Top 5 Online Computer Courses for Teens 2023

Online Computer Courses for teens

Signing up for Online Computer Courses for Teens in 2023 (especially during the breaks – summer, spring, and winter) can be highly beneficial.

Many online Computer Courses for Teens are available that your kids can enroll in after school, on weekends, and during the holidays.

It can be an excellent means for your child to pursue an emerging interest or support and improve their education during the regular school day.

Online Computer Courses for Teens can also prepare teens for college and even careers in areas related to a computer. 

Computers are the future of those who learn best and are equipped with the skills. These online courses will teach teens about complex computer design and its internal functionalities.

This Online Computer course for Teens will introduce teens to the digital space and prepare them for a future in the field.

What are Online Computer Courses for Teens?

Today’s teens are lucky because they have access to several technologies that make their learning much easier and smarter.

Teaching teens how to use these technologies properly is essential as they also have drawbacks that can hinder their intelligent learning.

By making use of a smartphone and an internet connection, teenagers have the opportunity to learn whatever they wish to learn.

Search engines are always available to answer their questions; they could also learn through other platforms like social media, television, etc. 

Learning has been made intelligent and easy since the introduction of cutting-edge technologies; the same technology is used to make computer courses available to be taken online, where you can learn all there is about computers without any hassle. 

Online Computer Courses for Teens are tailored to aid teenagers in getting the education they require or desire.

You may also be interested to know that most major Ivy League institutions offer free Online Computer Courses for Teens, and you should check them out.

Moreover, this article will list some Online Computer Courses for Teens that will equip this particular age group with a spectacular understanding of computers and the skills to work with them.

The knowledge gained will also be perfect for your college applications and give you an edge over your peers.

Platforms to get Online Computer Courses for Teens

1. FreeCodeCamp

If you seek to emerge as a computer programmer, software engineer, or web developer, FreeCodeCamp is a great space to start.

Along with its strong lineup of Online Computer Courses for Teens, FreeCodeCamp shines with its free and well-designed certification paths.

Each course requires around 300 hours of dedicated learning, but as it adapts to its own pace, students can spread the training over any period, allowing a willing person to train and certify.

Featured Courses

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification
  • Responsive Web Design Certification
  • Data Visualization Certification
  • Browse all free courses at


Online courses are accessible on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel, the freeCodeCamp podcast, and Grasshopper mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Play stores.

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2. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)

OCW has offered much of its courses online and for free since 2002.

Online Computer Courses’ study materials vary from course to course and include online textbooks, video lectures, assignments, lecture notes, and exams to examine and keep track of your skill level.

Do remember that these Online Computer courses offered by MIT don’t count toward obtaining credits for college degrees at MIT.

Featured Courses

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking & Data Science
  • Performance Engineering of Software Systems
  • Browse all free MIT courses


At MIT, courses are available online and as downloads for offline studying. These courses can be taken in any Language: French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

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3. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most renowned online computer training providers globally, and this status comes with more than one good reason.

With strategic agreements with top universities like Yale, Stanford, and UC, as well as technology companies like SAS, IBM, and Google, Coursera truly stands out from the rest.

Featured Free Courses

  • Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate
  • Machine Learning (from Stanford University)
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Browse all free courses at Coursera


Closed caption subtitles are available for hard-of-hearing students and come in different languages. Reservation for a particular test is offered to students with learning disabilities.

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4. GCFLearnFree

GCF is the abbreviation for Goodwill Community Foundation. It offers a wide range of Online Computer Courses for free through a platform called GCFLearnFree.

These top-notch courses are ideal for beginners in computer learning, and all age groups can take them.

Featured Courses

  • Skills for Today
  • Computer Basics
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access)
  • Browse all free courses at


Courses are available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. The Online Computer courses can be accessed on the host website – website through its YouTube channel.

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5. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Acquiring knowledge of AWS and cloud computing, in general, is a suitable means to improve your career.

AWS certifications are among the best-paying and most sought-after credentials in the IT space.

Featured Courses

  • Extensive knowledge of AWS IoT Rules Engine
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
  • Job Roles in the Cloud
  • Browse all free Amazon Web Services courses


AWS Online Computer Courses are available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

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Online Computer Courses for teens:


This completes our recent roundup of Online Computer Courses for Teens.

There are many free Online Computer Courses for Teens to help them sharpen their skills. It all starts with beginning this program.

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