Incase or In case – What’s the difference?


“Incase” and “In case” are two words that have caused lots of confusion in recent times. “In case” is a phrase which introduces a condition, while “Incase” is a variant of the word “encase.” In case is a conjunction that indicates a condition that can replace ‘if‘. This occurs when the phrase starts the sentence. Other conjunctions include but, although, etc.

To Encase is to put something in an enclosed space or place something in a case or box. So many students do not know which word to use when writing but they have different uses and it depends on exactly what you want to convey to your readers.

Other common ways the phrase “in case” is used:

When it is used in the form: ‘just in case …’ or ‘in case of, then the condition follows. ‘In any case, however, means whatever happens or no matter what will happen.

‘In no case’ refers to the fact that something will, under no circumstance, take place or happen. ‘In that case’ refers to the fact that if something happens then something else will happen or take place.

‘In the case of means with regard to something or someone.

Incase“, on the other hand, is a misspelling of encase, but is said to be a variant.

Incase or In case

Sentences that include “in case”

  • Bring the umbrella in case it rains.
  • In case Jack comes to the house, please let me know.
  • Do not finish the food in case your brother is hungry.
  • I will have car insurance in case of a car accident.
  • In case the money finishes, dial my number.
  • I always go to the exam with more than one biro in case one stops writing.
  • Take your winter jacket with you in case it starts snowing.
  • I always carry extra food along in case my friend forgets hers.
  • In case it starts raining heavily, go to your aunty’s house.
  • In case the elevator stops working, take the emergency staircase.

Incase or In case

Sentences that include other forms.

  • We always have the emergency number written here in case of accidents.
  • You can use the emergency exit door in case of a fire outbreak
  • In case of water spillage, this is where we keep our mops.
  • Have this money just in case you forget anything.
  • In the case of those government properties, we do not have anything to say.
  • Just in case you are hungry, there are some apples in the fridge.
  • Just in case you get missing, call my driver.
  • In the case of the Young Brothers Group of Companies, they will pay the fine of $50,000.
  • In the case of that poor little girl, we will sue that orphanage.
  • Get the map just in case we lose our way.

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Incase or encase

Sentences with encase

  • We encased the gifts in a wrapping paper.
  • The rings were encased in a box for protection purposes.
  • The watches were encased in nylon.
  • His broken arm was encased in a cast so it could heal properly.
  • I watched him encase the dead body in a coffin.

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