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Champing at the bit or Chomping at the bit?2 min read

The English language has a lot of idioms that spice up words and add more meaning to sentences. One of the idioms that are similar and confused with each other are “Champing at the bit and Chomping at the bit”.

Champing in the bit and chomping in the bit are often seen as idioms that most writers tend to misplace because of their similarity in spelling and in use; in this article, I will explain these two idioms and help you understand them effectively.

Champing at the bit or Chomping at the bit?

Meaning of “Champing at the bit“:

This is a probability of horses to chew on their bit when eager and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if a person is champing on a bit, the person is impatient and uneven in what he is doing or wants to do.


  • What does “Champing at the bit” mean?
  • I feel like you are champing at the bit, what’s troubling you?

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Champing at the bit or Chomping at the bit?

Meaning of “Chomping at the bit“:

This phrase came into existence in the 1930s in line with the Oxford English Dictionary. It has the same meaning as “Champing at the bit“.


  • The process of chomping at the bit can be difficult to explain at times.
  • We have all been chomping at the bit to see if the man will change his mind.
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Which is Correct?

These two idioms seem to be confusing to a lot of people as most people do not know the right one to use. Both idioms are correct, you have to decide to use any one of them.

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