Accomodations vs Accommodations – Which is Correct?

While researching the word “accomodations,” I found that most people think that it’s incorrect. In fact, they see it as the misspelling of “Accommodations,” but the initial word is correct.

Just like there is a wide discrepancy between British and American English, that the same thing that applies here. One of the words is correct in Australia and the UK, while the other is correct in Canada and the United States.

On the other hand, it seems like “Accommodations” is more in use than the other word because the autocorrect on my laptop underlines “accomodations” saying that it is incorrect.

Accomodations vs Accommodations
Accomodations vs Accommodations

As you read through this article, I will help you understand these two words and the difference between them in usage.

Accomodations vs Accommodations

Meaning of Accommodations:

This can be a lodge or a place of rest for safety and protection. The word rings a bell more when a traveler says it because it indicates a place rest in the wait for a further journey.

“Accommodations” is more formal to use while speaking and writing in Canada and the United States and it is more recognized as the correct way of describing a place of rest.


  • On getting to Eastern Gardens, the gatekeeper offered me accommodation.
  • Getting accommodation in the East is not as easy as it seems.
  • My Teacher described that the best spelling of accommodation is the one with double m.

Accomodations vs Accommodations

Meaning of Accomodations:

This is often seen as a misspelling of “Accommodations” because it is less common in use. “Accomodations” is more formal to use while speaking and writing in  Australia and the UK and it is more recognized as the correct way of describing a place of rest.


  • To my friends in the UK, “find a good accomodation for me”.
  • Why is the accomodation with a single “m” so uncommon in use?
  • The diversification of the English language creates confusion in “accomodations vs. accommodations”.

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Accomodations vs Accommodations

Final tips:

These two words are correct; the only difference is in the country of usage. So feel free to use the right word in the right region of residence to avoid sounding incorrect in writing.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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