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Hardest Universities To Get Into In Canada: Canada is currently one of the top academic destinations in the world. This is not surprising because Canada has some of the world’s best universities.

However, some universities in Canada have a very low acceptance rate, which makes them quite difficult to get into.

After giving you reasons why you should study in Canada, this article will discuss the best universities with the lowest acceptance rates.

Most Compelling Reasons to study in Canada

Below are the reasons why you should look to study in Canada:

1. Get to learn a new language 

Studying in Canada is an opportunity to learn a new language, making you a better person. This is because Canada is a bilingual country on its own.

Many schools have French, Korean and English classes, and some schools also have Spanish classes. This gives people the chance to learn these languages from professionals.

2. Obtain a seasoned education

As stated earlier, Canada is currently one of the best places to study in the world.

Most universities and colleges in the country have world-class learning facilities and offer a comprehensive learning curriculum that will allow students to learn in-depth about their chosen course of study.

3. Obtain valuable work experience in Canada upon graduation

The Canadian government has a program for students who want work experience while in school.

With the help of these different programs, international students in Canada can get jobs and live comfortably in the country after graduation.

4. Explore leading technologies

Canada is a leading technologically-driven nation in the world.

The country has spearheaded the development of some of the biggest innovations in telecommunications, digital media, video games, biotech, and many others.

Moreover, the libraries at all Canadian colleges are fully connected to the internet. So, if you have dreams of exploring the world of technology, Canada is an ideal country for you.

5. Relish a high quality of life

The quality of life in Canada is excellent. The standard of living is quite affordable compared to several developed countries worldwide.

Canada is first-class from the nature of houses available to the transportation system available.

Even if you leave off campus as a student, your safety will be one of your least concerns because Canada is easily one of the safest countries in the world, and everyone respects human rights.

Hardest Universities To Get Into In Canada

Best schools in Canada with the Lowest Acceptance Rates 

Here are the best schools in Canada with the lowest acceptance rates:

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1. York University 

York University is one of the best universities in Canada. This school is also regarded as one of the leading research universities in the country.

York University has an acceptance rate of 27% and offers a robust learning curriculum that equips students with the knowledge they need to succeed in their respective fields of endeavor.

This school embraces global best practices in educating students, and most faculty members are distinguished in their fields.

York University prepares students for professional and personal success and has student support services to provide them with all the help they need.

Moreover, graduates of this school are connected through the York Alumni, which currently boasts about 350,000 members.

2. Western University

Western University is one of the best schools in Canada, with very low acceptance rates. This school has an acceptance rate of 31%. Only 31 out of every 100 students are granted admission into the school.

However, Western University remains one of the best research universities in Canada.

Moreover, Western University admits students from over 120 countries, which creates a culturally diverse environment that is ideal for learning.

This school has a retention rate of 95% and offers over 400 undergraduate majors.

Additionally, Western University has over 80 separate graduate degree programs, and most of this school’s graduates have reached the highest heights in their respective career pursuits.

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3. Queen’s University

Queen’s University is one of the hardest universities to get into in Canada. This school has an acceptance rate of 10.4%. Queen’s University remains one of the best schools in Canada.

This school embraces an inclusive learning approach that increases students’ educational performance.

Moreover, Queen’s University offers a robust learning curriculum, and its collaboration initiative with several organizations allows students to land internship slots that improve their hands-on experience.

This school also sustains a research-intensive environment that exposes students to industry practices required in their respective fields.

Additionally, most of the faculty members at Queen’s University are seasoned industry professionals, and some have won the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Queen’s University has six fully-equipped libraries and houses numerous museums and art facilities.

4. The University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is one of the hardest universities to get into in Canada. This school has an acceptance rate of 15.3%.

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This educational institution is the world’s biggest bilingual (English-French) university. It is committed to the education of students that will grow to provide solutions to the needs of the present age.

The University of Ottawa has several renowned lecturers and numerous state-of-the-art learning facilities. This school is easily one of the best universities in the nation.

5. The University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is another addition to this list. This school has an acceptance rate of 5.3% for international and 2.9% for Canadian students.

This school is dedicated to the development and distribution of knowledge for the growth of society. It remains one of the best French-speaking universities in the world.

The University of Montreal has staff members that are fully dedicated to their duties.

This school has established collaborations with many organizations and research centers in the past years to find solutions to society’s issues.

Graduates of the University of Montreal are known for impacting society instantaneously. This school has a high standard of education that most schools in Canada can’t match.

6. McMaster University

McMaster University is one of the hardest universities to get into in Canada. This school is also one of the best universities in the nation. McMaster University has an acceptance rate of 12%.

This school is popular for completing several groundbreaking research projects that have solved several societal issues.

The staff and faculty members at McMaster University are those that are fully dedicated to their duties.

They regularly collaborate with students to find resourceful solutions to some of the pressing issues in society.

McMaster University adopts a problem-based learning method that is based on more practical coursework than theoretical learning. This university’s medical school is among the best in the country.

7. The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary has one of the lowest acceptance rates in Canada. This school is also one of the best educational institutions in the country.

The University of Calgary has an acceptance rate of between 10% and 20%. It remains a prominent research university in the nation.

The University of Calgary is committed to developing students for meaningful careers. This school has some of the best learning facilities in the country.

The faculty members at the University of Calgary include seasoned industry professionals who have reached the highest heights in their careers.

This school offers a learning curriculum that is a perfect mix of practice and theory, allowing students to receive the sound education they need to become successful in their respective careers. 

8. Trent University

Trent University is one of the best schools in Canada. This school has an acceptance rate of 33%.

This school is renowned all across the nation for providing quality education and encouraging research no matter the course of study.

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Moreover, Trent University fosters collaboration between faculty members and students, allowing students to pick up some skills that are valuable to them in their respective career paths.

This school also has several top-class learning facilities that provide top-notch learning experiences.

Trent University offers a comprehensive curriculum focusing more on practical-based learning than theoretical learning. This school is one of the best schools in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hardest Universities To Get Into In Canada

How much will studying in Canada cost?

Canada is a very cheap place to go to school compared to many other countries. Most likely, you will need between C$20,000 and C$30,000 per year to pay for school. This range is just an average, and your exact costs will depend on the school and program you choose.

Can a poor student go to school in Canada?

Choose a school with affordable tuition rates or work part-time to cover your expenses while you study in Canada. You can cut your costs by applying for and receiving a scholarship. Scholarships of various kinds are available to international students from a wide range of organizations and institutions.

Should you study in Canada or the United States?

Canada is now ahead of the US when it comes to getting a college degree. Canada is becoming the top choice for students because it is easy to get a study permit, it is easy to move there, and it is cheaper to go to school there.

How is student life in Canada?

When looking to study abroad, many people choose Canada as a top option. Students from other countries are welcomed with open arms and provided with excellent educational opportunities. Canadian universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world for their cutting-edge research, innovative teaching, and commitment to student success.


Canada is one of the leading study destinations in the world. Despite several schools in the nation, the schools listed above are the best hardest universities to get into in Canada.

However, no matter the university you attend in Canada, academic success boils down to the effort you put into school more than anything else.

So, if you want to succeed in a Canadian university, get along with your teachers, find a mentor, and utilize the school’s libraries and research institutes.

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