Gage vs Gauge – Which is Correct?

These two homophones (words that sound alike) seem the same but have a wide gap between them. “Gage vs Gauge” is seen as two words that are often misspelt for each other but are extremely different.

One is a measuring instrument, while the other is something placed as a pledge or for security. As you read through this article, I will help explain more about these two words and help you understand them properly.

Gage vs Gauge

Gage Meaning:

Though getting obsolete in speeches and sentences, the word “gage” describes something that is deposited as a pledge or for security reasons. It can also be seen as something to show that you guarantee trust or good faith in dealing with someone.

In some context, the gage is an alternative spelling of “Gauge” which is incorrect in usage. Gage can be a verb or a noun depending on the context of usage.


  • The only gage I can provide for this deal is my mum’s car.
  • Hi bro! Can I see your gage?
  • He gaged the most important assets to make sure he won the case.
  • I was asked to take down the server as a gage to know that I’m innocent.
  • My dad gaged the only land he legally owned to help prove his innocence.

As this word gets obsolete day by day, it can still serve as the short version of “greengage” (small green and yellow plums) in line with an English botanist named Sir William Gage


  • The only thing mummy asked me to keep in the Kitchen is the gage.
  • My teacher asked me to draw and label a growing gage.

Gage vs Gauge

Gauge Meaning:

Although the only difference with the previous word is “u”, the gauge is a measuring standard that finds dimensions and capacity.

It can also be referred to as a tool for measuring pressure, fuel level and monitoring quantity. Guage can be a noun or a verb depending on the context of usage.


  • The small rod-like instrument in the trunk is the fuel gauge.
  • I gauged the petrol and engine oil before the transfer, I wonder why I hear a cracking sound.
  • Tell Mr. Chris to put the new Guage inside the drilling machine box.

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Gage vs GaugeHow to remember:

The two words are often misspelt for each other, so it’s easy to misplace one for the other. The only difference between the two is the “U” in gauge.

Let’s take the “U” to be the common “U shape” of a gauge to remember that the correct spelling for a tool used in measuring pressure, fuel level and monitoring quantity is a “gauge” instead of “gage”.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Gage vs Gauge answered your question.

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