Diff btw Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular activities3 min read

I guess you will still be worried about the differences between Extra-Curricular activities and Co-curricular activities.

Sometimes it might not be so clear to you because both of them are similar but in this

post, I will show you the unique differences between these two activities.

What are Curricular Activities:

Curricular activities are basically everything that has to do with your course of study.

It includes your courses, the required topics to be taught, the practicals involved and the time it will be taught.

Curricular activities are followed by Co-curricular activities and Extra-curricular activities.

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Co-Curricular Activities:

co curricular activities

Just like the name “Co” implies, it complements the curricular activities done in school.

These activities are school activities that helps students understand better what is taught in school.

It can be sponsored by the school to help improve the social life of a student because it’s in line with academic activities and it’s

like an experimentation of what is taught in class though it’s more practical here.

E.g of Co-curricular Activities are Art shows, Jet Club, Drama Competition, Chess Competition, debates etc.

These activities might take place during school hours or after school hours and the school is 100% in support of it.

In comparing these activities, this is one factor that distinguishes both of them.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

co curricular activities

Extra unlike Co-curricular activities are the activities done after school hours.

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There is no connection between this activity and the course you study.

Even from the name “Extra”, you will notice that they are the things you need to do after school activities, so the name explains it well.

E.g Political Activities, Sports, Swimming, Athletics, Gymnasium etc.

All these activities are totally not in line with the curricular activities but are there to help build and develop the life of a College Student.

Practical Explanation of Extra and Co-Curricular Activities:

Joe is a College Student that studies Chemical Engineering, he is a dedicated

member of Jet Club which a Co-curricular activity that is part of the school activities.

After school activities, he goes for soccer training which is totally off the school

activities(Extra-Curricular activity) and plays wonderfully well.

So this is a clear explanation of the differences between the two..

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Importance of Co-curricular Activities:

1.It broadens the horizon of a student and helps a student learn more about his field of study.

2. You get to connect and network with like minds that are just like you, who share the same interest and purpose.

3. Your popularity will increase if you are exceptional and good in what you do.

4. It helps to build talent, add spices to your resume and your future in general.

5. These activities will build your mindset and the spirit of healthy competition.

6. It prevents idealness in students.

7. It will help you build and develop time management skills.

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How do I balance my Extra-Curricular life and Academic Life:

Sometimes being too involved in Extra-Curricular can make you take off your attention and forgot your reason for being in school.

How do you handle it so that one doesn’t affect the other while still being productive in both.

  • Plan your day
  • Do your best
  • Manage your time properly
  • Don’t take more than you can do


These are the differences between Extra-Curricular activities and Co-curricular activities. Sometimes I misplace the two but by now it’s clear to you and I.

Thanks for reading this post.

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