30+ Things to do Before you leave College

When it was getting close to my graduation year, I didn’t feel like leaving College, to be sincere, “I never felt like leaving college”, I would miss the fun, enjoyments and the cool friends I had. I found out that College is where you have a lot of experiences both positive and negative but you can enjoy every moment if you want to. Here are the things to do Before you leave College:

1.Discover Yourself:

You have to discover your passion, vision, and purpose in life. If you don’t know any of these, you will find out that you will live your life without a direction after College.

The purpose of your life has the ability to engage you for a lifetime, I’m not trying to sound religious but it is very important.


2. Spend a good time with your Best Friend:


College is fun with beautiful and awesome friends. Spend a good time with them, leave memories that are worth remembering with them and make them miss your company with them.

Most importantly, take their contact like e-mail address, phone number, etc.

3.Get ideas on how to make a Passive Income:

A passive income is an income that comes in when you are not working. You can learn from your mentor or your friends,

but make sure it is legitimate. If you can’t find a passive income, you can learn online skills that can put the money in your pocket as you leave college. This is one of the important things to learn before you leave college.

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4. Have A Bank Account For Investment:

You need a separate bank account to keep all the money you got from your investments and that account will also be used to invest.

Also, before you invest your money, make sure you are sure of the productivity of the business you are investing in.

5. Payoff your house bills:

Things to do Before you leave College

Paying bills is easy if you don’t allow it to accumulate but even if it accumulates, pay it in installment.

You can start early to pay up the bills, seek the attention of your friends, parents or relations to help you out if you can complete the payment.

6. Things to do before you leave College – Speak to Your Crush:

You know someone who you have a crush on, talk to that person. Make that person feel the way you do about him/her.

You don’t need to be shy because very soon you will out of college and might not talk to that person again. So, do it now you have the opportunity.

7. Shift your Course books:

What do you do with your Coursebooks?

You can ship them to your house or sell it on Amazon or even sell it to your friends at a lower rate.

All these can help you raise money to pay off your bills.

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8. Shift your home Appliances:

When I was in school, I shipped my TV and Home theatre to my house and sold my Microwave to my friends.

You can still do the same. Like I said earlier in the 7th point, you do all these to pay all your bills.

9. Have a phrase that you say often(smiles):

College is fun with meaningless phrases like: “There is bomb in your head”, “You are pretty nice cool”.

These phrases make people remember you whenever it is heard anywhere. The phrases make College fun and they are part of life in college.

10. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument:

A musical instrument can help relieve stress when you are depressed, you can play it to make extra cash in school.

Just learning how to play it alone, gives you joy and happiness, so learn a musical instrument like Guitar, piano, Band, etc.

Its a good potential for you.

This is one of the important things to do before you leave college.

11. Volunteer:

Volunteering has to do with offering one’s skill for an act especially when done without pay.

You could volunteer to join the charity organization in your school, visit the less-privileged ones around you, volunteer for work in conferences, etc.

Volunteering works can earn you a lot of opportunities because you will get to meet people that you never believed you can.

12. Things to do Before you leave College – Take a lot of Pictures and make Videos:

College is fun with pictures and videos. You can post them to Facebook or Instagram, it will help you to keep track of school days.

A picture is worth more than a million words, so after College, when you look at the pictures and videos you will smile because you remember vividly how life was in college.

13. Learn to Cook Exceptional dishes:

Learn how to cook exceptional dishes that you couldn’t learn from home and try and cook it well.

Dishes like the native ones, the one from your coursemate from another country, new dishes etc.

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14. Do something Scary:

Things to do Before you leave College

Get out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you could do like talking in front of the class, entering the office of a scary professor, staying all night away etc.

That’s part of the fun of college. This is one of the cool things to do Before you leave College.

15. Wake You Early On Saturday And Go For Morning Jogging:

You can wake you as early as 5 am, prepare and go for jogging on Saturday. You can hit the gym and do a couple of press-ups and push-ups.

This helps to prepare you for the upcoming week and make you fit against sickness.

16. Make friends with Mature Student of your Course:

You can call them “Big mama”, “HOD- Head of Department” or any nickname that is funny. They might ask you to stop, respect them and don’t make them annoyed. It makes life fun in the College.

One thing about getting close to the mature people in your department is that you get to learn a lot from them and see life from their perspective.

This is one of the important things to do before you leave college.

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17. Organize an event around your Passion:

Things to do Before you leave College

Before you graduate from college, try and organize an event within your area of interest like your passion.

If you are passionate about music, you can organize a music fiesta where people can show off their love for music and you also get to improve to.

18. Things to do Before you leave College – Get your parents to visit you on Campus:

Sometimes your parents don’t even know where you live till you graduate. Get them to attend your Matriculation so that they can know where you live and how you are living.

Sometimes invite them to come to school and see you. That’s fun. Its one of the things I did before I leave College.

19. Tour the new lecture halls:

There were some lecture halls that you didn’t visit due to your tight schedule in school, you can visit them, take pictures and upload them to Facebook or Instagram.

All these are for the memories and to remember the good times of College.

20. Go for a party outside Campus:

It’s fun right? Before I graduated from college, I and my friends had fun at a party outside school; we took a cab to another college nearby, invited friends to our party and really had a good time with everyone.

21. Read Personal Development Books:

You need to read books that will grow your leadership qualities, books that help you add value to others and books that help you improve your life.

Funny enough, these books are non-academic books, so you read them to make your life, character, and speech better. This is one of the things my mentor thought me Before I left College.

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22. Practice Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga and Meditation is a powerful way of clearing your mind from unwanted thoughts. Practice it and get used to it.

It can help you feel free and have a cool mind. Before you leave College, get used to meditation because it will help you overcome a lot of mind issues and problems.

23. Get to know your favorite Tutor better:

Before you leave College, connect well with your favorite college tutor. Get to know him well, connect with his family because he will be of great help to you after college.

He can write impressive references and help you make great contacts for your next level. This is one thing I did before I left College.

24. Things to do Before you leave College – Learn how to drive:

Driving is very enjoyable and fun in College, you can learn to drive from your peers or go to a driving school. It’s not all about driving but also getting a driver’s license.

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25. Learn professional Dining Etiquette:

Before you leave the College, make sure you learn how to use your fork and knife to eat well. Practice it and become acquainted with it.

Why? Outside College, when you go for a job interview, you might be asked to eat along with the directors of the company, so if you can’t eat professionally you can lose the job opportunity.

26. Learn Professional Skills:

Things to do Before you leave College

Professional skill is a skill that can keep up ahead of your equals in the search for job opportunities.

If you are in the graphics niche, you can be good in using the graphics software like Photoshop, After effects for motion graphics, Adobe Illustrator for logo design, etc. Being good in these softwares give you an edge over your peers.

27. Join an Organization that adds Value:

Add value to your friends, be a creative thinker, a solution provider to your friends and the people around you. Let someone say “I changed because of you”.

Join organizations of honor that will add value to you and to your CV too.

28. Have A Good Time With Your Sports Crew:

Ok, so you never quite managed to join any of the College sports teams like you promised yourself you would, but the intention was totally there.

You can still chill with your favorite team players, hang out with them and have fun.

29. Attend a Lecture in another Department:

There are some departments that you love so much, you can attend lectures there and make a couple of friends there who will keep you updated on their courses and lectures. No knowledge is a waste. This is one of the important things to do before you leave college.

30. Read from Dusk till Dawn:

Reading is fun sometimes when you read the course you enjoy.

You can read from dusk till dawn in preparation for a course you enjoy so much. Preparing well helps you to be confident in the exam hall.

It’s going to affect you in a way but its really an experience as a college student.

31. Be very close to God:

Let God be your everything – your way, truth, and life. Let Him be the director of your life. With God, life is much easier.

Being close to God involves developing a prayer life, seeking the face of God before you start up anything. It also involves reading the bible and helping one another. 


Life in College is fun. Try out these before you leave College.

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