.

List of best ballet schools in America

  • Linden Hall School
  • Saint James School
  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • Oldfields School
  • Dana Hall School
  • The Madeira School
  • St. Paul’s School
  • Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • Westover School
  • The White Mountain School

Best ballet schools in America | 2023

1. Idyllwild Arts Academy

The Dance major is designed to give students the technical and aesthetic versatility they’ll need to advance in the professional dance world.

The Dance Department at Idyllwild Arts aspires to build resilient dance artists who can contribute to the professional dance world.

The Idyllwild Arts Dance faculty, led by Ellen Rosa-Taylor, develops students as they polish their dance techniques and find their distinctive voice in the dance world.

With its multi-discipline program, which includes the American Ballet Theatre curriculum and cutting-edge teaching in modern and jazz dance, Idyllwild Arts immerses you in a life of enthusiasm for dance.

Rated as one of the top 10 best ballet schools in America, every student receives individualized attention in a supportive setting.

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2. Oldfields School

Oldfields School in Sparks Glencoe, Maryland, is a college preparatory school for females in grades 8 through 12.

Oldfields believes that the best learning occurs in an environment where kids are known, their views are heard, and failure is accepted as a part of progress.

As a result, as a small school, they are adaptable, providing unique immersing experiences for each girl to reach her mental, physical, and spiritual goals.

Learning is done here, and they are one of the top ballet boarding schools and colleges in the United States.

At Oldfields, there are countless ways to express oneself through dance. It is a feature of the Oldfields School experience that every girl, from novice to expert, finds a happy place to shine.

It is rated one of the best ballet schools in America.

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3. Saint James School

Saint James School is a coeducational, private, Episcopal boarding and day school for grades 8-12 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The school programs encourage and challenge young men and women to develop their talents and improve their skills in a variety of areas, but most importantly, to become better people who are resilient, self-assured, kind, and helpful.

Students are put to the appropriate level based on their potential and past training. Students improve their physical, spatial, and kinetic awareness with each level.

Dance students at Saint James are introduced to basic dance forms and language. Classical, modern, and musical theatre jazz dance are among the styles taught, with opportunities for further study through our Visiting Artist series.

Personal expression and stylistic exploration, phrasing, dynamic play, movement organization, and functional alignment are encouraged throughout rehearsals, emphasizing proper alignment, placement, and coordination.

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Top 10 best ballet schools in America

4. St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School students can combine a strong academic education with the best dance training available in a specialized dance studio.

The SPS Dance Program promotes a positive, loving, and aesthetic learning environment while developing technically skilled dancers with a strong work ethic.

The SPS Dance Program prepares students for college and pre-professional dance by offering year-round dance programs as part of the academic calendar and teaching all levels of dancers.

All sessions are designed to challenge students while fostering their physical, mental, and artistic growth. As part of its academic schedule, the program offers year-round dance classes, including Dance I (an introduction class) and Ballet II – V. (for the more experienced dancer).

Serious dancers can audition for the St. Paul’s School Ballet Company (SPSBC), a year-round program that can take the place of varsity athletic activity.

Rated as one of the best ballet schools in America, dancers at SPSBC work one-on-one with instructors, guest teachers, and choreographers, rehearsing daily during the academic year and performing four distinct performances, including classical and contemporary works, each school year.

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5. Linden Hall School

Dance is a worldwide language that people from all walks of life may communicate. Linden Hall offers private coaching, an academic dance class, a dance team, and a dance club.

Linden Hall School is the United States’ oldest continuously operating independent boarding and day school for girls. It encourages girls to be curious and creative thinkers, builds leadership, and gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Linden Hall is also regarded as one of the best ballet boarding schools in America. It primarily provides academic dance classes, a dance team, a dance club, and private dance coaching.

As a result, students at Linden Hall can take Dance as a half-credit academic subject in Physical Education or Art, or as an extracurricular activity.

Although only one academic dance course is given per semester, students may audition for the Linden Hall Dance Team and get 0.5 credits in Physical Education for a full-year commitment.

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6. Walnut Hill School for the Arts

As one of the best ballet schools in America, the Professional Division at Walnut Hill of the Boston Ballet School is a one-of-a-kind education and dance training program that combines world-class dance instruction with a top-notch college preparatory program to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience.

The joint program teaches and develops students for a future with Boston Ballet, the professional dance industry, and beyond, including the world’s greatest conservatories, institutions, and colleges, for a tuition price of $64,460.

The famous Boston Ballet School faculty, led by Boston Ballet Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen, Interim Director of Dance Miranda Weese, and Head of Men’s Program Peter Stark, benefit dance students.

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10 best ballet schools in America

7. Westover School

The Westover School, also known as “Westover,” is a private college preparatory day and boarding school for girls located in Middlebury, Connecticut.

They assist gifted and driven girls develop into confident and connected women at Westover. Visual and performing arts are vital to life, learning, and problem-solving creativity.

The Art Department at Westover offers an immersive and diverse program that enables students to become more aware of the world around them by facilitating an exchange of ideas.

Students learn to see clearly, listen sensitively, think critically, and explore imaginatively so that they can confidently move and express themselves through collaborative and independent learning processes and mastery of thoroughly taught skills.

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8. The Madeira School

Because classes are taught by professional dancers who perform and teach at the top levels on the East Coast and worldwide, dance is a feature of Madeira’s performing arts program.

Madeira Dancers, rated as one of the best ballet schools in America, welcomes dancers of all levels and offers the same genres as Select Dance at the beginner/intermediate level.

If the Madeira Dancer desires, he or she may audition for or receive approval from the director to advance to Select.

Musical theater, hip hop, jazz, Bollywood, and afro-fusion are among the masterclasses presented throughout the year. Dance classes are available as an athletic D block activity in Madeira.

Ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary movement are among the genres available.

Renowned dance professionals lead all classes from the Washington, D.C. metro region. Madeira Dancers and Select Dance are the two dance programs available.

Select Dance allows students to learn and perform at a high level while also allowing them to develop as dance artists.

Select has a rigorous and committed approach to performance, providing off-campus events as well as five school performances every year.

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9. Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is an independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 5 through 12 (boarding begins in grade 9) and one of the best ballet schools in America.

Dana Hall, being an all-girls institution, provides female students with a unique opportunity for education and self-development.

The program aims to improve dancers’ abilities while raising awareness of dance as an art form. Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Tap – these classes look at dance technique, styles, history, anatomy, and creative expression at each level.

The Dance Repertory Group is a choreographic and rehearsal class for performers who want to create new pieces, improve their performance skills, and put on formal and casual concerts.

The Shipley Center for Health and Wellness Dance Studio has a huge multipurpose, shock-absorbing floor and cutting-edge lighting and sound systems.

Dana Hall provides various programs for girls’ self-development, including dance. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the country’s best ballet boarding schools and universities.

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10. The White Mountain School

The White Mountain School is a coeducational college-preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12/PG that was founded in 1886 and is set in the magnificent White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.

Thanks to their Episcopal roots, they prepare and motivate students to live lives of curiosity, courage, and compassion.

In addition, the White Mountain School is one of the best ballet boarding schools and colleges in the United States of America.

Because the school collaborates with Creative Edge Dance Studio, White Mountain students have access to various dance activities to explore or deepen their interest in dance.

Academic courses and technique and performance-based lessons are available for various dance forms and performer ability levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ballet Schools in the US

Is 16 too late for ballet?

Learning ballet, like learning a new language, can be started anytime. The most important thing to consider is why you want to start learning ballet now, and if your reasons are reasonable and your goals are attainable, then you should start taking ballet lessons.

Is gymnastics or ballet harder?

Gymnastics and dance are equally difficult and demand the same qualities in their practitioners, such as practice and attentiveness. However, young children may find it simpler to learn to dance because the music is more accessible.

Does ballet delay puberty?

Puberty in young dancers often occurs late for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to malnutrition, an unhealthy energy balance, and genetics.

Do ballerinas have to be short?

The ballet companies that hire dancers set the standards for height. The average height of a female dancer in a ballet company is 167 centimeters. However, in Europe, some businesses have a minimum height requirement of 173cm for women, while others stick to the more conventional 165cm.


Memory, order, and sequencing are all improved by the use of movement combinations. Creating dances also boosts a student’s self-confidence, which is critical for success in school.

The use of dance in academics also aids in developing essential learning abilities such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and cooperation.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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