7 Best Christian Schools In Canada (FAQs) | 2022

Christian Schools In Canada: Attending a Christian school is a great step that anyone should take.

Christian schools allow you to develop an in-depth knowledge of God and, at the same time, obtain a high-quality education that improves you professionally and intellectually.

Canada is blessed with several top-class Christian schools.

This article will discuss the benefits of attending Christian schools, the best seven Christian schools in Canada, and some tips for Canadian students on how to study.

What is Christian school?

A Christian school is one that is run by a Christian group or based on Christian ideas. ;

Students at a Christian school learn how to make real friendships and relationships that are based on Christ.

Children become stable adults who want to serve others and follow Christ when they are taught Christian values at home and at school.

Benefits of attending a Christian school in Canada

Below are the top reasons you should look to attend a Christian school in Canada:

1. Welcoming environment:

Christian schools in Canada offer an environment that makes it easy for students to establish good relationships with one another.

Christian schools are ideal for you if you love to pray as they offer an environment that will enable you to develop an intimate relationship with God.

Also, the lecturers and professors care not only about the student’s academic growth but also about their spiritual growth.

2. Low student-to-faculty ratio:

Numerous Christian schools in Canada have a low student-to-faculty ratio. This allows students to form closer bonds with faculty members and collaborate on a variety of projects and research.

Moreover, a lower student-to-faculty ratio enables every student to be carried along properly, which catalyzes academic excellence.

It also encourages them to become bolder and contribute effectively to class activities.

3. Incorporate faith into academics:

Attending a Christian school in Canada is a great way to acquire an education incorporating your faith into whatever field you are studying.

This helps to develop some skills and qualities in you that can make you a seasoned professional with a good track record of integrity. 

4. Opportunity to engage in several extracurricular activities:

Just like with the conventional 4-year colleges scattered across the globe, enrolling in a degree program at any Christian school in Canada exposes you to several extracurricular activities.

Some of them, like those related to non-governmental organizations, offer lots of advantages, like an opportunity to travel to several countries even as a student.

Engaging in the activities of several NGOs in a Christian school will also equip you with several skills that will make you a better person.

5. Increases social circle:

Christian schools are the best places to come into contact with people from different cultural backgrounds that share the same faith as you.

This improves how you communicate with people socially and makes you a better person.

6. Develops character:

A Christian school can help to shape you to become a better person in society.

These schools expose you to morals, ethics, and wisdom that will make you stand out in whatever career you find yourself in.

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7 Best Christian Schools in Canada

Canada is home to several highly-rated Christian schools in the world.

Most are known for providing top-class learning facilities that equip students with the skills they need to reach the pinnacle of their diverse careers.

Despite the presence of several top-class Christian schools in Canada, below is the list of the seven best Christian schools in Canada:

1. Redeemer University:

Redeemer University is a leading Christian school in Canada.

This school empowers students to become what God wants them to be by exposing them to an educational program that is fully based on scripture.

Moreover, Redeemer University offers educational programs that support research and creativity.

Committed to the spread of knowledge through teaching excellence, Redeemer University is a top-class Christian school that empowers students for leadership and selfless service.

The low student-to-faculty ratio at Redeemer University allows students to be properly mentored in their respective careers.

Without a doubt, Redeemer University is one of the best Christian schools in Canada.

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2. Ambrose University:

Ambrose University empowers students for prudent and meaningful engagement in church and society by exposing them to a seasoned academic program.

Students here obtain knowledge of both arts and science degrees, in addition to the knowledge of God.

The rigorous learning environment offered by the school equips students with several skills they need to overcome society’s challenges, reach their career targets, and enhance their relationship with God.

Ambrose University is a Christian school that also offers a learning curriculum that centers on Christian intellectual, theological, spiritual, and missional conduct.

This school is blessed with several seasoned faculty members who inspire students’ personal and spiritual development.

Moreover, Ambrose students are known to be intellectually curious and can encourage discussions on several challenging issues in society.

Ambrose University is one of the best Christian schools in Canada.

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3. Canadian Mennonite University:

Canadian Mennonite University is a top-class Christian school in Canada that offers several learning programs that center on the Anabaptist faith tradition, and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

This school prepares students for leadership and service by exposing them to a comprehensive learning curriculum that focuses on research and service.

The Canadian Mennonite University develops the virtue of integrity in their students and empowers them with the knowledge they need to reach the top of their diverse career fields.

With students from over 28 countries, this school offers a culturally diverse community that equips students with several skills that make them better human beings.

Also, CMU helps students prepare for their chosen careers and gives them the skills they need to make an immediate impact on the church and society.

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4. Crandall University, Canada:

Crandall University is a renowned school in Canada. The school’s low student-to-faculty ratio allows students and teachers to communicate closely and build deeper bonds and relationships.

Crandall University boasts several highly distinguished professors who have acquired advanced degrees at some of the globe’s most renowned universities.

This school maintains high academic standards and produces seasoned graduates every year.

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5. The King’s University:

The King’s University is a Christian school that believes that our planet can be better understood if we all embrace the ideology that it was created by and belongs to God.

This school offers a learning curriculum to students that equip students with skills that mirror the love of Christ.

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, King’s University has provided a top-class education to thousands of people due to its excellent commitment to teaching and research.

The low student-to-faculty ratio at this school offers students an opportunity to obtain rich research and practical experience that are valuable to their respective careers.

King’s University is one of the best Christian schools in the world.

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6. Tyndale University, Toronto:

Tyndale University, Toronto, is one of the best Christian schools in Canada. This school offers students the opportunity to learn in an environment fully focused on God and the church.

Tyndale University is committed to grooming students that are well-disciplined, honest, and full-inspired, which are some of the qualities that companies desire in their staff.

This school has some of the best places to learn and a number of famous teachers who have reached the top of their fields.

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7. Trinity Western University:

Trinity Western University (TWU) is one of the best Christian schools in Canada.

This school is fully committed to the development of students that later become godly Christian leaders, entirely dedicated to creating an impact on society.

Students at TWU are exposed to a robust academic curriculum that equips them with the knowledge needed for success in their respective career fields.

The research opportunities available at this Christian college are enormous as well.

Trinity Western University is fully committed to grooming people driven by a passion to make a difference in society while standing out in the world as disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Christian Schools In Canada

What defines a Christian school?

Christian schools aim to instill in its students an appreciation for the world God made, the interconnectedness of our faith with all subjects, and the need of seeking God’s Will for one’s own existence.

Is Christianity the oldest religion?

Scholars agree that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Its roots and customs go back more than 4,000 years.

What is the largest Christian school system?

The Catholic Church runs the largest Christian education system in the United States.

What is a Protestant school?

Protestant schools are nonetheless interesting and varied component of the American educational scene. About 3% of all K-12 students are enrolled in these schools, which are often substantially smaller than their state-controlled counterparts and rely heavily on private financing.


Christian schools in Canada encourage students to create healthy relationships, and expose students to NGOs that educate them with skills to become better people.

The schools listed above have proven to be the best Christian schools in Canada.

However, to succeed as a student in any Christian school, you must organize yourself effectively, dedicate most of your time to studies, and use revision materials to prepare for tests and exams.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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