Guidence vs. Guidance – What’s the difference?2 min read

Some words seem very confusing if not properly analyzed; one of these words include “Guidence and Guidance“.

Guidence is an incorrect way of spelling the ideal word “Guidance”, which is a common mistake made by most writers in the English Language.

In this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand the difference and how to identify the correct one.

Guidence vs. Guidance

Meaning of Guidence:

Like I said at the on-set, this is an incorrect or improper way of spelling the ideal word “Guidance”. It comes as a result of adding “nce” to the root verb “Guide”.

The English language can be complicated in situations like this, that is why you have to always check the dictionary to be sure of the spelling of a word.


  • If movement was derived from “move”, why can’t guidence be derived from “guide”.
  • Guidence is something I need this period. (incorrect)
  • My academic advisor’s guidence all through the registration process is beyond imagination. (incorrect)

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Guidence vs. Guidance

Meaning of Guidance:

Seeing that “Guide” + “ance” gives “Guidance” is something that takes time to comprehend, that is why I will always say that some words in the English language require thorough check and confirmation before usage.

Guidance is a noun that has the following meanings:

  • The process of giving direction or way to someone.
  • The act of counseling or providing help to someone.
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  • The only guidance I need is how to calculate Fibonacci’s algorithm in the CSC513 course.
  • Why is it that the only time you will prompt to read a device’s guidance is when an issue comes up?
  • Give guidance to who it is due, you might need someone’s help in the future.

Final tips:

It can be easy to confuse one for the other since the two words are similar in spelling; the only solution is to have it at the back of your mind that “Guide” + “ance” gives “Guidance” instead of “guidence”.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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