Buisness or Business – Which is Correct?


I stumbled upon the word “buisness” while reading through an article in a newspaper and it looked so different to me because the spelling didn’t seem right.

Buisness and Business are two words that are confused because of their similarity in spelling and pronunciation, of which one is correct and the other a misspelling of the ideal word.

In this article, I will be explaining the difference between these two words, the reason behind the confusion, and a way of identifying the correct word.

Buisness or Business

Meaning of Buisness:

This word is a misspelling of the ideal word “Business”. It is formed when the letters “i” and “s” are misplaced, thus making the word incorrect.

This error is as a result of the mispronunciation of the ideal word.


  • What buisness do you have that guy? (incorrect)
  • Buisness is something that is beyond friendship, so treat it with caution. (incorrect)

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Buisness or Business

Meaning of Business:

What comes to your mind when you hear this word? A commercial activity?, an Investment? A company? Economic activity? etc. All these words above all describe a business in one way or the other.

Business has several meanings, here are some of the meanings:

  • A business is an economic entity that requires the exchange of goods and services to achieve a goal.
  • It can be a financial dealing with someone or an enterprise.
  • Business can be any occupation or dealing that results in the acquisition of funds for one’s livelihood.
  • It can be a social non-profit organization activated by the government for special operations.
  • In a different context, someone’s business is a concern or a responsibility.


  • The only business deal I have with Mr. James has been finalized.
  • Can you balance school and business as a student?
  • What does your business have to do with your personal life?
  • My wife couldn’t hold but shout when I told her that I got the business deal.

Buisness or Business

How to identify the correct one:

This same issue appears in the context of “Recieve and Receive” where the placement of the “i” and “e” determines the correctness of the word.

One of the easy ways to identify the correct word in “Buisness or Business” is from the root word “Busy” and adding “ness” to it to produce the ideal word.

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