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Gifts for Architects: Choosing a book at random or giving money to an architect won’t be fascinating choices.

They would much rather have something that is more relevant to the work that they do and the things that they are passionate about.

To help you find the best gifts for architects, we’ve gathered information about various unique gifts.

Who is an Architect?

Architects are trained professionals who know how to design buildings using both art and science.

They come up with ideas for buildings and turn those ideas into pictures and plans that can be used to build homes, offices, and other facilities.

Their work is about more than just how a building looks. Architects come up with plans for new buildings, renovations, and redevelopment.

They use their expert knowledge of building and their high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are useful, safe, environmentally friendly, and look good.

Is Architecture worth it?

The quick answer is “yes” since it is a creative, diversified, and ever-changing field that offers a wealth of options and paths to pursue.

Earning a degree in architecture has the potential to yield excellent financial returns.

The long hours, heavy workload, and attention to detail make this a demanding profession, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. 

Best Gifts for Architects

1. LEGO architecture studio 

The incredible LEGO architecture studio set comes with 1210 monochromatic bricks, a pair of sorting trays for your convenience, and a book titled Create Your Architecture with 271 pages of information on architectural history and themes.

It is one of the best gifts for architects.

2. Concrete desk set

A present thoughtful idea that can be given to professional architects to keep in their workspace is a concrete desk set.

This present can be kept in the architect’s office. In addition, there is a tray, a tape dispenser, and a pen holder built of solid concrete. You are going to adore both the contemporary design and the hue of this light gray ivory.

3. Architectural bird feeder

This bird feeder in the Prairie style was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and took its name from the intricate glass pattern that can be found in his Darwin D. Martin house. As such, it is an excellent addition to the outdoor space of any architect.

NB: Keeping a bird feeder can be a great way to spend time outside and enjoy nature up close and personal.

They are a welcome addition to the bird’s natural diet in your garden or yard. The sorts of food offered at bird feeders can be specific to the species of birds that use them.

4. Holder for pencils and brushes made of plastic

An architect always carries tens or even hundreds of pens, brushes, and pencils with them.

In light of this, what could be a more appropriate present than a pencil holder to help keep everything in its place? Additionally, a thoughtful gift would be a pen holder that has been beautifully created.

More so, a holder for pencils and brushes ranks high as one of the best gifts for architects.

5. Personalized vintage architect sign

The sculpture is finished with hand-painted details and a relief carving of common architectural elements that took a lot of work.

The architect’s name and any other text you’d like to include, such as the architect’s professional qualifications or company, are displayed on the custom hanging name board.

This is the perfect present for any architect, since it mixes the best of the past and the contemporary.

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Materials You will Use in Architecture School

1. ArtemideTolomeomini table lamp

The ArtemideTolomeomini table lamp is an elegant piece that can be used in various settings thanks to its adjustable shade.

The body is made of polished metal, and the joints and tension control knobs are also made of die-cast aluminum.

The body, arms, and head can all be moved in any way you like.

The shade is available with a diameter of either 14 or 17 inches and can have a finish made of either pale grey polycarbonate fiber or parchment. More so, the lamp provides direct light and can be lit by incandescent bulbs or LEDs.

2. MOYANG magnetic building blocks

Fidget toys and building blocks make wonderful presents for everyone on your list, regardless of whether the recipient is an aspiring architect or an established one.

This kit includes 216 magnetic pieces, all of which can be utilized to build any design that the user’s imagination can conjure up.

3. Mini bricks on a pallet

This amusing set includes ninety small bricks that are highly accurate, built from real concrete, and displayed on a scale of one to twelve.

This fun gift would be a great desk toy for an architect, giving them something to do while they work. The bricks can also be used to make models of buildings and creative dioramas.

4. Frank Lloyd Wright double-sided puzzle

This puzzle designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is an excellent option if you want a friend to exercise their creative side.

Throughout the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings stood as icons of modernism, despite the fact that they defied every accepted architectural norm.

It may be said that only Fallingwater and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum are among the most forward-thinking of all man-made buildings.

Each of these 500-piece puzzles features a reverse-side tribute to an iconic building.

5. Origami building blocks

The people who use these origami building blocks will have to figure out how to put them together.

Instead of getting blocks already put together, they will have to fold the pieces along the scored lines and snap them together to make futuristic structures.

6. Cutting mat

If you are looking for a multipurpose present for an architect who does not already own one, a cutting mat is an excellent choice.

Someone who enjoys tinkering with models and using their creativity in other craft activities would find this particularly useful and appealing.

Protect the tabletop and surfaces from the chips that cutters leave behind all the time.

7. Noise-canceling headphones

These wireless headphones sound great and have all the right features at a price that’s easy on the wallet. This makes them a great choice for any architect who likes to get lost in the music while they work.

8. Conversion calculator

The conversion calculator is an instrument that must always be included in an architect’s toolbox.

I’m sure there are folks who can handle coordinate geometry in their heads, but I see no reason to bother if you have this wonderful tool at your disposal. A present that will come in handy for the designer.

9. Artisanal leather briefcase

Leather bags shield your belongings from wear and tear and are a long-term investment because genuine leather is a robust material that develops in quality and character with age and can last for decades.

The natural appearance of the leather is preserved by this artisanal technique, which also makes each skin unique, with a slightly distinct pattern.

10. Rotring 800 drafting mechanical pencil

Technical drawing requires the use of a special kind of mechanical pencil called a “Drafting pencil” or “Technical pencil,” which is used by architects, drafting technicians, and designers.

To make straight lines while using rulers and stencils, they have a long, thin lead sleeve/guide pipe.

Moreover, this black 0.7-millimeter mechanical pencil is among the best available today.

The pencil is convenient to use and does not roll easily on flat surfaces thanks to its integrated eraser, twist-and-click retraceable mechanism, and hexagonal body structure.

The form, in addition to making it simple to hold, also enables it to rest on horizontal surfaces. A Rotring 800 drafting mechanical pencil is also one of the best gifts for architects.

11. Candles shaped like the Vienna Pillar

These shaped candles in the style of Vienna Pillars are handcrafted from unscented, biodegradable soy wax. The design was inspired by classical architecture.

Because they are made in such small amounts, each of these sophisticated candles in pastel tones is completely one of a kind and features slight differences in size, shape, and color.

12. Baseball stadium blueprints

A blueprint can seem like an odd choice for art to some people, but to an architect, it means the world. Their favorite baseball stadium is drawn in a beautiful old-fashioned style in this gift.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for Architects:

What should I offer an architect?

LEGO Architecture Studio
Concrete Desk Set
Architect Mug
Frank Gehry Master Class

What do architects want for Christmas students?

Blueprint Cufflinks
Concrete Desk Set
Frank Gehry Class
Architectural Bird Feeder

What is earliest surviving written work on the subject of architecture?

De architectura, which was written by the Roman architect Vitruvius in the early 1st century AD, is the oldest piece of architecture writing that has been found.

What it’s like to date an architect?

New places to go.
A lot of books will be there.
Now you’re in Architecture 101.


You may ask your friends about their preferred architects and present them with a book tailored to their interests.

Also, remember that any of the products described above would make an excellent present for either Halloween or Christmas.

However, before choosing one of these possibilities, you should try to learn a little bit more about your architect friend. If they are used on construction sites, then adjust your thinking correctly.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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