Top 10 Flight Schools in Alaska in 2022

Do you want to be a pilot in Alaska? Then this article is for you. It indicates the Flight/Aviation Schools in Alaska, how to become a pilot in Alaska, and many more. Read on.

Who is a Pilot?

A pilot is a person who works in the aviation sector and is capable of flying planes to carry people or products from one point to another.

Commercial airlines, corporations, and governments all employ them. Pilots may be self-employed or employed by an individual to provide private transportation in small planes or private jets.

Aviation is a broad employment field with various opportunities in both the public and private sectors, as well as in educational settings.

How to become a pilot in Alaska in 2022:

Time of Flight:

A total flight time of at least 2,000 hours in a fixed-wing aircraft or 1,200 hours in a high-performance military aircraft is required.

Up to 1,000 hours of rotor-wing flight time may be considered toward total flight time. More so, a minimum of 50 hours of flight time in the previous 12 months is required.


The pilot should have a current FAA First Class medical certificate. It also includes a certificate from the FAA as an airline transport pilot (ATP).

In addition, is a high school diploma or its equivalent.


A valid driver’s license is required. Moreover, the pilot must be able to work in the United States at least 23 years old.

The pilot must have and/or obtain a valid passport that allows unlimited entry and exit from the United States. Employees with non-US passports will also require any necessary travel documents.

Soft skills:

Excellent decision-making abilities, leadership capabilities, demonstrated command capacity, and maturity.

In addition, it includes other skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet email functions are all required.

The pilot must also be at ease in one of the following cities: Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Anchorage, AK, Portland, OR, or San Francisco, CA.

How much does it cost to become a Pilot in Alaska in 2022:

Flying lessons typically cost between $155 and $170 per hour. This pricing includes the average cost of an airplane rental as well as the $45 per hour cost of a flight instructor.

It costs $5,100 to $16,100 to complete flight school and obtain your pilot’s license.

Top Aviation/ Flight Schools in Alaska in 2022:

Angel Aviation:

Angel Aviation Flight School was founded to share its knowledge and experience with students who are interested in aviation as a career or as a pastime.

Angel Aviation Flight School was established in 2001 by an aviation specialist who has a deep grasp and passion for this fascinating field.

With over 30 years of commercial flying experience, this aviation expert has a wealth of knowledge.

Learning to fly and fly commercially in Alaska’s harsh aviation environment, owning a family flight school and an FAA Part 135 charter business in Hawaii, and then flying between South Florida and the Bahamas in a Grumman Mallard and Dash 7 are among his three decades of expertise.

He finished his career as a captain with a major airline as a vector to his last approach.

The goal of Angel Aviation is to assist you in obtaining the pilot certificate of your choosing.

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Fly Around Alaska:

Fly Around Alaska Flight Training is among the top aviation schools in Alaska that offers full pilot training programs as well as pay-as-you-go options (CFII) on the following:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument.

There are two types of flight training courses: accelerated and non-accelerated.

With the option of non-accelerated and accelerated flight training courses, Fly Around Alaska Flight Training can accommodate locals who are working or attending school, as well as student pilots who can take two weeks off work or school to train.

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Aviation/ Flight Schools in Alaska in 2022

Land & Sea Aviation Alaska:

Alaska is a land with a diverse population, breathtaking natural beauty, and huge open areas. The land is so vast that some of the most beautiful spots are only accessible by air.

Land & Sea Aviation Alaska endeavors to provide an exciting and fun flight training experience at Land and Sea.

Their instructors are not only highly qualified pilots, but they are also committed to providing unsurpassed customer service in the Anchorage area.

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Blue River Aviation:

Jamie Hastings, the creator of Blue River Aviation, started flying instruction in 2009 while working as a pilot with Peninsula Airways.

After a decade of flight teaching, he decided to devote his whole attention to his flight school and hire a number of other instructors, resulting in the formation of Blue River Aviation.

Blue River flight school specializes in professional aviation training, preparing students for a variety of vocations in the airline industry as well as off-airport adventures in Alaska’s vast wilderness.

From zero to commercial multi-engine and CFI, they train pilots. They also provide tailwheel, seaplane, and skiing lessons.

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Alaska Floats & Skis Inc:

Alaska is a land of stunning mountains and secluded lakes. Talkeetna, Alaska’s aviation community has long been known for its mountain expeditions, rescue missions, and wilderness adventures.

Use a skilled Talkeetna Bush Pilot to land a tri pacer on mountain strips, take off from stunning, secluded lakes, or land and take-off from snow-covered frozen lakes in one of their ski aircraft.

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Arctic Flyers Flight Training:

There are five instructors on staff with a wealth of knowledge and patience to help students achieve their aviation goals. Emergency, taildragger, and floatplane training are among their specialties.

Arctic Flyers Flight pupils not only learn to fly but also to comprehend aircraft systems in great depth.

They work on gravel strips (the Lake Hood Strip), which puts the student closer to bush operations.

Arctic Flyers Flight Training is one of the aviation schools in Alaska that fly out of Anchorage International Airport to expose students to larger planes and educate them on how to fly out of Alaska’s busiest airport.

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Missionary Aviation Repair Center:

Missionary Aviation Repair Center’s combined upgraded fleet allows them to adapt fly services for the different needs of their mission partners across Alaska, thanks to unique cooperation with Samaritan’s Purse.

Despite the isolated arctic conditions, this integrated competence allows them to work securely and efficiently to their advantage.

Missionary Aviation Repair Center combined mission activities enable swift reaction to deliver relief aid and services during catastrophic circumstances across Alaska, in addition to supporting continuing youth development and community improvements.

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Aviation/ Flight Schools in Alaska in 2022

Charter College:

Charter College Anchorage is one of the top Aviation/ Flight Schools in Alaska that has been providing career education alternatives to Alaskans since 1985.

Currently, their Anchorage, Alaska campus provides health care, business, information technology, and trades degrees. Bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate programs are also available.

All of their programs are tailored to meet the recruiting needs of Alaskan businesses.

Hands-on training is provided in health care and trades programs to help students enter the workforce quickly.

Online business and IT courses can help to advance your profession or start a new one in a rapidly growing field.

Charter College Anchorage is a community as well as a vocational college.

Students looking for colleges in Anchorage, Alaska, can form close bonds with their professors and classmates while gaining the necessary skills, knowledge, and job training.

Success at Charter College-Anchorage is a collaborative endeavour.

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Alyeska Helicopters, LLC:

Alyeska Helicopters is based in the foothills of the Chugach Mountains in south-central Alaska.

The circumstances in Alaska can be harsh, and the pilots that fly in this area are among the best in the country.

Their pupils learn extra abilities in hard terrain and superior understanding of mountains and harsh weather conditions in this unique environment, where the view is constantly beautiful.

You can learn here and fly anyplace.

They have a mission to provide professional training that is targeted to the specific needs of each of our students.

They also try to maintain the highest level of training and ensure that each student is committed to safety at all times.

More so, they are dedicated to developing highly-skilled, well-trained pilots for personal enjoyment or the work market.

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In as much as flight schools in Alaska are cool, issues like weather and maintenance delays will affect your training, just as they do for professional pilots.

You’ll have a lot of flight lessons cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control as a student pilot, and that’s something you’ll have to get used to.

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