Explaination vs. Explanation – Which is correct?2 min read

Explaination and Explanation are two words that are often misplaced for each other since the root word is “Explain.” These two words seem very confusing at times, even to professionals in the field of the English Language.

Explaination is often a misspelling of the ideal word “Explanation” which is hard to comprehend because of the root word.

This article will explain the difference between these two words.

Explaination vs. Explanation

Meaning of Explaination:

Explaination is derived from the root verb “Explain.” It comes from adding “ation” to form a noun. But the irony of the word is that it is incorrect and doesn’t exist in the English Language or an obsolete form of the ideal word.


  • What’s the explaination for this question? (Incorrect)
  • Explaination is often misspelt as an explanation…why?
  • The only explaination I want to hear is how the money got into your account. (Incorrect)

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Explaination vs. Explanation

Meaning of Explanation:

The word “Explanation” seems weird to some people because the root word is “Explain,” so the question is, what happened to the “i” that was removed from the new word?

The English language is unique in its way; that is why I advise that we always check the dictionary to confirm the ideal spelling or meaning of a word before usage.

“Explanation” has the following meanings:

  • Basically, it means the act or process of explaining something to someone.
  • A form of clarification for something uneven or complex.


  • Do you have any explanation for this?
  • The only explanation I need is the whereabout of my only son.
  • Give a detailed explanation of the lifecycle of a grasshopper.

Final tips:

The difference between these two words is the exemption of an “i” from the root word; that is why it seems so weird. So, remember that “Explanation” is the correct word, while the other is incorrect.

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