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“Independant vs Independent” are two words that are often misspelled due to their similarity in spelling and in pronunciation. These two words are often confused with each other because of the replacement of the “a” and “e” in the word.

The amazing thing about these words is that one is correct, while the other is a misspelling of the other.

In this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Independant vs Independent

What does Independant mean?

This is a misspelling of the ideal word “Independent”. It comes as a result of replacing the “e” in the ideal word with “a” making it sound towards the end as “ant” instead of “ent”.


  • I want to live an independant life. (incorrect)
  • I feel like being independant is something that requires personal decision and commitment. (incorrect)
  • Independance goes beyond living in a house alone without disturbance.

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Independant vs Independent

What does Independent mean?

Being “independent” means being free and self-directing. It also means not being in line with a political party. The ideal word came from adding the prefix “in” to the root word “dependent” to give “Independent”.

With relation to a country, independence has to do with freedom from reliance of country on another country.


  • To be independent means you have to learn to work for what you want.
  • What year did the US gain independence?
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Independant vs Independent


These two words are similar in spelling and pronunciation but the difference is the ideal word ends with “Independent” while the incorrect word is “Independant”.

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