What is a Good MCAT Score? (477, 520, 514, FAQs)

“MCAT” is an acronym for Medical College Admission Test.

This test is an advanced admission quiz developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) that measures the technical, rational thinking, and mental abilities of students seeking to attend medical schools in the US, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Australia, and several other countries scattered across the globe.

The MCAT is the most accepted and popular test used to evaluate students who want to obtain a medical degree from medical schools in several countries worldwide.

Thus, this article will provide you with all you need to know about the MCAT, offer you some info about a good MCAT score, and supply some study tips that will help you excel on the test.

What is a Good MCAT Score?

An outstanding MCAT score requires a score of 515 or higher, which currently equates to the overall 90th percentile. A score of 517 or above is deemed exceptional.

It will be impossible for medical schools to reject your application if you have a score like that.

As an example, if the average MCAT score at the schools you want to attend is 511, and you earned 512, you won’t need to repeat the exam.

Furthermore, you are excluded from this restriction if your GPA is much lower than the average for those institutions.

Is 477 a good MCAT score?

A 477 on the MCAT indicates that you scored in the 1 percentile of test-takers. It is preferable if the section scores are distributed evenly.

Is 490 a good MCAT score?

With a score of 490 on the MCAT, you did better than 20% of the people who took the test.

Is a 520 MCAT score good?

If you got a score of 520 on the MCAT, that means you did better than 98% of the people who took the test.

Should I retake a 514 MCAT?

If you got a 514 or higher, you probably don’t need to take the test again. If your score is between these two extremes, your GPA may be what makes the difference.

Even if you have a great GPA of 3.79 or higher, your chances of getting in are only 18% if you have a score below 498.

Is a 507 MCAT good?

A total of 507 points is a commendable effort. If you’re in the 76th percentile of all test-takers, you’re in good shape. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either.

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Major tips you need to know about MCAT:

1. MCAT Preparation Resources:

There are several MCAT preparation materials available online. But the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has only approved a few study guides.

These include Barron’s new MCAT and MCAT practice tests by Sterling Test Prep.

2. Test structure:

The MCAT measures the academic knowledge of its candidates in chemistry and physics, psychology and social sciences, biology and biochemistry, and critical analysis and reasoning skills.

3. The official website of AAMC:

www.aamc.org has all the information you need about the MCAT.

4. Prerequisites:

To sit for the MCAT, candidates must have aspirations to pursue a career in medicine or veterinary medicine. Also, international aspirants must hold MBBS to sit for MCAT.

Meanwhile, American and Canadian aspirants are only required to hold an undergraduate degree to be eligible for the test.

5. How to apply for the MCAT: 

Visit www.students-residents.aamc.org to register for the MCAT. Once there, you will be asked to create an account and sign in with a verification email link.

Afterward, complete the required information gaps and select “Start Exam Registration” to set up your appointment.

In addition, approve the terms and conditions that will pop up on your screen and choose an exam schedule and test center.

Also, pay the charge required for the application via Visa or MasterCard credit card to produce an email ID that will be mailed to you.

6. Test format:

Since 2007, MCAT has used a Computer-Based Test (CBT) format.

7. The nature of the questions:

The MCAT uses the Multiple Type Questions (MCQs) system. To get a good MCAT score, you need to understand the questions.

8. Duration:

Duration is the length of time that something lasts. Thus, the duration of the MCAT is 7 hours and 30 minutes. More so, the MCAT exam is likely to be the most time-consuming test you’ve ever taken.

9. Regulations for Exams Day:

All candidates are meant to be at the exam center not less than 30 minutes before the beginning of the exam. Nevertheless, they must have a valid ID before being allowed into the hall.

10. Refunds after cancellation:

MCAT has three deadline levels, namely the Gold, Silver, and Bronze zones. If you are in the gold zone and decide to cancel your application, you will be refunded.

On the other hand, cancellations made by those in the silver and bronze zones will not necessitate any refunds.

11. Change of appointment:

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) charges anyone that desires to change their MCAT appointment.

12. The cost of MCAT registration:

To complete registration, all MCAT applicants must pay the sum of $300, which can be greater or less depending on the dollar rate in your country.

13. Cancellation:

Cancellations by MCAT aspirants are only allowed before the deadline of the gold zone.

14. A great MCAT score:

An outstanding MCAT score is in the overall 90th percentile, which represents a score of 515 or higher.

Anyone that hits this score will be accepted by any medical school as long as they satisfy other requirements.

Additional tips you need to know about MCAT:

  • The total number of questions:

There are 221 questions in the MCAT.

  • Score range:

The score range of the MCAT is between 472 and 528, and the sectional score ranges from 118 to 132.

  • Score voiding:

Applicants can get rid of their MCAT score by clicking “void the MCAT” on the website for the online test.

  • Validity of scores:

MCAT scores can be used for as long as 3 years from the time they are taken. Still, some medical schools say how old the score has to be for them to consider it.

  • Release of scores:

MCAT scores are published by 5pm on the same day the test was taken. Candidates can check their scores on their examination accounts.

  • Rescoring:

Candidates who believe their score was not their merit score can contact AAMC and obtain a good or bad response after three weeks.

  • The number of times: 

A total of 25 medical college admission tests are held every year.

  • Attempt restrictions:

A medical school applicant can only take the MCAT three times a year, four times in two years, and seven times in their lifetime.

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How to Achieve a Good MCAT Score:

The Medical College Admission Test is a difficult test that requires intensive preparation for success. Candidates can excel in the MCAT by making use of the following tips:

Study hard personally:

On your own, you must be determined to succeed in MCAT. Get the preparation materials listed earlier and consume them several months before the examination.

Moreover, have a study schedule and decrease the amount of your fun time. The MCAT is no child’s play, and you must study very hard to earn a great score.

Study in a group:

Create a study group with your friends with similar minds or join an already existing one.

Studying in a group will prevent you from procrastinating, help you stay focused, and put you in the best position for instant help if you need further explanation on a particular issue.

Exercise regularly:

Exercise positively impacts your brain’s performance and releases the right energy into your body that will help you read. Thus, exercise regularly.

Hire the services of a private tutor:

If you are struggling in any subject areas you are supposed to read for the test, hire the services of a tutor to provide you with private lessons.

You will be able to ask personal questions and receive in-depth explanations on difficult subject areas and topics.

Organize yourself on the eve of the test:

Avoid anything that will distract you from getting perfectly prepared on the day before the test, and make sure you have all the needed documents to avoid getting sent away from the exam hall.

Eat healthily:

A healthy eating plan is a recipe for excellent academic performance.

Thus, during the test preparation phase, dwell on foods and supplements that provide energy to the brain and avoid eating heavy foods when you want to study.

Use practice tests:

Practice tests are valuable tools that guarantee excellent academic performance. These materials will familiarize you with the test and improve your efficiency.

Also, you will get to understand the nature of questions and formulate a strategy on how to attack them. Thus, use practice tests when studying.

Frequently Asked Questions on a Good MCAT Score:

Is it hard to pass the MCAT?

Several factors make the MCAT particularly difficult, according to test prep professionals. In addition to covering a wide range of topics, the examination also asks candidates to synthesize knowledge from a variety of academic areas and examines technical aspects of particular fields.

What is MCAT stand for?

Medical College Admissions Test

How many hours study for MCAT?

Studying for the MCAT typically requires 10–15 hours a week for a period of at least four to six months for most people. Aim for a total of 200 to 300 hours of MCAT prep time in order to be successful.

Does MCAT have math?

The MCAT is mostly about how you think, and you don’t have to do much math. All of the math on the MCAT is basic: just addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and trigonometry. On the MCAT, there is no calculus at all.


A good MCAT score is very important because most colleges will accept you instantly. An excellent MCAT score lies in the overall 90th percentile, which features scores above 515.

However, hitting that score does not come easily, and this article contains some tips that will help you excel in the MCAT.

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