20 Government Jobs That Are Easy To Get (Tips, FAQs)

Government Jobs That Are Easy To Get

There are a lot of bonuses and rewards for working for the government.

From an attractive pension to many career advancement opportunities and a big salary, working for the government is a huge feat for anyone than it may seem.

A bachelor’s degree is not always necessary for government employment; as many available jobs only require proper qualifications.

On the other hand, specific skills and professional expertise may be needed for certain roles.

This article explains over fifteen government jobs that are easy to get, including their descriptions, average pay, and responsibilities.

What are Government Jobs?

It’s like working for the country when you work for the government.

Politicians and employees of the government help run the country and give people services.

These people work in many fields, including law enforcement, healthcare, and education.

It’s possible to make a big difference in the world through stable jobs that offer benefits.

All of these people work to make the city and the country a better place, whether they’re teachers, police officers, or other government workers.

What are the Government Jobs That Are Easy To Get?

1. Voice Actors:

Radio hosts, TV characters, and script readers all use the services of voice actors.

Whoever can speak well and has a beautiful voice would be perfect for this position.

These people read or record audiobooks and lend their speaking talents to advertisements and television shows.

The annual average income of a voice actor is about $80,000.

2. Human Rights Investigation Trainee:

These professionals research allegations of human rights violations and interrogate victims or witnesses.

A good number of them work for federal departments or charities.

In instances of human rights abuse, human rights investigation trainees are deployed to gather pertinent papers and evidence.

The average income of a human rights investigation trainee is about $65,000

3. Truck Driver:

Driving is easy; an instructional course is all it takes to become an expert. It’s a high-paying government job that doesn’t require a degree.

Drivers of government trucks do various tasks, including transporting commodities, loading and unloading cargo, and doing routine maintenance on their vehicles.

The average annual income of a truck driver is about $80,000. This is one of the government jobs that are easy to get.

4. Translator:

Translators offer their services to foreign nationals working in several government departments who cannot communicate in the official language utilized there.

These experts can translate texts from any language into another language they’re fluent in.

They also ensure that audio, memoranda, or translated papers accurately reflect the original meaning.

The average annual income of a translator is about $50,000.

5. Lifeguard:

Lifeguards employed by the government work at city parks, recreation facilities, and beaches.

Among their many responsibilities at these locations is keeping an eye on the water for any signs of danger and keeping an eye on swimmers in or near pools.

Also, they lay forth the laws and regulations that people should follow when using public pools or beaches and teach people how to utilize water bodies safely.

When people are injured, lifeguards also provide basic first aid. A lifeguard may expect to earn an average annual income of about $25,000.

6. Park Ranger:

Park ranger is one of the government jobs that are easy to get. Anyone who enjoys working in the great outdoors would adore this job.

Park rangers escort tourists around famous landmarks.

Additionally, they can be used to safeguard national and territorial parks and make sure tour guests are comfortable.

Park rangers are multi-talented individuals who can answer questions about the environment or even police the law.

The average annual income of a park ranger is about $40,000.

7. Secretary or Administrative Assistant:

This fantastic, low-stress government position might not even necessitate a degree. Each federal agency has openings for secretaries.

Clerical work, including making spreadsheets and managing databases, is the significant work that secretaries and administrative assistants do.

They also handle paperwork, lectures, and studies. The average annual salary of a secretary or administrative assistant is about $40,000.

8. Flight Attendant:

Flight attendant positions are often available in airports that the government owns.

The safety of passengers and the strict observance of security protocols are the primary responsibilities of those who choose to work as flight attendants.

Additionally, they guarantee the safety of the flight deck. The average annual income of a flight attendant is about $35,000.

9. Academic Tutor:

Academic tutors are individuals who offer their services to students and public servants who are interested in expanding their understanding.

They instruct a person or a group in their field of knowledge and answer inquiries by them.

The average annual income of an academic tutor is about $40,000.

10. Travel Guide:

Anyone with a diploma or other government-approved credential in the field of tourism can find work as a travel guide or tour guide.

This job is reserved for those who have some familiarity with the area’s topography and culture.

Tour guides are responsible for arranging itineraries, selling tickets, meeting and greeting clients at designated meeting points, and providing detailed information about the tour’s rules and timetable.

They also have a natural talent for entertaining visitors and describing places and the tour area. The average income of a travel guide is about $30,000.

11. Data Entry Clerk:

This is one of the government jobs that are easy to get.

Those interested in working for government agencies like the DMV or the tax collector’s office can apply for data entry clerk positions.

Even with little experience, one can still get this job and learn as they go. Data entry clerks help to keep the database up-to-date and organized by entering and organizing consumer information.

They also gather and organize information based on predetermined priorities, standards, or regulations.

The average annual salary of a data entry clerk is about $35,000.

12. Office Assistant:

Several government agencies hire office assistants to facilitate the work of politicians and other high-ranking government officials.

They handle incoming and outgoing memos, phone conversations, and documents.

Senior personnel also employ them for the assistance and encouragement they offer.

Office assistants also type and publish official papers and create presentations and spreadsheets.

The average annual income of an office assistant is about $40,000.

13. Accountant:

Those with accounting degrees can apply for this position through the government.

Generating financial plans and accounting services are just two of the many technical duties carried out by accountants.

They are also responsible for overseeing economic data and providing in-depth analyses as required. The salary average for an accountant is $75,000.

14. Website Staff or Manager:

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a government agency to have an online presence or two where citizens may learn more about their services.

This position is reserved for those with computer or information technology skills.

Website managers oversee the leading agency websites and ensure the necessary information is uploaded on schedule.

In addition to performing periodic site audits, they enhance the content already on the site. The average annual income of a website manager is about $70,000.

15. Customer Service Representative:

This is one of the government jobs that are easy to get. Every day, a customer service rep’s job is to meet the needs of customers.

They are responsible for various tasks, including responding to consumer requests and grievances and providing details about available goods and services.

These individuals handle orders and returns as well. A customer service representative earns an average annual income of about $35,000.

16. Postal Clerk:

Postal clerks are government employees that are stationed at post offices.

In addition to receiving mail, packages, and other items, they sell and arrange for postage and stamps.

These people organize and inspect packages before posting them and sell stamped envelopes.

The average annual income of a postal clerk is about $35,000.

17. Librarian:

One of a librarian’s jobs is to keep the library’s book collection neat and organized and to do regular surveys of all the books.

Additionally, they oversee the library’s circulation of publications, materials, papers, and other materials.

They point people toward resources, such as books or materials. The average annual salary of a librarian is about $60,000.

18. Pharmacy Technician:

Candidates with health or drug administration degrees may be eligible for this position at certain public healthcare facilities.

Assigning patients drugs, processing payments, and interacting with consumers are all responsibilities of pharmaceutical techs.

They also prepare and package pharmaceuticals. The average annual income of a pharmacy technician is about $35,000.

19. Toll Booth Attendant:

Individuals entrusted with this responsibility keep track of the number of users of toll facilities, monitor those who attempt to avoid paying the toll and guarantee the smooth operation of all toll roads.

Additionally, their job is to collect tolls from drivers who utilize toll highways, bridges, and tunnels.

However, this work is becoming more and more outdated as a result of technology.

The average income of a toll booth attendant is about $30,000 per year. It is one of the government jobs that are easy to get.

20. Security Personnel:

The government offers numerous security-related work opportunities. It’s a high-paying, low-stress government job that doesn’t require a degree.

In addition to inspecting buildings, access areas, and equipment, security personnel monitor security devices such as surveillance software, cameras, etc.

Not only that, but these people are responsible for adopting security measures and reporting security issues to the appropriate quarters.

The average annual salary of a security personnel is about $30,000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Government Jobs That Are Easy To Get

What is the highest-paying job?

Head of state, general surgeon, senior software engineer, investment banker, data scientist, manager of information technology systems, corporate lawyer, and project manager are among the best-paid occupations in the world.

What is the best-paying job you can get without a degree?

These professions pay well but do not require a bachelor’s degree: executive assistant, software developer, real estate agent, sales director, commercial pilot, supply chain manager, police officer, and project/program manager.

Which job would be best for you in the future?

Jobs in data science, AI/ML engineering, healthcare, digital marketing, cybersecurity, HR management, full-stack development, and cloud computing are among the finest for the future.

Which degree is most conducive to financial success?

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, criminal justice, English, finance, or human resources will get you a good job quickly and with a good salary.


Working for the government is one of the best things to ever happen to anyone. Government employees are eligible for a plethora of incentives and benefits.

Government jobs not only pay well, but they also offer pensions and several prospects for career progression.

To succeed in your first year as a government worker, ensure that you take time to understand the terms of your employment and respect the probation period.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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