7+ Top Best Speed Reading Courses Everyone Should Take

Speed Reading Courses help you read fast without missing out on understanding.

These courses are great for anyone looking to save time and still learn much from reading.

It’s like unlocking a superpower that lets you zoom through books, articles, or anything you need to read for work or school.

What is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is a skill that helps you read quickly while still understanding what you’re reading.

It’s like boosting your reading speed without missing the story or information.

Speed reading is like having a superpower for your eyes and brain, letting you zoom through words while catching all the important stuff.

It’s your ticket to a fast-lane reading adventure, making books or any reading feel like a quick, fun ride rather than a slow crawl.

Why Take Speed Reading Courses?

Speed reading courses help you read faster while understanding the content, saving time and boosting productivity.

They teach efficient reading techniques, improving comprehension and retention.

Great for students, professionals, or anyone with a hefty reading list, these courses are a stepping stone to managing information overload in today’s fast-paced world.

Furthermore, speed reading courses can enhance focus, reduce the frustration of slow reading, and make learning enjoyable.

They equip you with skills to tackle dense or challenging material, making self-education and professional growth easier.

Over time, these courses can help foster a love for reading, broaden your knowledge, and open doors to new opportunities.

Do Speed Reading Courses Work?

Yes, speed reading courses can work. They train your brain and eyes to dance swiftly across text, picking up information quickly.

Like teaching a car to go faster, these courses tune up your reading skills. With practice, you can zoom through pages, grab the good stuff, and wave goodbye to slow reading.

With a sprinkle of practice and a dash of patience, you could soon be zipping through books, reports, or whatever words come your way.

It’s like turning on a turbo booster for your eyes and brain, making them a tag team of speedy comprehension.

So, if you’re keen on cutting down your reading time while still soaking up the essence, speed reading courses might be the pit stop you need.

Best Speed Reading Courses

1. Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

The “Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory” course helps you learn and remember things faster and better.

It’s good for students, working people, or anyone starting a new hobby since nowadays, we deal with a lot of information all the time.

It’s tough dealing with a growing pile of reading, learning a new language, or forgetting stuff you once learned.

This course doesn’t just teach you to read fast and helps you understand how learning works in your brain, making it easier and more effective.

It also teaches special memory methods to handle loads of information.

2. 10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster

The “10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster” course gives you the tools and tips to read faster, remember more, and learn better.

You’ll save much time by doubling or tripling how fast you read.

This course is good for people with a clear goal or those trying to pick the right goal.

It’s great for those starting a new project, wanting to change habits, or aiming for a different outcome.

It’s useful for business owners, writers, teachers, or anyone who often comes up with ideas, manages people, or handles tasks.

By the end, you’ll read three times faster than a typical college grad while understanding and remembering a lot.

3. How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining

The course “How to Teach Reading & Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining” is designed for those who wish to boost the literacy skills of their students or kids in a short amount of time, both during and after school hours.

It’s especially helpful for teachers, reading tutors, intervention specialists, and homeschooling parents working with children who have dyslexia or are facing challenges in reading smoothly and spelling correctly.

Through this course, you can learn effective ways to help these children overcome their reading and spelling hurdles, all within 20-minute training sessions.

4. Speed Reading MACHINE 3.1: How To Read 307 Books

The course “Speed Reading MACHINE 3.1: How To Read 307 Books” is meant for people with a clear goal or those looking to choose the right one.

It’s ideal for individuals keen to start a new project, change their habits, or move towards a different goal.

It’s great for business owners, writers, teachers, or anyone who often comes up with ideas, manages people, or handles tasks.

This masterclass includes over 3 hours of full training and can be taken at your own pace.

You can start learning right after signing up, take your time to review the material, and watch it again whenever you want.

This course aims to turn you into a reading pro, helping you tackle many books efficiently.

5. Advanced Course – Speed Reading And Memory

The “Advanced Course – Speed Reading And Memory” helps you understand the science of speed reading, the barriers to reading quickly, and how to grasp and remember what you read.

In this course, you’ll understand your brain’s ability and how to boost it for faster reading.

You’ll learn over 30 tricks and methods to ramp up your reading speed and improve how well you understand and remember the material.

You’ll also get to practice with more than 20 exercises to sharpen your speed reading skills.

By the end of this course, your brain will be working at a new level, giving you a leg up in our fast-paced digital world.

6. Speed Reading – Learn Speed Reading in 1 hour

The “Speed Reading – Learn Speed Reading in 1 hour” course results from 6 years of ongoing work to teach people how to read faster, simply, and quickly.

Soaking up information quickly is helpful, no matter what field you want to succeed in.

Usually, the first step in people’s journey to success is reigniting or boosting their love for learning and reading.

Over time, the speed reading technique taught in this course has been refined bit by bit.

The goal was not just to pack in a lot of content but to keep the course short and sweet while increasing the knowledge you gain.

7. Super Reading

The Super Reading program is an online course that lasts 21 days, designed to kickstart your fast reading and learning abilities.

Every day, you’ll spend 10 to 20 minutes with Jim Kwik, who will lead you through his unique speed reading and brain-boosting exercises.

He will also help you eliminate the old, slower reading habits you picked up when you were younger.

Jim Kwik is a well-known brain coach from America with over 25 years of experience helping top business people, famous individuals, and athletes enhance their brain power.

After facing a brain injury as a kid, Kwik figured out how to learn faster and better, and now he wants to share these secrets with you!

Take Course

8. The DEFINITIVE course on Speed Reading. All techniques+hacks

This is the go-to course for learning Speed Reading.

It shows the best speed-reading methods used by famous universities and record holders. You’ll learn to read twice as fast in less than 5 minutes.

Many people get quicker right away with the help of our technology. Besides learning traditional speed reading techniques, you’ll discover a tech trick to make you read even faster.

FAQs on Speed Reading Courses

What will I learn in a Speed Reading Course?

In a Speed Reading Course, you’ll learn techniques to read faster while understanding and remembering what you read. You’ll also practice exercises to improve your eye movement and reduce sub-vocalization, which slows you down.

Can anyone take a Speed Reading Course?

Anyone wanting to read faster and save time can benefit from a Speed Reading Course. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who loves reading, you can take this course to enhance your reading skills.

How long does it take to see improvement in my reading speed?

Improvement time varies from person to person. Some may see a change in their reading speed within a few days, while others might take a few weeks of consistent practice. The key is to keep practicing the techniques taught in the course.

Will speed reading affect my understanding of the material?

Speed reading aims to increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. Initially, it may be challenging, but with practice, you can maintain or even improve your understanding while reading faster.


Speed Reading Courses help you read faster while understanding more. Great for busy adults, these courses save time and make learning fun.

With speed reading, you can quickly review books or work documents, making life easier and smarter. Take a course and start reading at top speed!

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