Tumbling vs Gymnastics – What’s the difference?

Tumbling vs Gymnastics

When people talk about “Tumbling,” they tend to classify it as one of the Gymnastics. This article will look into “Tumbling vs Gymnastics” and explain the similarities and differences between them.

Tumbling and Gymnastics are often confused because both look towards the same direction, i.e. Sports. If your child is hyperactive and enjoys jumping, climbing, and rolling, then you can consider engaging him/her in Tumbling or Gymnastics.

The fantastic thing about the two is that they gear towards the proper development of strength and mental health.

Tumbling vs Gymnastics

What is Tumbling?

Tumbling, sometimes called floor gymnastics, is a form of Gymnastics, meaning that tumbling is classified as gymnastics. The sport of tumbling is all about acrobatics that is performed on a 25 meters long sprung track.

The primary factor that distinguishes tumbling from Gymnastics is that tumbling doesn’t use much equipment. In the context of tumbling, the only equipment involved is the sprung track and the mats for safety.

Some of the significant moves involved in tumbling includes:

  • Flips,
  • Somersaults,
  • Tucks,
  • Handstands, and
  • Handsprings

The amazing pros of tumbling includes:

  • Strength and Power
  • Confidence
  • Social Skills

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Tumbling vs Gymnastics

What are Gymnastics?

There are lots of acrobatic maneuvers in Gymnastics. It is a game for the young that involves many turns, leaps, flips, and handstands. Unlike tumbling, which has limited use of equipment; Gymnastics requires lots of equipment that includes:

  • Balance beams,
  • Uneven bars,
  • Parallel bars,
  • High bars,
  • Still rings,
  • Vault etc.

The games involved a lot of physical strength, followed by learning, practice, and safety measures in the case of an anomaly. Other benefits include flexibility, momentum, and stability to the child involved.

Most people watch the Olympics because of the show of many gymnastic activities that rise from beam balance to still rings.

Tumbling vs Gymnastics

What next?

In performing in gymnastics or tumbling, it’s best to prepare the body for all forms of stress by exercising (warm-ups and cool-downs).

This is because both sports require flexibility and strength to scale through. On the other hand, tumbling can serve as a fitness activity, so don’t feel bad if your child who is good with tumbling decides to go into cheerleading.

More of the benefits of tumbling includes:

  • It builds self-determination
  • It creates resilience in the face of fear. 
  • Tumbling is entertaining.

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