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“Can you reccomend a good book to me?” Jamie ended his story. On rereading the story after the session, I found out that the spelling of the word “recommend” seemed incorrect.

Recommend is one of the most misspelled words in the English language, and this is because it is often mispronounced. It is often misspelled as “reccomend”.

In this article, I will be explaining the difference between these two words, the reason behind the confusion, and a way of identifying the correct word.

Reccomend or Recommend

Meaning of Reccomend:

This word is the most common misspelling of the ideal word “Recommend”. It is formed when the letter “c” is doubled and the letter “m” appears just once.


  • Pls, reccomend a good book for me. (incorrect)
  • What are the reccomendations for a new course? (incorrect)
  • What if they reccomend a white shirt for the wedding? (incorrect)

Reccomend or Recommend

Meaning of Recommend:

To “recommend” means to “show your idea or opinion” of something. It also means “to create attraction”. Other forms of this word includes: Recommendation, Recommended.

It is often misspelled as reccomend. This is because of the confusion of which letter between “c” and “m” appears twice. It is also spelled as such because of the mispronunciation of the word.


  • The French tutor strongly recommends that we download Duolingo app.
  • Can you recommend a good movie for me?
  • The only text book our tutor recommended can’t be downloaded on mobile.
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Reccomend or Recommend

How to identify the correct one:

The correct word between the two can be identified by removing the prefix “re” from each and checking which of the root word exists in the English language.

If the prefix is removed in the word “reccomend”, the root word “ccomend” is left, and this doesn’t exist in the English language.

On the other hand, if the prefix is removed from “recommend“, the root word is “commend”, and this is a word in the English language meaning “to congratulate or praise”.

This therefore shows that the correct one between the two is “Recommend”.

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