Puting vs. Putting – Which is Correct? (FAQs)

The English language is often not predictable when converting words from present to present continuous tense. In converting “put” into the present continuous tense, most people confuse it with “Puting and Putting”.

These two words come from the root word “put” meaning to “add into a specific place or thing”. I will explain these words in this article and help you understand their differences.

Puting vs. Putting

Meaning of Puting:

It’s normal to add “ing” to the root word, saying it is “Puting” but it is incorrect.

The explanation is that since the word ends with a consonant, the last consonant has to be doubled before adding “ing” to it to form a present continuous tense. Thus, this is the major reason behind the error in the word above.


  • Try puting the rope through the pipe and see if it will pass through. (incorrect)
  • The process of puting a ball over the net is called what? (incorrect)
  • What is involved in puting a child on a roller? (incorrect)

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Puting vs. Putting

Meaning of Putting:

This follow the ideal law of doubling the last consonant in a word + “ing” to form the present continuous tense.

“Put” + “ing” = “Putting”


  • When putting that boat offshore, will you need my help?
  • In comparing, putting, and puting, which could be the correct one?
  • I don’t like a situation that involves putting words into my mouth.

FAQs on Puting vs. Putting

What’s the difference between “puting” and “putting”?

“Putting” is the correct spelling for the act of placing something somewhere, while “puting” is not a standard word in the English language.

Can I use “puting” in my essay?

No, “puting” is not a recognized word. You should use “putting” instead.

Is “puting” a typo or a different form of the word?

“Puting” is typically considered a typo. The correct form for the present participle of “put” is “putting.”

Why do I see “puting” sometimes online?

Mistakes happen! People occasionally misspell words, especially on informal platforms. Always go with “putting” for the correct spelling.

Final tips:

It’s easy to mistake these two words since they have almost the same spelling and pronunciation, but if you follow the rule of doubling the consonant before adding the “ing, ” you see the ideal word.

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