What to bring to SAT Exam (Don’t forget any of these)

We are human beings, and as such, we are prone to forgetting. So I will give you a list of what you need to bring when you are going for a SAT exam so you wouldn’t be a victim of forgetfulness.

What to bring to SAT Exam

SAT Admission Slip

Endeavor to print out your admission slip before you go for the exam as it will be required. It is proof that you are qualified to participate in the exam.


You need to go with your passport or a national ID to be used for identification purposes. This shows that you are registered and the ideal student to take the exam. It is also needed to avoid impersonation.

2B Pencils

It would help if you had your pencils for the shading of answers. Any HB pencil can work; also, ensure you have your erasers with you. Don’t forget, your pencils need to be sharpened, and you should have 3 or 4 pencils with you.

Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener is important should incase your pencil lead breaks, you can just sharpen it.

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What to bring to SAT Exam


You might need a calculator in case if you have some questions that require the use of it. Any other digital device is banned as that can get you disqualified from the exam. Also, make sure that the batteries are functioning properly.


You can bring a watch to check your time and make sure you finish on time. If your watch is a wearable computer device, please leave it at home.

Snacks and Water

You will need these during the break period because you would be hungry and mentally exhausted. Do not forget water too.

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What to bring to SAT Exam

All these materials are essential for a successful exam. You need to own your materials and avoid borrowing from anyone in the exam because it is against the rules to talk about borrowing a pencil in the exam hall.

I would advise you to pack all things to bring to the SAT Exam the night before. The reason is that you might get nervous on the exam day, thereby forgetting some necessary materials. On the other hand, getting enough sleep would aid in a stable memory.

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