International vs National – What’s the difference?

International vs National

It’s easy to make a mistake in the comparison of “International vs National” since the only little difference between them is the prefix “inter”. The prefix “inter” means that there is a relationship between two or more things.

It’s very easy to misplace one for the other and in this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

International vs National

What does International mean?

International comes from the word “National”. It is derived from adding the prefix “inter”. International means having to relate, interact or connect with two or more nations.

In the context of soccer, being an international player means that you don’t just play soccer in your country, but also play for other countries of the world.

Exporting products internationally involves transporting the products to different counties of the world. Similarly, adding “international” to a business implies that it is not bounded by its domestic boundaries alone; it explores beyond, to foreign lands.


  • Thiago Silva is an International footballer.
  • The name of my school is “Barbie’s International School”.
  • Only International traders are given high tariffs on goods.

International vs National

What does national mean?

National is simply within a given country. Every given occurrence doesn’t go beyond domestic boundaries. A game played within a nation is termed “National” because it doesn’t require the presence of other countries.


  • I will be going to Enactus National competition next week.
  • The National flag depicts freedom and nationalism.

International vs National

Identifying the correct one to use:

It is easy to identify the difference between International and National; the major difference is the prefix that implies that a product or a relationship exists between two or more countries.

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