Speach vs Speech – Which is Correct?2 min read

Speach and Speech are two English words that are confused with each other because of their similarity in spelling and pronunciation.

The fantastic thing about these words is the one is an obsolete spelling of the other. Thus, this article will look into two words and help you understand the difference between both and the best way to identify the correct one.

Speach vs Speech

Meaning of Speach:

This is an obsolete or incorrect way of spelling the ideal word “Speech”. It comes as a result of replacing the “e” before “c” with an “a”; which makes the word incorrect entirely.


  • The speach I made at the ceremony was second to none. (incorrect)
  • Please, can you write a speach for me? (incorrect)
  • The best thing that happened to me was the cancellation of the speach. (incorrect)
  • The principal will give a speach before the event starts. (incorrect)

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Speach vs Speech

Meaning of Speech:

Speech is the expression of feelings and thoughts to people using words and articulations. It could also mean a formal way of addressing an audience or a characteristic style of description or expression.

In a playset, a speech is a sequence of lines belonging to a specific character.


  • Can you edit the speech before the deadline?
  • The speech on renewable energy is currently going on.
  • How long will this speech last?

Speach vs Speech


Intel from Google shows that most of the searches related to “Making Speeches” usually redirects from searching “Making Speaches”.

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Thus, in summary, speach doesn’t exist in the English language while speech exists in the English dictionary. Moreover, speach is the incorrect word while speech is the correct word.

One of the easiest ways of identifying the difference is that in the pronunciation of speech, there is a stress of “ee” while in that of speach, there isn’t.

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