Lecturn vs. Lectern – Which is Correct?2 min read

If you look closely at “Lecturn and Lectern”, you will find out that they are similar in both spelling and pronunciation. This is a result of the placement of the “u” and “e” in the different words.

Lecturn is the incorrect or obsolete way of spelling the word while Lectern is the correct word that exists in the English language dictionary.

Thus, in this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand the difference between them.

Lecturn vs. Lectern

Meaning of Lecturn:

This is an ancient or incorrect way of spelling the ideal word “Lectern”.

If you search for this keyword on “Google” search, you will get a response that says, “Did you mean: “Lectern” indicating that the word is not often used or doesn’t exist in the English dictionary.


  • Please, get the lecturn to the young man standing at the stage. (incorrect)
  • Seems like lecturn has the same pronunciation as lectern.
  • The lecturn is made of wood. (incorrect)

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Lecturn vs. Lectern

Meaning of Lectern:

A lectern is a wooden structure with a slanted top, having support to create a good posture while reading or addressing an audience. It has a Latin name as “pluteo proferuntur” and a Spanish name “Atril”.

Whenever you hear a lectern, the first thing that might come to your mind is a table or a stand for a lecture or religious activities.


  • I think that lectern might be too high for him.
  • Have a seen a lectern made of gold?
  • I was told not to lean on the lectern to avoid breakage.
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Having read through, you will find out that the little difference is the usage of “u” instead of “e”, making the word incorrect and obsolete in usage. But in summary, lecturn is an incorrect way of spelling the word while “Lectern” is the ideal spelling.

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