7 Best Online Singing Lessons For Kids (Tips)

Online singing lessons are like a magic ticket to a world where YOUR voice is the star.

Imagine learning cool songs, making fun sounds, and even becoming a singing detective who explores their unique voice while in your cozy room.

There is no need to travel anywhere; your singing adventure is right on your computer or tablet!

Ready to hop on this exciting journey and let your voice shine? Let’s hit the high notes on the best online singing lessons for kids.

Why Should Kids Take Online Singing Lessons?

Online singing lessons are a fantastic way for kids to explore and develop their vocal talents right from the comfort of home.

These lessons are not just about singing; they also boost confidence, improve communication skills, and offer a fun, creative outlet.

Kids can learn at their own pace, enjoying personalized lessons that cater to their unique interests and skill levels.

The online platform provides flexibility, allowing lessons to fit easily into busy family schedules.

Moreover, it’s a safe space where kids can express themselves freely, make mistakes, and grow, all while discovering the joy and benefits of music.

7 Best Online Singing Lessons For Kids

1. Singing Time With Teacher Jamie

Singing Time With Teacher Jamie is for kids aged 6-8. It helps kids love singing and learn how to sing better.

If a kid is shy, this class will make them feel more confident. Nobody has to sing by themselves unless they want to.

Everyone will sing together, but sometimes they might be muted because of computer lag.

It’s good if the kids can read a little because song words will be on the screen.

There will be pictures and actions to help remember the words. If someone is 5-6 years old or still learning English, they might like the Preschool Singing Class.

2. SINGING SIMPLIFIED #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro

The “SINGING SIMPLIFIED #1” course helps you sing like a pro quickly. It has 1 video lesson every day, 6 days a week, and lasts 8 weeks.

This course is one of the top online singing lessons for kids.

It’s great for beginners or people who have sung a little but don’t know much about how to do it properly.

You get a 26-page workbook along with the video lessons and exercises.

This course helps you get stronger and more confident with your singing.

It’s also for beginners and somewhat experienced singers who want to enjoy their singing more.

3. VOICE CONTROL: Singing Guide for all Levels

The “VOICE CONTROL: Singing Guide for all Levels” course is taught by Philipp Godart.

He’s a singer and has been performing all over Europe since 2006. He’s really good and well-known in Germany.

This singing course is for everyone. Beginners can start learning without picking up bad habits.

Professionals can refresh their skills and learn even more new stuff.

4. Learn “How” to Sing with Natural Singing for everyone

The Learn “How” to Sing with Natural Singing for Everyone is a course for beginners, actors, and established singers who want to study Natural Singing.

All the principles and techniques demonstrated in this course will help you establish a good singing voice for life.

Unlock the secrets to effortless singing with the Natural Singing Fundamentals Course, meticulously crafted for beginners and seasoned vocalists alike.

Whether exploring high notes with the ‘Covering Technique’ or avoiding falsetto, the training ensures your voice thrives across all musical genres—Pop, Blues, Jazz, and beyond.

Embrace a journey where your voice doesn’t just sing; it lasts, resonates, and captivates across styles and years.

5. School of Rock (Beginner Singing Lessons):

School of Rock helps young and hopeful singers learn how to sing better. No online singing lessons for kids do it like School of Rock.

They teach important singing basics like breathing, standing, and pronouncing words.

These basics make singing strong and good.

For singers who already know a bit, they have special lessons to help them get even better with professional training.

School of Rock cares about keeping lessons safe and easy to get to, so they have online lessons called School of Rock Online®.

Kids can learn music from home in a flexible and safe way.

The lessons are once a week and are taught by expert teachers in a safe online space.

6. Music To Your Home:

Music To Your Home gives really good online singing lessons with awesome teachers using video calls on Skype or FaceTime.

You need a computer or tablet, a camera, good internet, and a piano.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how well you can sing; you’ll have lessons just for you with some of the best singing teachers.

They’ve taught lots of other students and really enjoy helping you learn in a fun and useful way.

You can learn all kinds of singing, like Broadway, Pop, Rock, and more.

They can do that if you need help preparing for a singing audition.

Their teachers have even helped students and famous singers get better at singing.

Online lessons cost less because you don’t have to travel anywhere. They are cheaper than lessons in a studio or nearby place.

7. Voice Academy NYC:

The Voice Academy NYC has a short 4-week singing course where students learn basic but effective singing techniques.

Students will learn how to sing the right way with personal help.

They’ll sing songs in class with music tracks and start each class with breathing and singing warm-ups.

Remember to choose a song before class starts. The class is good for all singing levels and is shaped to meet students’ needs and goals.

About Teacher:

Kat, who started Voice Academy NYC, is really good at teaching people to sing better.

She’s from Stockholm, Sweden, and is also a singer and songwriter.

She works with different music companies and helps find and train singers of all ages; her students have done well.

FAQs on Best Online Singing Lessons For Kids

Can My Child Start Online Singing Lessons Even If They’ve Never Sung Before?

Absolutely! Online singing lessons are perfect for beginners. Your child will learn the basics of singing, like pitch, rhythm, and melody, in a fun and engaging way right from the first lesson!

How Do Online Singing Lessons Keep Kids Engaged and Interested?

Online lessons often use exciting and interactive methods like fun vocal exercises, engaging music games, and popular kid-friendly songs to keep children interested and eager to learn more!

Are Online Singing Lessons Safe and Kid-Friendly?

Yes, safety is a priority. Online lessons are conducted in a secure virtual environment. Teachers are typically vetted and experienced in providing kids with a safe and positive learning experience. Parents are always welcome to observe the lessons to ensure their child’s safety and comfort.

What If My Child Wants to Sing a Particular Music or Song?

That’s great! Customization is a key benefit of private lessons. Teachers usually encourage kids to choose songs they love and are excited to learn, whether it’s pop, musical theater, or any other genre, making the learning process even more enjoyable!


Choosing the best online singing lessons for kids ensures they learn proper vocal techniques in a fun, engaging way.

Tailored to various skill levels, these lessons promote confidence and a love of music.

With the convenience of learning from home, kids can explore their vocal abilities safely and joyfully.

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