Bellevue College Acceptance Rate (FAQs) | 2023

Bellevue College is an excellent public school in the United States.

Since its establishment, this school has produced several students that positively contribute to industries across the nation and the world.

Getting into Bellevue College is not hard because the school has a high acceptance rate. Read on to learn about this school’s acceptance rate, admission requirements, and other details.

An Overview Of Bellevue College

Bellevue College is a public higher-learning college in Washington, the US.

This school provides humanities, education, human science, arts, social science, science, and business and information technology courses.

Besides bachelor’s and associate’s programs, this academic institution offers several certificate programs. Their academic programs are for people with a wide variety of interests.

Additionally, it does not matter if you are only seeking to acquire your very first degree, boost your knowledge as a professional, or achieve your personal goals; this school has several programs that can enable you to achieve this.

Their commitment to admitting students from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities is why they have several international students. Bellevue College has good student educational and professional support services.

What is the Acceptance Rate Of Bellevue College?

Bellevue College has an acceptance rate of 100%. This implies that this school admits most of its applicants. However, to secure admission into the school, an applicant must still satisfy the following requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Payment of an application fee of $75 for local students.
  • A completed online application
  • An English proficiency test score (depending on the choice of the program the student)
  • High school transcripts

What are the Application Deadlines For Bellevue College?

Those applying to study at Bellevue College during the summer application round, fall application round, winter application round, and spring application round must submit their application before July 6, September 27, January 3, and April 4, respectively.

What are the English Language Proficiency Tests Needed By International Students For Admission Into Bellevue College?

International students that choose to attend Bellevue College must have a passing score on any of the following tests:

  • AP English Language
  • Duolingo

Visa Requirements For International Students

International students that want to study at Bellevue College must possess the following requirements to receive a visa that will enable them to study at Bellevue College successfully:

  • Proof of financial support
  • Passport duplicate
  • Payment of a $500 deposit online
  • Payment of the SEVIS fee
  • A completed non-immigrant visa application form

Requirements For Visa Interview

Here are some of the documents that you must take with you when going for the visa interview at Bellevue College:

  • A valid passport that is useable for another six months
  • Non-immigration visa application
  • Confirmation page
  • A photo
  • Form-1-20
  • Application fee payment receipt

Tips For Scaling Through Bellevue College

Here are some tips that will enable you to excel in your academics at Bellevue College:

1. Attend all classes

Attending classes as a student will do you lots of good. You will better understand the study material, socialize with classmates, and establish study relationships with academically motivated colleagues.

Also, showing up for classes will enable your teachers to take note of you; you will get to ask all the questions that cross your mind and also take notes of additional points made by your lecturer that are not in the study materials.

However, class attendance forms part of the total score in a course, so don’t miss classes for anything.

2. Take good notes

Although attending classes will help you immensely as a student, you must ensure that you take good notes whenever you are in class.

Taking notes in class as a student will enable you to concentrate attentively and better comprehend what is being taught in class.

Doing this will also strengthen your memory and enable you to recall concepts much faster when studying.

To take notes effectively in class, avoid distractions and only write down the essential points. However, ensure you go through your colleague’s notes to check for points they might have missed.

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3. Establish good relationships with your professors

Building and sustaining a good relationship with professors in your school will do you lots of good. Most students love to shy away from this, which is very wrong.

Whether you like it or not, your professors are vital to your academic success at the university, and running away from them will not help you in any way.

Instead, strive to become their friends by showing up for their classes, asking questions, making good contributions, and visiting them in their offices at the end of lectures each day.

Your professors can be very valuable when you need letters of recommendation for advanced studies, scholarships, or grants, or their professional opinions.

4. Have a workable study plan

Using a study plan as a student will help you immensely.

It will enable you to spend time on other engagements outside school and still have enough time to study for many hours, complete your assignments, prepare for tests, and do some practice tests.

However, when creating a study plan, ensure that you set achievable goals, plan your breaks, assess your current extracurriculars, and evaluate the learning pattern that works best for you.

Also, ensure that most of your free time outside class is dedicated to your studies.

5. Find a good balance between your academics and extracurricular

Engaging in extracurricular activities as a student is a great idea.

Studies have shown that students who engage in multiple extracurriculars achieve better grades than those who don’t.

Also, extracurricular activities enhance character formation and will empower you as a student with good leadership and time management skills.

However, as a student of Bellevue College, make sure that you don’t allow your extracurricular engagements to come first ahead of your academic pursuits.

Instead, strike a good balance between them and only engage in extracurriculars if you have covered many study materials for the day.

6. Read with other students

Group study is good for the academic development of students.

When you study in a group with your colleagues with the same academic interests, you will learn far more efficiently, acquire better professional and personal skills and develop the ability to work in a team.

Furthermore, reading with other students will help you avoid procrastination and ease exam anxiety. You will also get to ask questions on complicated areas and exchange ideas on problematic segments of the course.

7. Make use of practice tests

Indeed, you cannot scale through Bellevue College with flying colors if you don’t use practice tests in preparing for tests and exams.

Taking practice tests while studying will allow you to develop stamina, understand what you need to learn and don’t need to study, and spot areas of the class to step up your reading.

Also, taking practice tests while preparing for tests and exams at Bellevue College will ease exam anxiety as you will get to familiarize yourself with the nature of questions to expect on the test day.

You can also identify areas that take enough time so you can develop a good timing strategy to overcome them.

8. Avoid cramming

Cramming is a common problem for many students.

Cramming may help you conquer a test in the near run, but it undermines your academic confidence and is inadequate for long-term success.

So, at school, read to understand and always seek clarification. It is an effective method of preparation for exams and contributes immensely to academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Bellevue College Acceptance Rate

What is the application cost for international students studying at Bellevue College?

Bellevue College charges an application fee of $100 to international students that want to study with them.

What are the cheapest universities for international students in the USA?

The US’s cheapest universities for international students are Pennsylvania State University, Arizona State University, University of South Florida, and Purdue University.

How much more do international students spend attending a US public university?

International students pay about three times resident students’ tuition fees to attend US public universities.

Which city is the cheapest for international students?

San Diego, Baltimore, and Atlanta are the cheapest cities for international students in the US.


Bellevue College represents a good option among public universities in the United States.

Since its inception, this university has produced many graduates making significant contributions to various fields across the United States and the globe.

Bellevue College has a 100% acceptance rate, so getting in is not hard. But if you want to succeed academically at this institution, you should use the study above strategies.

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