Adjunct Professor (Duties and benefits)

An adjunct professor is a part-time professor employed in a university on a contract. He/she is usually employed for a period of time to lecture a particular course or handle a class or even a specific group of people.

An adjunct professor doesn’t perform the full duties of a professor, that’s why most universities do not assign an office to them.

The term Adjunct Professor has various meanings but is dependent on the country.

United States:

In the US, it is used to address people who have been placed on lecturing contracts in the university.

In North America, the majority of the instructors in the high institutions consist of mainly adjunct professors. They are not paid as full-time professors and do not have access to the benefits that come with a professor job like an office of their own, health insurance, etc.

To be an adjunct professor you must have at least a master’s certificate.

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This title is strictly used for professors that have been placed on a contract job to teach a particular course of class.


Here the lecturer doesn’t engage in lecturing activities. He does research activities and sometimes advices the students on how to go about their research work and experimental activities.

Jobs of an adjunct professor

  • They prepare lectures for the class.
  • They prepare the exams for the students based on what was taught.
  • An adjunct professor supervises research works in the institution
  • They help during discussion questions in the class.

Benefits of being an Adjunct Professor

To earn more:

You can be a full professor in one university thereby having a full-time job in education and an adjunct professor in another. The job of being an adjunct professor in another provides you with more income.

Increases your social circle

It helps you come across a variety of people. Some of which you might want to keep in contact with them. So it helps you widen your social contact so you get to meet many people. It also creates a healthy social life for you.

You would not be involved in school

Being an adjunct professor makes it difficult for you to be involved in the politics that goes in universities. It helps you walk on a safe ground.

You will be a source of inspiration

This helps you become of good inspiration to people. You will be given an opportunity to inspire and motivate most students.

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It is seen as a hubby

Most of the adjunct professors enjoy working with the students as hubby because the pay usually gotten from the job is poor to some extent.

To help them land in a full time position

Most professors that want a permanent position in a university always start with this, hoping that if any vacancy opens up in their field they can apply for that position thereby landing a permanent job.

To gain teaching experience

Some students apply as adjunct professors during their Ph.D. so they improve their rèsume and also gain teaching experience.

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