Responce vs. Response – What’s the difference?

Responce” and “Response” are two words that seem the same, of which one is correct while the other is a misspelling. These words come from the English language which is unique and exceptional in all ways;

such that a change in a single letter within a word can turn that word into a new word that exists or doesn’t exist in the English dictionary.

As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these two words and help you understand their usage.

Responce vs. Response

Meaning of Responce:

This is often a misspelling of the ideal word “Response”. It comes as a result of misplacing the “s” in the ideal word with “c”, because they have almost the same pronunciation and spelling.


  • What was his responce when you gave his book to Jack? (Incorrect)
  • The only issue I have about their website is the “slow responce” it gives. (Incorrect)
  • His responce when it comes to that case matters a lot. (Incorrect)

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Responce vs. Response

Meaning of Response:

This is the ideal word. It is often misspelled as “responce” because of the similarity in spelling and pronunciation. On the other hand, Response has the following meanings:

  • A definite answer to a specific question.
  • A reaction to a stimulus.
  • In a choir setting, it is a reply to a sequence of a song from a priest or choirmaster.
  • A way of measuring an online advertising sequence.


  • The only text I can see on the screen is “No response“.
  • Your response is what matters the most in the entire conversation.
  • Please the only thing I need now is a positive response.
  • What’s the response to the first verse?

FAQ on “Responce” vs. “Response”

What is the correct spelling: “responce” or “response”?

The correct spelling is “response.” “Responce” is not a standard word in the English language and is likely a misspelling of “response.”

What does “response” mean?

“Response” refers to a reaction or reply to something. It can be verbal, written, or a physical reaction to a stimulus.

I’ve seen “responce” used in some contexts online. Why is that?

It’s possible that “responce” is a typographical error or a misspelling. However, the widespread use of non-standard spellings on the internet can sometimes lead to their increased visibility and perceived validity. Always consult reliable dictionaries or trusted sources when in doubt.

Final tips:

These two words are very similar and can be easily confused with the other; the best way to identify the correct one is to commit it to memory that “Responce” is the incorrect word while “Response” is the correct word.

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