Peice or Piece – Which is Correct?

The article in your write-up ended with the question, “Can I have a peice of your pie?”. Looking critically at it, it seems like there is an issue with the spelling of the word “peice”.

Peice and Piece are two words that are confused because of their similarity in spelling and pronunciation, of which one is correct and the other a misspelling of the ideal word.

In this article, I will be looking into the difference between these two words, the reason behind the confusion, and a way of identifying the correct word.

Peice or Piece

Meaning of Peice:

This word is a misspelling of the ideal word “Piece”. It is formed when the letters “i” and “e” are misplaced, thus making the word incorrect.

This error is as a result of the mispronunciation of the ideal word.


  • The only peice of cake left for my younger brother is in the tray.
  • Tear that paper into peices to remove all forms of evidence.
  • They can use the map to peice together any location they want.

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Peice or Piece

Meaning of Piece:

A piece could mean “a part of a whole”. It has other meanings that include:

  • A musical creation E.g A exciting piece of music.
  • An example E.g An exceptional piece of evidence against someone or something.
  • A fighter in a chess game. E.g Let’s start the game by moving a piece or pawn against another.
  • To join or assemble something together. E.g Piece the cube together in 25 minutes.

Peice or Piece

How to identify the correct one:

This same issue appears in the context of “Buisness and Business” where the placement of the “i” and “s” determines the correctness of the word.

One of the easiest ways to remember the ideal word is to use the word “Pie” as in “Piece of Pie” to remember that the “i” comes before the “e”.

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