How To Request For A Medical School Letter Of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are one of the many requirements that medical schools demand before admitting students.

This document is expected to show the admission board that you have the right qualities to chase a career in medicine, as witnessed by an external person.

However, knowing the right steps to take that will enable you to obtain outstanding letters of recommendation is very important.

Thus, this article will give you all you need to know when requesting a medical school letter of recommendation.

What is a Medical School Letter of Recommendation? 

As previously said, a medical school letter of recommendation is one of the prerequisites for medical schools.

A passing score on the MCAT, an essay, and academic transcripts are the other common requirements a person must possess before entering medical school.

The medical school letter of recommendation is meant to have a good rating as it can positively impact the minds of the admissions committee on whether you are fit for admission or not.

Letters of recommendation for medical school must be drafted by someone with good knowledge of your strengths and skillset.

It is highly advised that recommendation letters for medical school aspirants should be written by academicians, employers, and even supervisors who have worked with them beforehand.

These people or people must be able to discuss your key strengths, your biggest achievements so far, and the distinctive character you possess.

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How many letters of recommendation are required for medical school?

Every medical school has its requirements for admission. While some schools demand up to two letters of recommendation, others ask for only one.

However, you must know that, in some cases, you will be asked to bring six letters of recommendation. So, if the school requires two or three, it is a great idea if you have more.

Additionally, never get more than the required number of letters of recommendation, as you could get yourself disqualified.

Types of medical school letters of recommendation: 

There are three types of medical school letters of recommendation. They include;

  • Committee letters
  • Letter packets
  • Individual letters

1. Committee letters:

Committee letters are very popular in the United States of America. The college’s pre-medical advisory board normally drafts it, and this letter will contain your school’s evaluation of you as an aspirant.

Most schools do not offer this letter. On the other hand, committee letters are very official and require precise information that particular organizations can only give.

2. Letter Packets:

Letter packets are another type of medical school letter of recommendation. Just like committee letters, the letter packets are also very formal.

The packet includes numerous letters drafted by referees from your present college. The referee letters are normally drafted and sent via mail to the school’s career office.

But there is no letter from the school’s pre-medical advisory board in the package.

3. Individual letters:

This is, by far, the most popular type of letter.

Individual letters offer more personal details about a person and are drafted by people you desire. Most schools demand individual letters of recommendation more than anyone.

How long should your letters of recommendation be?

By checking the number of words required by the school, you can determine the length of your letters of recommendation.

In case there is none, you need to know that letters of recommendation for medical schools are always no more than three pages.

However, always ensure you use an official letterhead for the letter, as some schools will not consider a letter that is not placed on formal letterhead.

How to pick the writers for your medical school letter of recommendation:

Medical schools prefer a letter of recommendation that does not show any form of bias towards the person discussed.

Due to this, many medical schools have stern conditions that must be met. Most schools will particularly ask you to get a letter of recommendation drafted by one or all of the following people:

  • Professors
  • Faculty
  • Other important staff

If you are currently working or have not been in college for a while, the med school may ask you to bring a letter of recommendation crafted by your employers and supervisors.

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Categories of letters of recommendation required by Medical School:

1. Faculty letters of recommendation:

Most med schools normally request two letters of recommendation drafted by science professors and another by a non-science faculty member.

This category of letters helps to show the person’s academic abilities and skills.

However, if you are looking for one, always obtain it from professors that gave you outstanding grades while you were in school. They should show in the letter the soft skills you possess.

2. Character letter of recommendation:

Medical schools sometimes request that you submit letters of recommendation by non-academic personalities. This letter is referred to as a “character letter of recommendation.”

These letters are meant to let the admission board know certain personal things about you other than your academic excellence. However, avoid having one written for you by members of your immediate family or friends.

How to obtain a medical school letter of recommendation:

Before you request med school recommendation letters, have a clear idea of when the letters will be needed. However, do not wait until the last second before looking for one.

So, once you have sent in your application, you can start requesting one immediately and give the referee up to two weeks or three weeks to get the job done.

Meanwhile, request a letter of recommendation in person because it will help the writer remember you, and you will easily assess the writer’s response.

If you cannot reach the writer in person, contact the writer via mail.

What to do after a referee has decided to write you a recommendation letter:

As soon as your professor decides to craft a medical school recommendation letter for you, give them all the help they need.

Ask them for the things they need that will help them draft an outstanding recommendation letter. Listen attentively to their demands and act accordingly.

Never put them on hold and give them extra details to help finish the letter.

Some academic referees demand things like your curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, a list of awards obtained, and several other documents when drafting a letter. Organize these materials and send them to the writer on time.

How to submit your medical school letters of recommendation: 

You can submit your recommendation letters in different ways. The most popular way to do this is by sending it through the AMCAS portal.

Fortunately, you can make changes even after submitting your initial AMCAS application. Letters of recommendation are always personalized. So, you must read them before sending them.

On the other hand, most medical schools always want to have the right to read the letters. So, they demand that your writer send the letters personally to them.

One of the ways to achieve this is via the AMCAS mail service, and this platform is user-friendly. AMCAS accepts documents easily and saves one from unnecessary trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Request For A Medical School Letter Of Recommendation:

What is meant by a letter of recommendation?

Generally speaking, a letter of recommendation is prepared by someone who knows the job or academic abilities of the recommended person. Send it to a hiring manager or admissions officer who is making a final decision on whether or not a candidate will be hired or admitted.

What makes a good letter of recommendation?

In a recommendation letter, it’s good to highlight skills like leadership, dedication, the ability to focus, and the ability to learn quickly. A good letter of recommendation talks about both the work someone has done in the past and how it shows they are right for the job.

Who can write letters of recommendation?

It is best to have letters of recommendation written by persons who know you well and who have evaluated your academic or professional achievements. Supervisors in the workplace and professors in the classroom are both suitable.

Why is it important to have a good reputation?

A good reputation helps people rise in the social hierarchy of a given community. It’s a way to gauge a person’s clout. Regarding promotions and leadership positions, people with a solid reputation always get the nod over those without. And a good reputation has never harmed a person.

Why is a good reputation important?

Prospective customers place a high value on a company’s reputation since it is a proxy for the company’s honesty and reliability. Companies with stellar reputations can command a premium from their clientele, allowing them to lure and retain an exceptional workforce (who will stay loyal).


Letters of recommendation for medical schools are one of the most important requirements. Thus, this document must be treated with absolute concern.

So, to get an outstanding letter of recommendation, look for a qualified person who knows you well to draft one for you and let them know the letter’s requirements that the med school supplies.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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