514 MCAT

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If you are making plans to go to medical school, you might probably question a 514 MCAT score.

This article will let you know a way to get an awesome MCAT score, and if 514 is a superb MCAT score, offer you study strategies and let you know the entire things you want to realize about the test day.

514 MCAT

How is the MCAT scored?

Your score is primarily based on the wide variety of questions you attempt correctly. Wrong attempts don’t affect your score, so you aren’t penalized for answering incorrectly.

Be certain to reply to all questions while taking the test even though you are uncertain of the answer; it is fine to make a knowledgeable guess!

Your accurate attempts in every segment are transformed to a scaled rating starting from 118 (lowest feasible rating) to 132 (maximum feasible rating).

The ratings for all four sections add up. This shows that the lowest feasible MCAT rating you may get is 472, and the very best is 528.

The conversion helps to make certain scoring equity for all college students taking the MCAT.

On the other hand, all tests are designed to observe identical information and abilities, and the management claims that every test form is identical in the issue. However, a few test forms can be barely extra hard than others.

Conversion to Scale:

The conversion of your accurate answers to scale is performed via a system called “Equating,” which compensates for small versions in the issue among test forms.

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This conversion isn’t steady because every conversion is custom-designed to the precise set of questions covered on a test form.

This could imply that similarly organized college students answering units of test forms with specific questions are anticipated to get relative rankings.

However, there are a few discrepancies among the wide variety of accurate answers. This does not imply that the MCAT score is graded on a curve.

Conversion guarantees that distinctive raw rankings have identical meaning, regardless of whilst you test or who else is taking the test with you.

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514 MCAT: What is a good MCAT score?

An exceptional MCAT score is one that is equal to or greater than the average MCAT score at your target universities, or one that exceeds their MCAT cutoff or threshold.

Each college has its very own MCAT expectations; a few colleges will not take in an applicant with a rating less than 511, even as others can be satisfied to accept college students with lower scores.

However, you must go above and beyond accuracy! Avoid relying on a single wide variety, and strive to perform as well as possible regardless of cutoffs or matriculant averages.

Nevertheless, to put things in perspective, it’s important to understand how ratings and percentile ranks fit together.

Is 514 an excellent MCAT score?

Attaining a rating of 514 at the MCAT shows you completed within the 92% percentile. To get a brilliant MCAT rating means to attain within the common 90th percentile, which presently means a rating of 514 or greater.

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Anything above the rating of 517 is taken into consideration as outstanding. With that type of rating, it will be hard for med colleges to reject your application!

Nevertheless, there will be a few ultra-elite applications with better rating thresholds for admission; however, those are certainly few and a long way between.

Is 514 a competitive MCAT score? 

A rating at or above the mean or 50th percentile for all candidates may be considered competitive. Why? the mean is the average of all students who have taken the MCAT and applied to medical school.

Based on modern facts, the mean rating for all candidates is about 506, so in essence, any rating above 506 could be “above average.”

Therefore 514 that is on the 90th percentile, is taken into consideration as a competitive MCAT score.

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Can I get into a MED school with a 514?

 A correct MCAT rating is above 510 without a segment rating under 127. An MCAT score of 514 or higher is highly competitive, while a score of 517 nearly assures admission.

However, don’t forget that 17.5% of candidates with ratings over 517 have been not accepted to a medical college in 2019-2020.

What is a Less-Competitive MCAT Score?

A much less competitive rating could be under the matriculant average; however, above the applicant average, and in maximum instances, sits at across the 75th percentile general—so approximately 507-509.

A 509 may be competitive for some universities, but it may not even make the cut for highly competitive MD programs like Mayo’s Alix School of Medicine.

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The nearer you’re to the general mean, the much less competitive your rating is.

What is a poor MCAT score? 

A poor MCAT rating is any rating that doesn’t get you right into a medical college; however, statistically, this will be a rating under the general mean or average, so a rating of 506 or much less.

A poor MCAT rating may also be considered under the 50th percentile for the latest test-takers, about 501.

If you got below 500 on the MCAT, you can either repeat the test or choose another institution.


You can get into medical school with a low MCAT, but we strongly encourage you to achieve an exceptional MCAT score to make yourself a competitive candidate at your desired scientific colleges.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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