CHSE Exam (Schedule, Preparation, Exam dates) 2021

CHSE (Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator®) conducts the Class 12 Examinations (CHSE Exam) in March every year.

On the other hand, the state board has released the evaluation criteria for Class 12 students stating that regular students will receive scores in theory papers based on their performance in Class 10 and board exams.

CHSE Exam schedule

SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare) doesn’t schedule examinations. The candidate must choose the date, time, and location.

SSH will notify ISOQuality Testing, Inc. (IQT) when the application has been accepted, then IQT will send the candidate an email with instructions on how to schedule the exam.

Within 90 days of the date of approval, the exam can be completed. However, the candidate must plan to take the exam within this 90-day time frame.

Remote Proctoring

Candidates can now schedule and sit for the CHSE/CHSOS exam remotely from their workplace or home. SSH has partnered with Prometric to offer remote proctoring that is accessible to all candidates worldwide.

If you want to use this testing method, you will need a microphone, a camera, and a quiet, well-lit area.

Preparation for your CHSE Exam:

Take the time to read the Remote Proctoring Regulations found in the ProProctor User Guide. Then, adjust your testing environment accordingly.

Install the ProProctor Application before your exam launch and run a System Check. After you have been approved to test, choose Remote Proctoring over testing centers when you register online.

Follow these instructions to set up remote proctoring.

NOTE: You should have your preliminary results available on-screen after you’ve completed your exam. On the other hand, after the QA process has been completed, your final results will be emailed (typically within 24 hours).

Important: Before you test (one to two hours, or as necessary), SSH strongly recommends that you boot your computer (e.g. to ensure that caches are cleared)

CHSE Examination Day Requirements

Candidates must arrive on time at the exam location. Late arrivals may result in you not being allowed to enter. The Admission Letter must be brought along with a photo ID issued by the government (e.g. passport, driver’s license).

After registering for the exam, the admission letter is sent to the candidate by email.

Testing Locations

The Certification Council is pleased to announce that the Prometric testing network has been added through its partnership with SMT.

This partnership with SMT will provide hundreds of more testing locations for candidates across the US and the world. However, that is an amazing addition that will help you get your CHSE(r).

SMT and its Partners offer testing at all times. SSH has made every effort to expand testing locations as needed. These locations are available when you select your date, time, and location for the exams. However, they will be visible 90 days before the exam date.

IMPORTANT: You must continue to use the Candidate Management System for all-year-round testing sites.

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CHSE Professional References

Three professional references are required. You will need to provide contact information for the references during the application. The reference form will be sent to them via email.

The Confidential, structured Report of Performance (CSRP) is intended to provide specific information about you as a healthcare simulator educator.

However, to protect the confidentiality of the reporter, you must return CSRP forms directly to Certification Council.

On the other hand, to ensure that your CSRP is completed on time, contact your references.

CHSE Exam Results

The examination results are usually available upon completion. They can be printed or displayed on the screen depending on where took the test.

Due to many forms, scoring is done using a scaled score. To pass, you need to get 700. Correct answers count towards the total score. and there is no penalty for wrong answers. Each form is equalized to give you an equal chance of passing with the 700 scores.

The results are given either Pass or Fail. So, passing results do not include any additional information (no scale score). Failure results include both the scale score and the percentage of each domain-specific question that was answered.

Students are not allowed to review individual questions or the entire exam forms.


You can take the CHSE exam again if you fail. But, you can take the CHSE exam only once every 90-days, and not more than four (4) times per calendar year. To determine the level of study that you require, use the information from the last exam.

Fees for the CHSE

For members of SSH or other supporting organizations, the first-time application fee is $395 (USD), and for all others, it’s $495 (USD).

Reexamination fee:

For members of SSH or other supporting organizations, the $175 reexamination fee will be charged. It is $275 for all other individuals.

CHSE Highlights 2021

Dates CHSE 12th board exams
  18-May-2021 to 11-Jun-2021Cancelled
  July 31Declared for Science and Commerce
  August 14Declared for Arts
  July 2021Supplementary Exam
 July/August 2021 Result 2021

Steps to verify CHSE Result 2021

  • Visit the official website for CHSE Odisha Board
  • Click the link to see Odisha CHSE Result 2021
  • The Odisha +2 Results 2021 window will appear on the screen
  • Input their credentials, such as roll number or registration number.
  • Click on “Submit.” The screen will open with the result.
  • For future reference, download and save the Odisha CHSE 2021 result.

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CHSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021

Given COVID-19, the State Board reduced the CHSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021. The official website of the State Board has the revised syllabus for CHSE Class 12 available. To pass the CHSE 12 and Syllabus 2021 examinations, students must study the entire syllabus.

CHSE Pass Rate

The CHSE 2021 exams are passed to candidates who have attained a minimum 30% average in each subject and 33% aggregate. The pass percentage for CHSE 2021 was 72.33% last year.

FAQs regarding the CHSE Exam

Q: When will the CHSE exams take place?

A: The CHSE exams were scheduled from May 18 through June 11, 2021. They have been cancelled.

Q: Could the CHSE be delayed due to COVID-19?

A: Exams cancelled.

Q: How many people appear for the CHSE exam in total?

A: According to Bijay Kumar Sahu (Controller of Examinations CHSE), 343,106 candidates appeared for the Odisha CHSE 2020 examinations. 218k students were from the Arts stream. 98,536 and 25770 candidates came from Science and Commerce streams, respectively.

Q: Which streams of subjects make CHSE offer, and what are they?

A: The CHSE offers three streams of subjects, Science, Commerce, and Arts/Humanities.

Q: What exams of the CHSE were cancelled because of the lockdown last year?

A: The CHSE 12 exams were cancelled from the Science stream. They were Biology, Statistics, and Vocational Trade. Geography and Zoology were also affected.

The Arts stream saw the cancellation of the exams in Economics and IRPM and Statistics, Anthropology and Sociology.

Q: How long is the CHSE exam?

A: The Odisha CHSE exam is from 9:15 AM to 12:15 PM.

Q: What is the marking system for the CHSE exam?

A: Each subject on the CHSE exam has 100 marks. The marks for exams with practicals are divided into 70 theory marks and 30 practical marks.

Q: How many CHSE exam centres were there?

A: There were as many as 1,142 CHSE examination centres in the state.

Q: If students aren’t satisfied with their results based on the new assessment system of the CHSE exam, can they take part in improvement exams?

A: Candidates unhappy with their performance on the new assessment system may apply for the improvement exams once the COVID-19 situation has been resolved and the lockdown lifted.

Q: Can all three streams of the CHSE examination be combined?

A: The results of the CHSE exam are not announced separately for each stream. The Science stream results will be announced first, tentatively in July. Commerce and Arts results will follow in July.

Q: Which district had a high pass rate of CHSE last year?

A: The CHSE district had the highest pass percentage last year at 86.56%.

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The CHSE examination takes no more than two hours unless you request and approve an extension. The examination has 115 questions.

Each question is multiple-choice with four options to choose the answer. However, all examination questions must correspond to at least one item in the CHSE(r) examination blueprint (pdf).

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