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Harcum College Acceptance Rate

Harcum College Acceptance Rate: Harcum College is a private institution of higher education in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

The acceptance percentage at Harcum is 100%. Human Services, Child Care Provider, and Veterinary Technician and Assistant are three of the most common majors chosen by students.

This article gives a full analysis on Harcum College covering academic programs, acceptance rate, campus diversity, and more.

About Harcum College

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is home to Harcum College, a private college that does not prioritize profit over the mission.

It has a total enrollment of 1,343 students and is located on a campus in a nearby suburb.

An associate’s degree is the highest level of education earned at Harcum College; the school has an open admissions policy and will give credit for what you’ve already learned.

Students have the opportunity to earn degrees and certificates in ten distinct disciplines of study.

Moreover, public administration and social service professions, family and consumer sciences/human sciences, health professions and related degrees are some of the most popular academic fields.

On the other hand, Harcum is the place for you, regardless of whether you are:

  • A recent high school graduate.
  • A stay-at-home mom.
  • Someone who is trying to make a career shift while working full-time or you want to try something new.

Opportunites Available at Harcum:

Opportunity to improve yourself:

Harcum is filled with countless opportunities for students to have fun, achieve their goals, and make new friends.

These opportunities range from student government to sporting events and community service projects. Extend the scope of your perspective.

Cost of attending school:

88% of first-year students at Harcum College get financial help. This usually comes in the form of a grant or scholarship, and the average amount is $11,360. At Harcum college, paying for college doesn’t have to be complicated or devastating.

Basic Information about Harcum College students

  • 76% of Harcum students live in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, or Philadelphia County, while almost 80% of students transport themselves to campus daily.
  • 70% of on-campus students are in the allied Health Sciences, and 85% of graduates from programs in the allied Health Sciences find jobs within six months of getting their degrees.
  • 16% of Harcum’s freshmen students in the fall of 2016 came from other colleges; 54% were considered non-traditional students (meaning they are over 24 or already have a degree).
  • The school comprises 81% female students and 19% male students.
  • 48% of students say they are black or African American, while 11% say they are from one of the other minority groups.
  • A little over 51% of the students at Harcum College are the first in their families to go to college.
  • Over 90% of students get financial help from the federal government, state governments, or educational institutions. Almost 75% of students are eligible for Pell Grants.

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What do the statistics on admissions mean for you?

The admission statistics provided by Harcum College might assist you in gaining a better understanding of the possibility of being accepted.

Check your SAT and ACT results against students who have previously been accepted.

If your scores are lower than the average, this may indicate that you need to retake the test or check out other institutions that better fit your test scores.

You may get a fair idea of how competitive college admissions are by looking at a college’s acceptance rate and selectivity.

Moreover, it is not difficult to be accepted because there is a low level of selectivity and a high acceptance rate.

Education Experience at Harcum College:

The educational experience would not be complete at Harcum College without including the residence life program.

The goal of the Department of Residence Life is to give students a place to live that is safe, welcoming, and good for learning.

Five professional staff members make up the team that works in the Office of Residence Life.

The overall instructional, disciplinary, operational, and assignment responsibilities of the department fall under the purview of the Director and Assistant Director of Residence Life.

Harcum College Acceptance Rate: Admission Process at Harcum College:

The Harcum College admissions process does not include early decision or action options.

Some high school students submit their college applications early because they believe doing so will improve their chances of being accepted.

Moreover, applying before the early deadline demonstrates that you have a strong interest in the institution and ensures that your application is reviewed before any regular decision applicants submit their materials.

This may increase your likelihood of being accepted.

What kinds of characteristics does Harcum College search for in its applicants?

Colleges look at various criteria when determining who will be allowed to enroll in the following year’s freshman class.

When choosing which applications to accept and which to reject, it is up to each college to determine which criteria they believe to be the most significant.

When compiling a list of schools to which you will submit applications, it is important to consider both the positive aspects of your application and any areas in which you may have room for improvement.

Then, you should choose schools that put a lot of weight on the criteria for admission that you do well.

The following are the requirements that Harcum College looks out for:

  • Character/Personal Qualities
  • Volunteer Work
  • Academic GPA
  • Work Experience
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Interview
  • Level of Applicant’s Interest
  • Recommendation(s)
  • Class Rank
  • The rigor of Secondary School Record     
  • Application Essay
  • Alumni/ae Relations

What GPA do I need to have to get into Harcum College?

The grade point average you earned in high school is a figure that represents how well you did academically while you were enrolled in high school.

Colleges can look at a weighted or an unweighted grade point average when deciding who to let in.

An unweighted grade point average is calculated by taking the average of your results on a scale from one to four for each class.

When calculating your weighted GPA, your average grade, as well as the difficulty level of your classes, is considered.

A weighted grade point average raises your overall score by giving you more credit for honors or advanced placement courses.

More so, a student who gets into Harcum College has an average unweighted grade point average of 2.5.

Harcum College Acceptance Rate

There is no need for concern on your part regarding admission to Harcum College.

Because of the school’s open admissions policy, prospective students need only fulfill the institution’s minimum standards to be considered for enrollment.

Nevertheless, make sure to submit a comprehensive application and provide any other materials that may be required, as the acceptance rate at Harcum College is 100%.

Harcum College Application Deadline

In addition to handing in the documents and any other information that may be requested, the applicants are also asked to pay an application fee of $50.

The application deadlines for each college and university are different, although they are typically around the same time of year.

November is usually the deadline for early applicants to submit their applications for early action, early decision, or single-choice early action. However, this deadline varies from college to college.

In reviewing applications, Harcum College considers a wide range of considerations to arrive at judgments that are free from error.

Applications for the fall semester, generally students’ first choice, can be submitted beginning in September and continuing through April.

Even though the ultimate deadline is in April, a deadline in September has also been established.

Because Harcum College also awards scholarships, any student interested in being considered for one of these grants must submit an application by September, which is before the April deadline, so that the review processes may be carried out in an efficient manner.

These scholarships will assist the students in not just funding their studies but also participating in other activities organized by the group sponsoring them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Harcum College Acceptance Rate

Does Harcum College have dorms?

The Harcum College Residence Life program is an important part of getting an education there. Harcum has two dorms with suite-style rooms.

What division is harcum college basketball?

NJCAA Division I

What is Harcum College known for?

The College offers more than 20 majors at its Bryn Mawr campus and accelerated degrees in Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Business, and Law & Justice at Delaware Valley Partnership Sites.

What is a d1 Junior College?

The biggest universities and colleges are in Division 1, while Division II and Division III schools are smaller. A lot of athletes think that the level of play in Division II is automatically lower than in Division I or Division III.


Harcum helps you develop personally and professionally to continue success throughout your life.

The best news is that it has a 100% success rate in terms of acceptance, which means that if you apply to this college for an associate’s degree, you will be accepted into the program provided that you meet the minimum requirements that the college has for applicants.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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