Nite vs Night

Nite vs Night – Which is Correct?2 min read

As you read through letters and messages, you will come across words like “Goodnite” and “Goodnight” and you will wonder if there is a comparison in “Nite vs Night”. These two words are often misspelt for each other as both are homophones (words that sound alike) and seem to refer to the same thing.

I’m sure you are familiar with “Night” but not really sure of the use of Nite. Nite is an informal way of saying or writing “Night”. As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and help you understand more.

Nite vs Night

Nite Definition:

It is a misspelling of “Night”. It is used for informal purposes especially when you talk to a friend or someone you know too well.

The word was attested from 1931 and used for advertising purposes to get the attention of people. In addition, nite is the time of total darkness between sunset and sunrise.


  • Jamie, we will talk on the phone till nite.
  • The chat with my finance ended with a “goodnite” text.
  • Amy uses “nite” instead of “night” when chatting with her spouse.

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Nite vs Night

Night Definition:

Often misspelt as “nite”, Night is also the time of total darkness between sunset and sunrise. It is the formal way of giving goodwill, to sleep well and sleep safely. “Goodnight” as this case may be is the correct way of greeting someone before going to bed.

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  • Tonight, I have a new member to introduce to the team.
  • When the night comes, the birds go to sleep.
  • “Goodnight Mr. Mich”, I hope to see you at the office tomorrow.
  • The result will be announced this night.

Nite vs Night

Just as “nite” is obsolete, that also applies to “Fortnite”. Fortnight is the correct way of describing a period of “two weeks” and it’s often misspelt as “Fortnite”.

Thus, “Goodnite” is an incorrect and informal way of greeting someone before going to be a bed, while “Goodnight” is the correct form.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Nite vs Night” answered your question.

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