Beign or Being or Begin – What’s the difference?2 min read

There are some words in the English Language that are similar in spelling and pronunciation but the only difference is the placement of some letters.

In the comparison of Beign, Being, and Begin, these words are similar in spelling but if you look closely, you will find out that it’s easy to confuse one word for the other.

“Beign” is totally an incorrect spelling on its own, while “Being” and “Begin” are ideal words having meanings in the English language dictionary.

In this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Beign or Being or Begin

Meaning of Beign:

Beign comes as a misspelling of “Being” or “Begin”. It comes as a result of the placement of the letters in the word. In the context of “Being”, it comes as a misplacement of “g” and “n” while in the context of “Begin”, it comes as a misplacement of “g” and “i”.


  • When will I beign this program from?
  • This is the beigning of a new era.
  • What if I tell you to beign the article with a heading?

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Meaning of Being:

Being comes as an action that continues to happen as it has already started. Literally, Being means existence or, the nature or even the full life of a person.


  • Every human being has his inner self
  • Being in shoes might make you do otherwise.
  • What does being mean to you?
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Beign or Being or Begin

Meaning of Begin:

To begin means “to start”. It indicates the origin or genesis of something. The relationship it has with the misspelled word is a misplacement of the “i” before the “g”. But notwithstanding, begin is spelled just like it is pronounced.


  • Shall we begin?
  • When did all these begin?
  • From the beginning till the end.

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These words are similar in spelling and pronunciation, so you have to look closely at the spellings to avoid mistakes. On the other hand, have in mind that “Beign” is a word that doesn’t exist in the English language dictionary but the rest exist with their meanings.

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