The 5 best things about college life I discovered

What are the best things about college life?

Your time in college is the best time to be or start anything you want to do in your life. Big organizations and companies started while in college, great businesses trending in the world started while in college, you could be whatever you wish to be.

I guess you have read about the good things about College in our previous post, now in this post, I broke it down into the 5 best mind-blowing and amazing things about college life.

Here they are:

Opportunity for Money:

best things about College

This might sound funny, do you know that most students find it difficult to get money from their parents while at home? in fact, during holidays, some students feel uncomfortable at home because their parents don’t give them money.

College life: It’s True!

But while in school, you can get money from your parents. More than 60% of students extort from their parents so as to get money that they can use while they are in the house(home). Isn’t it funny?


best things about College

This is my best/ the most important thing about college life. School life will make you experienced, it will teach you management, character(both good and bad), how to speak and a lot more. This is the best college experience.

College life: One thing about this…

All these skills are sometimes learned involuntarily due to your conversation with different people from different perspectives on life. Finally, at the end of the day, you will come out with a degree which will give you a lot of opportunities outside Campus.

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I must confess…

Knowledge and experience are the two important things that should be built on Campus.


This was mentioned among the 8 good things about the college experience. It’s still paramount as the best things about college life(experience). Independence will help you understand that you are growing and you need to take responsibility for your life and the issues you are facing.

Independence will teach you that you mustn’t tell Mum and dad about everything that happens in your life.

You need to take a decision…

As an independent student, you will need to advice yourself to go for lectures, attend seminars, join a self development club, start a business, go to church, pray to God…all these are within your confinement, its in your hands.

So Independence will help you to manage and know that you are in control of your life as a student.

Travel time:

college life

College will give an opportunity to travel to different places and meet new people. Its a very college experience. You could explore different schools, go for graduations, conferences, competitions and get together.

It is Fun…

When you go for get together in other schools, you get to compare their school to your school and know where your school is lagging behind and where your school is better.

You will hear things like, “IMT has free wifi but my school doesn’t have”, “My school has air conditioners in our lecture halls but there is non here”. So, these comparisons make school life fun.

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College life: World of Opportunities

College life:

Friends are embedded here… I will rank “World of Opportunities” as a major best thing i discovered about school. Zuckerberg stared Facebook while on campus, most big businesses started as a little as an idea within a group of people so all these pave a way for you to know that you can start up anything in college and do well although it won’t be easy.

Conclusion on the Best things about College life:

All these are the best things i discovered abut college.

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