How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make in Florida? (Per City)

Substitute teaching is a fulfilling profession. This career path will be very attractive if you love working in a student environment.

Substitute teachers are professionals who work based on their schedule because this job does not come with the demanding task of teaching every day.

This post will provide info on the average income of substitute teachers in Florida.

It will also discuss the steps that must be taken to work as a substitute teacher in this state, as well as other essential details regarding this profession.

Who is a Substitute Teacher?

Substitute teachers are academic instructors who stand in for permanent teachers when they are not in school or are not present for medical reasons.

These individuals are crucial in coordinating students and engaging them using the lesson notes to ensure they don’t miss out on their daily workload.

Substitute teachers have the required expertise to coordinate any class, no matter the level of education, and can perform any role seamlessly.

Education and experience are two significant factors that schools consider when posting substitute teachers.

Is Substitute Teacher a Good Career?

Yes, a substitute teacher is a promising career.

It provides an excellent opportunity to grow your confidence, develop your leadership skills, contribute positively to your community, and obtain valuable classroom experience.

Furthermore, substitute teachers enjoy a flexible work schedule, the potential for growth in this profession is vast, and this job can assist you in advancing your career in the education industry.

Substitute teaching is a profession that comes with lots of travel opportunities; each day on the job is exciting, and it is a job that will enable you to pursue other work as well.

What is the Average Income for Substitute Teachers in Florida?

According to Indeed, the average income of a substitute teacher in Florida is $14.84 per hour.

However, salary ranges vary according to workplace, academic level, and experience.

How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make in Florida? (Per City)

According to Indeed, here are the average wages (per hour) per city:

CityStateAverage Wage (per hour)
Saint AugustineFL$15.88
Fort LauderdaleFL$14.90

Steps for Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Florida

To become a substitute teacher, follow the steps below:

1. Check the requirements of the state:

A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement for becoming a substitute teacher in Florida.

However, if you are also expected to take a physical professional exam, ensure that you register and pass it accordingly.

2. Determine the kind of substitute teacher you want to be:

Becoming a substitute teacher starts with deciding what kind of substitute you want to be.

Some work part-time for short periods and might not need as many qualifications.

But if you want to work full-time, in special classes, or for a long time, you might need a teaching license, especially if you have to plan and teach your own lessons when the regular teacher is away, like in Florida.

3. Obtain an undergraduate degree:

You don’t require an undergraduate degree in Florida to become a substitute teacher.

However, still ensure you obtain a bachelor’s degree, as it will boost your knowledge and make you better qualified to take up any job, regardless of demand or location.

For instance, completing a mathematics degree program will equip you with the knowledge to take statistics classes.

NB: The state of Florida requires substitute teachers to have at least a high school education or the equivalent.

You don’t need to have taught before to apply to be a substitute teacher, and school districts should train any substitutes they hire on their rules, policies, and processes.

4. Acquire relevant experience:

Acquire relevant entry-level experience in this profession through internships, volunteering, or teaching observations.

Day-care centers and preschools are valuable locations to achieve this. Some skills you will develop during this process are effective communication, public speaking, management, and others.

NB: To find out what you need to become a substitute teacher in Florida, check what schools in the area expect.

Look at job postings for the school districts you’re interested in. See if they want substitutes with experience or a teaching license.

Some districts might need special qualifications, like experience with young kids, if you want to work in an elementary school.

This research can help you know what you should aim for.

5. Go For A Criminal History Background Check

Once you become a substitute teacher in a Florida school, you’ll need to go through a background check.

This means giving your fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

If your background check comes back clean, you’ll get a teaching certificate within 30 days.

But if your background check shows a criminal record, your application goes to the Bureau of Professional Practices Services.

They’ll contact you to sort things out and decide if you can still get a teaching certificate.

6. Obtain the state license:

Once you obtain the relevant education and fulfil other state requirements, find out if you need a state license to become a substitute teacher in Florida and proceed to do so accordingly.

When Do Substitute Teachers Work?

Substitute teaching is a career that many people find attractive because it allows them to work on their hours.

When substitute teachers are scheduled to coordinate a class, they replace teachers within their work hours, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Most substitute teachers perform their duties over the summer, especially for academic institutions that organize summer school and require someone to stand in for permanent teachers.

Many work for several schools simultaneously to make more money and gain more experience.

Essential Skills for Substitute Teachers

Here are some of the skills that you must possess as a substitute teacher to succeed in this profession:

1. Adaptability:

As a substitute teacher, make sure you follow the teaching pattern of the permanent teacher and engage the students in activities that will help them fully concentrate in class.  

2. Computer literacy:

Good computer skills will enable you to use technological devices easily.

3. Organization:

Possessing excellent organizational skills will enable you to succeed in this job effortlessly.

This skill will help you effectively gather all homework and adequately input it in the teacher record.

4. Communication:

Practical communication skills are needed to achieve success as a substitute teacher.

Good communication skills will enable you to effectively team up with your colleagues, connect well with students,, and ensure they receive quality attention.

5. Leadership:

Having excellent leadership skills as a substitute teacher will enable you to deliver lessons effectively, adequately interact with students, and motivate them accordingly to deliver different tasks.

6. Time management:

As a substitute teacher, you must ensure that you fulfil your task for the day within the timeframe and check for those who perform their assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How Much Substitute Teachers Make in Florida

Where do substitute teachers make the most money in the US?

Substitute teachers make more money in Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix than in other US states.

What state is the easiest to become a substitute teacher in the US?

Arizona’s requirements for becoming a substitute teacher are more accessible than any other US state. It is understood that they don’t even have any extra examination requirements.

Do you require a degree to work as a substitute teacher in Texas?

Yes, you must have at least an undergraduate degree before becoming a substitute teacher in Texas.

What can destroy your chances of becoming a substitute teacher in Texas?

You will be disqualified from becoming a substitute teacher in Texas if you have committed an offence relating to moral turpitude or sexual or physical abuse.


It’s rewarding to work as a substitute teacher. You should consider this field if you enjoy working with students.

Since substitute teaching doesn’t require the daily rigour of classroom instruction, it attracts professionals who love to choose their hours.

Although you can become a substitute teacher in Florida by following the steps in this article, you will succeed if you work hard to improve your skills and qualifications.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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