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Cornell University Acceptance Rate: Cornell University is one of the eight Ivy League schools in the world. This school is also one of the best schools in the world.

Cornell University has the lowest acceptance rate of all Ivy League schools. However, securing an admission spot at Cornell University is tough because this school has strict admission rules.

Thus, if you dream of schooling at Cornell University, go through this article from the beginning of the post to the end.

You will learn what you need to know to meet the school’s strict admission requirements and other important facts about the school.

An overview of Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States. This school has provided quality education for over 150 years.

Cornell University is a leading private university in the United States that has contributed massively to developing countless innovations in several fields.


This school has masterminded some of the most advanced, ground-breaking research projects that have shaped society immensely.

With over 1700 professors currently lecturing at the university, Cornell University has one of the world’s best faculty bases.

About 50 of the faculty members at this prestigious university are Nobel Laureates who have been highly distinguished in their fields of study.

The low student-to-faculty ratio maintained at Cornell University has created a learning environment that permits close interaction between faculty members and students.

This school offers over 4,000 courses under 100 different departments, 80 undergraduate majors, 120 minors, and more than 100 graduate fields of study.


Moreover, Cornell University remains committed to settling the challenges confronting society by training people that can provide solutions to these challenges.

This school has several top-class facilities, ranging from fully equipped labs to advanced research institutes, that offer students the opportunity to obtain seasoned hands-on experience.

In addition, the research-based learning curriculum adopted by Cornell University is the major reason why the school has continued to produce some of the most seasoned university graduates.

This curriculum allows students to obtain extensive hands-on knowledge and the abilities needed to conduct a research design, analysis, and exhibition of results.

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The curriculum adopted at Cornell University also develops critical and creative thinking skills in students that are needed in every field.

Constantly getting students involved in research projects allows them to meet with alumni of the university and seasoned experts from the industry that serve as mentors to them, especially when they are about to take their first career steps after graduation.

Cornell University is undoubtedly one of the best private schools in the United States and the world at large.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Cornell University?

Cornell University has an acceptance rate of about 10.6%. This means that about 11 out of every 100 people that sent an admission application to the school are accepted.

Even though Cornell University has the highest acceptance rate among the eight Ivy League schools we have, securing an admission spot at this school is tough.

So, if you want to go to Cornell University, make sure you fill out a great application that meets the school’s requirements. This will increase your chances of getting in.

What is the GPA requirement for admission to Cornell University?

The GPA remains the most essential requirement for admission to Cornell University. This school has a minimum GPA requirement of 4.07.

The high GPA requirement set by Cornell University does not come as a surprise to anyone because this school only seeks to admit the very best students.

Thus, if you are hell-bent on getting into Cornell University, make sure you possess a high school GPA of at least 4.07.


Also, doing this while taking the hardest classes in high school will look good to the person reading your application.

What is the standardized test requirement at Cornell University?

The standardized test scores of candidates play a key role in deciding their admission status at a school like Cornell University.

The SAT and ACT are the two standardized tests adopted by this school to assess candidates.

However, applicants are only expected to submit a score or scores, as the case may be, on only one out of the two tests.

While the minimum SAT cut off mark is 1480 on the 1600 scale, the minimum ACT cut-off mark for admission into Cornell University is 34.

SAT Score Choice Policy

Cornell University has an “All Scores” policy for applicants to the school that opts to submit SAT scores. This policy means applicants must send the scores of all the SATs they have ever taken to the school.

This is why many people normally advise Cornell University applicants to use ACT scores instead of SAT scores when processing their admission.

However, as an aspirant at Cornell University, do not worry about your admission chances even if you do poorly on some tests.

The school understands that you only took many tests because you were trying to get the best possible score that would increase your admission chances.

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ACT Score Sending Policy

Cornell University only requires one score from applicants who use the ACT as an admission requirement, regardless of whether they took one, five, ten, or any number of tests.


Many people advise candidates to use ACT over SAT scores because aspirants can easily pick their best scores without exposing their poor ones to the application reader.

ACT Superscore Policy

Cornell University has a “Superscoring” policy for candidates who use ACT to process their admission.

This means that if applicants do not have an excellent score despite taking the tests several times, they can send the school the highest section scores across all ACT dates they have ever taken for the admissions reader to combine and form one compound score.

The compound score will now be used to process their admission.

Cornell University Acceptance Rate

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

Cornell University considers for admission the scores of applicants in the SAT Essay or ACT Writing Section depending on the test they opt to use.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

Cornell University asks selected applicants using the SAT to process their admission into the school for their scores on some SAT subject tests when applying to the school.

For instance, applicants applying for admission into science and engineering programs must submit subject test scores in several subjects. 

SAT/ACT Success Tips 

The SAT and ACT are the two standardized tests adopted by Cornell University for assessing candidates for the school.

Even though they are two different kinds of tests, the following tips will help you do well on either of them:

1. Consider all the options very well

Guessing answers during SAT or ACT tests is a very terrible thing to do. The standards of both tests are so high that the answers are always closely related to one another.


However, make sure that you look at all your options before making a choice. This will prevent you from doing poorly on the test.

2. Read the paragraphs of the essay very well

When tackling the essay section or any of the two standardized tests, ensure that you carefully read the entire paragraph containing the sentence you need to review before considering the options you have.

This will enable you to derive the context of the options, acquire a deeper understanding of the structure of the sentence, and pick the right answer.

3. Don’t attempt the hard questions first 

Time management is essential to perform well on the SAT or ACT.

Thus, to avoid spending too much time on one question, skip the difficult questions first and only return to them when you are done with the easier ones.

4. Rest very well on the eve of the test

Getting enough rest on the night of the test is very important.

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Gaining sufficient rest will prevent you from getting dizzy during the test, as dizziness negatively affects the performance capabilities of the brain.

So, ensure that you sleep for at least eight hours on the night of the test. It will enable your brain to function at its maximum potential.

5. Use prep tests

Using SAT and ACT prep materials for study can enhance your performance on the tests.

Besides the fact that most of them come with practice tests that will expose you to the nature of questions on the test, SAT and ACT prep books are written using the curriculum of the tests.

Many SAT and ACT preparation materials are available both offline and online. So, check their ratings on social media before purchasing one, or ask your teachers to suggest the best ones for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cornell University Acceptance Rate

What is Cornell University famous for?

Cornell conferred the first degrees in journalism, veterinary medicine, electrical and industrial engineering. Cornell offered the first American studies degree in the U.S.

Is Cornell hard to get into?

Cornell is a very selective school, and only about 10% of applicants are accepted each year. They care a lot about access and affordability, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Are Cornell students happy?

Students at Cornell say they feel lonely and depressed a lot because of the cold weather, how hard their classes are, and where the campus is.

Why do people like Cornell?

You obtain a top-notch education at a school with a beautiful campus and world-renowned faculty. Despite its wonderful university atmosphere, most people will find Ithaca to be too remote. Cornell University has a huge campus and a sizable student body. Coming from a tiny high school class, the university seems enormous.



Cornell University is one of the eight Ivy League schools in the world.

This school is undoubtedly a leading private university in the world. With an acceptance rate of 10.6%, Cornell University has the lowest acceptance rate of all Ivy League schools.

However, gaining admission to this school is tough. Cornell University always considers applicants with strong admission applications over others.

Thus, when applying to this school, ensure that you meet the school’s GPA and standardized test requirements and submit excellent letters of recommendation, essays, and other requirements desired by the school to stand a chance of getting in.

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