Writting vs Writing – What’s the difference?


Some words in the English Language are difficult to write or spell because of the similarity in spelling and pronunciation. In this context, it occurs when comparing “writting” and “writing”.

The amazing thing about these two words is that my computer’s autocorrect has underlined Writting stating that it is the obsolete way of spelling the ideal word.

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What does writting mean?

This is a misspelling of the ideal word “Writing”. It is very easy to misspell this word for the other because of the similarity in pronunciation. The error comes as a result of doubling the “t” in-between the middle “i” instead of having it as a single “t”.

On the other hand, more of the error comes as a result of the placement of the “t” in present, past, and future tenses of the verb “to write”. For instance:

  • Present tense – Write
  • Past tense – Wrote
  • Past perfect tense – Written
  • Present continuous tense – Writing.

Looking at the way the Past perfect tense was written without considering the rules of tenses, you might write the present continuous tense as writting instead of writing.

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What does writing mean?

This is the ideal way of spelling the word. Writing is a major tool for communication, demonstrated through written words and symbols, put together for easy understanding by the reader.

Writing, has been since the beginning of time (4th millennium BC), where stones and walls were used as platforms to pass messages across to the people.


  • Can you read the handwriting on the wall?
  • He was caught writing from his phone during the test.
  • Writing is one thing that has been and will continue to be a medium of communication.


Other misspellings of writing include; Writeing, writieing, writinng. The ideal spelling is Writing while Writting is the obsolete spelling of the word.

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