Towson University Acceptance Rate (FAQs) | 2023

Towson University Acceptance Rate: Towson University is a decent public university in the United States. This school is a good choice for anyone seeking to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.

It is not difficult to gain admission to Towson University because this school has a high acceptance rate.

Nevertheless, only applicants that satisfy the admission requirements of the school are considered for the available spots in the school.

Therefore, if you consider Towson University among the possible schools that you can attend, read this article carefully.

It tells you about Towson University and its GPA and standardized test requirements for admission, which are, of course, the most important things you need to get into the school.

It also gives you some tips that will help you do well on any of the standardized tests.

An Overview Of Towson University

Towson University is a highly rated public university in the United States. This school offers a learning environment that is ideal for academic and personal development.

The personalized learning curriculum adopted by Towson University equips students with the knowledge they need to excel in their chosen career pathways.

This school also exposes students to numerous extracurricular activities that shape their personalities positively.

The exceptional faculty members of Towson University are made up of professors, lecturers, researchers, scientists, and staff that are deeply committed to the development of students.

This school has even secured partnerships with many organizations that offer students amazing opportunities to acquire research experience, internships, and even jobs.

The low student-to-faculty ratio sustained at Towson University has created a learning environment that permits a close exchange of ideas between students and faculty members.

Every academic program at Towson University is deeply rooted in the liberal arts.

Since practical learning is given the top priority at this school, students are exposed to specialized training that exposes them to the latest developments in their respective industries.

Towson University offers over 60 majors and 80 graduate and certificate programs.

This educational institution engages students in several activities that enhance their experiences, like gallery exhibits, guest discourses, top-class concerts, and student organizations events.

Towson University is a good public university that is easy to put on a list of good public universities in the United States.

Towson University Acceptance Rate

What Is The Acceptance Rate At Towson University?

Towson University has an acceptance rate of 80.2%. This implies that about 80 out of every 100 applicants to the university are admitted by the university at the end of the selection process.

From the details above, it is clear that Towson University does not have challenging admission requirements.

The school’s admissions committee, however, only looks at candidates who meet the school’s requirements.

What Is The GPA Requirement At Towson University?

Towson University has a minimum GPA requirement of 3.68.

This means that every high school student that desires to further their education at Towson University must be above average throughout their time in high school and have more A’s and B’s than other grades in every single class they take.

If you’re applying to Towson University and your GPA is somewhat below the minimum requirement, you may still be admitted if you took demanding classes in high school or if your SAT or ACT score is far higher than the university’s cut-off level.

What Is The Standardized Test Requirement For Admission To Towson University?

One of the most important requirements for getting into Towson University is a good score on a standardized test.

Everyone who wants to go to the school has to send in either a SAT or ACT score.

SAT Requirement

All people who want to go to Towson University and use SAT as a requirement for admission must get at least 1140 on a scale of 1600 on the SAT.

SAT Score Choice Policy

Towson University implements the “Highest Section” policy, also known as the “superscoring policy,” for applicants that choose the SAT over the ACT.

With this policy in place, applicants must submit the scores of all the tests they have ever sat.

The people who read the applications will then choose the highest scores from each section to make a single “superscore” for each applicant.

ACT Requirement

Towson University applicants that desire to submit ACT scores instead of SAT scores are expected to score not less than 23.

When compared with other public universities, Towson University has a low ACT cut-off mark.  

ACT Score-Sending Policy

Towson University applicants that are submitting an ACT score instead of SAT scores have full authority over the scores that they intend to submit.

No matter the number of tests they take, they are still mandated to send in just a single test score.

ACT Superscore Policy

Towson University currently adopts the superscore policy for applicants. This implies that applicants can submit the scores of all the ACT tests they have ever taken to the school.

Moreover, from the scores sent, the application reader eventually takes the highest score for every single section of the test scores they received and uses those scores to process the applications of aspirants.

SAT Essay/ACT Writing Section Requirements

The SAT/ACT Writing Section is an optional requirement for admission to Towson University.

However, if you did well on any of these sections, depending on the test you took, you should send your score to Towson University because it can help your chances of getting in.

SAT/ACT Success Tips

The SAT and ACT are two standardized tests that students who have taken them have generally rated as difficult.

However, you can excel in any of these tests by applying the following tips:

1. Don’t start with the hard questions

One of the biggest mistakes that students make while taking either the SAT or ACT is wasting too much time on one question.

If a question is quite challenging and confusing, move on to the next one. Also, don’t spend too much time on any question until you’ve answered all the easier ones.

2. Apply the strategy of elimination

When attempting questions that are difficult, apply the strategy of elimination to select answers to your questions.

Begin by getting rid of options that are too far away from what you believe is your final answer, and from the remaining options you have, look for sufficient reasons why you think an option is an answer before picking it.

3. Subscribe to a prep class

In the United States, there are numerous ACT/SAT prep classes.

If you are struggling to get a grip on any section, sign up for a standardized test class immediately, no matter the cost.

This will enable you to obtain the insight you need to scale through any question you face.

4. Get enough rest on the eve of the test

Keeping awake all night before an SAT or ACT test can lead to poor performance.

Not getting sufficient rest on the eve of the test will only leave you weary and exhausted, which will not help you perform to your fullest capacity.

Thus, ensure that you sleep for as long as eight hours on the eve of any of the tests to refresh your brain massively.

5. Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Do not go for any standardized test without eating a quality breakfast. A filling breakfast will make you stronger and give your brain the energy it needs to work as well as it can.

6. Do enough practice tests

Taking enough practice tests ahead of a standardized test is a wise decision.

This will expose you to the nature of questions to expect, enable you to come up with strategies on how to tackle the questions, and help you recognize topics that you still need to work on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Towson University Acceptance Rate

Is Towson University a good school?

Towson University is in the top 35 national public universities in Washington. In social mobility, TU is the only Maryland school in the top 50.

Is Towson public or private?

Towson University is the 12th-largest public university system in the United States.

Can you have a good time at Towson?

The city of Towson has a reputation for being a wild party spot. While it’s true that many UC Santa Cruz students prefer to get their drink on the weekends, it’s also false that the majority of students spend their time doing nothing but partying.

Is Towson University an easy school?

Towson University is challenging, and you will need to put in a lot of effort if you want to do well. Towson University has excellent faculty members, and many of them will get to know you on a first-name basis. This is due to the fact that, with the exception of some lecture hall classes, most Towson University classes are around the same size as those found in high schools.


Towson University is a decent public university in the United States. This school is a good choice for anyone seeking to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.

Towson University has an acceptance rate of 80.2%, which implies that it is not difficult to gain admission to Towson University.

Still, only applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.68, a SAT score of 1140 or higher on a scale of 1600, or an ACT score of 23 or higher, and a strong application as a whole will be considered for admission.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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