How To Get A Leetcode Student Discount (FAQs)

Leetcode Student Discount: LeetCode is an educational company that provides students with materials that facilitate their academic excellence.

Many students subscribe to the services rendered by LeetCode due to the fact that the company offers a student discount that reduces the charges they are meant to pay.

However, LeetCode offers its student discount to students that meet certain conditions.

So, this article will talk about what you need to do to get the LeetCode student discount and other important information about it.

An Overview Of Leetcode

LeetCode is a brand that was established in 2015.

This website provides about 2,500 practice questions that facilitate effective preparation, and its subscribers also participate in competitions that attract many amazing prizes.

Moreover, if you are a student that is interested in learning programming languages, LeetCode remains an ideal site for you.

LeetCode has an active community that is willing to provide support to its members whenever they need it.

Furthermore, even though LeetCode offers many materials without asking students to pay for anything, as a student, subscribing to a LeetCode Premium plan is an excellent decision because it allows you to enjoy access to more contests and answers, a sophisticated debugger, and several other features.

LeetCode is a great site that helps people prepare technically for coding interviews by showing them questions they might be asked in the interview.

Leetcode Student Discount

Leetcode Student Discount

LeetCode offers a student discount plan to help students save money for other things, especially in times like this when the cost of attending universities is very high.

Currently, this company offers a student discount of about 38%.

Students have the liberty to use the LeetCode student discount plan throughout their stay at university or college.

However, the LeetCode student discount is only open to students that meet certain conditions.

Requirements For The Leetcode Student Discount

Students who meet the following requirements will be able to use the LeetCode student discount:

  • A student must have a working student email.
  • A student must gather at least 50 of their schoolmates to purchase the LeetCode Premium plan because LeetCode only activates the premium subscription of students from schools with more than 50 sign-ups.
  • A student must attend a school that is verified by LeetCode.

How To Obtain A Leetcode Student Discount

You can obtain the LeetCode student discount in 2023 by following the steps below.

  • Sign up for an account using your .edu email address.
  • Complete the payment of $99 for the premium subscription.
  • Get 50 people or more in your school to sign up for LeetCode.

LeetCode will activate your Premium subscription plan and apply the discount once 50 students have registered for the LeetCode premium plan at your school.

Other Ways To Save At Leetcode

Besides the student discount plan, any student can save money on LeetCode by applying the following tips:

1. Make Use Of Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

Utilizing a promo code or coupon code while paying for any service offered by LeetCode is one of the ways to save money on LeetCode.

On the contrary, LeetCode offers numerous promo codes and coupon codes to people that sign up for its membership program.

In some cases, coupon codes can offer discounts as high as 25% off the cost of any product purchased from the company.

In addition, LeetCode members who buy physical items can get free shipping as a perk for using LeetCode.

2. Stay glued to LeetCode on social media pages

Following LeetCode on all their social media pages is the smart way to instantly obtain the latest information about their latest discounts, special deals, and other promotions.

You can check them out on all social media platforms and follow all their pages. This will make sure you don’t miss out on any great rewards because you didn’t know about them.

3. Check out the LeetCode website regularly

LeetCode drops discount codes on their official website periodically. So, make sure you check their website often so you don’t miss out on any discounts.

How To Utilize The Leetcode Promo Code

You can utilize the LeetCode promo code by following the steps below.

  • Copy your coupon code to your clipboard.
  • Visit the official website of the company and enter the code in the box titled “Promo Code” at the checkout, which will enable the system to make the appropriate deductions if your code is valid.
  • Check the page for some guidelines on discount codes to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

Leetcode Premium Subscription

LeetCode Premium is LeetCode’s paid subscription, which is presently available at the cost of $35 per month or $159 per year.

LeetCode Premium subscribers can access advanced problems and their corresponding answers, an automatic debugger, and some innovations that facilitate excellent interview performances.

Also, the LeetCode Premium plan is a great choice for anyone because it lets users focus on specific companies.

Can Students Get Both The Leetcode Premium Subscription And The Leetcode Student Discount At The Same Time?

Students that are subscribers of the LeetCode Premium package that want to sign up for the student discount will have their last membership terminated and won’t be reimbursed by the company.

Once they have successfully created an account using a student email, they will be asked to pay an annual charge of $99 only, which is far lower than the charge paid by regular members.

Moreover, any student that pays the $99 charge will have their premium extended by 365 days.

Leetcode Refund Policy

LeetCode allows its premium subscribers to terminate their present subscription on the “Manage Subscription” page.

However, this must be done prior to the renewal date of the user to ensure they are not asked to re-subscribe.

Once an active plan is canceled, the subscription will still be active in anticipation of when the current period elapses and the user will be allowed to enjoy their subscription for the rest of that time.

Nevertheless, LeetCode does not reimburse any payments made by subscribers.

Moreover, LeetCode reserves the right to refuse a user access to some or all of the services it offers or deactivate a user’s account without even informing them if they take part in any activity that, based on LeetCode’s assessment, abuses the terms and conditions of service or the rights of the company. And in such cases, the company does not offer any refunds.

Alternatives To Leetcode

LeetCode is one of the best websites for coding in the world at the moment.

Their lessons are well-organized, and students are offered lots of helpful materials that enhance their learning.

However, just in case you decide to fall back to any platform other than LeetCode, here are the best platforms to learn to code.

1. AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is one of the best alternatives to LeetCode.

This website is structured just like LeetCode and is an ideal platform where one can effectively prepare for a programming interview.

AlgoExpert offers users lots of videos that accelerate understanding, and students are exposed to over 150 challenges based on different levels that enable them to prepare effectively.

This site is a good place to learn programming languages like C++, Java, Swift, Python, and many more. Users who do very well in all the challenges are given certificates.

2. CheckiO

CheckiO is another excellent alternative to LeetCode.

This site is tailor-made for people that are just learning how to code for the very first time and for people that have been coding for a long time now.

CheckiO enhances the coding skills of users by exposing them to a series of tests and engaging tasks.

This app is available for use in both English and Spanish.

Moreover, CheckiO is a site that is highly recommended for teachers as it enables them to teach students more effectively. The website is user-friendly and free for everyone.

3. CodeChef

CodeChef is a site that was developed to help programmers develop an in-depth knowledge of cryptography, coding, and lots more.

CodeChef students engage in a coding challenge at the start of every month and several others as the season progresses.

CodeChef is totally free to use, which means that users do not have to pay a dime for all the learning materials provided by the company.

This website is highly recommended for anyone that is learning to code for the very first time, and it offers a fun-filled learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Leetcode Student Discount

What does LeetCode mean?

LeetCode lets users practice coding and prepare for interviews. Software engineers use them most. LeetCode contains over 1,900 programming questions to practice.

Is LeetCode for free?

LeetCode’s basic version is free, but LeetCode Premium costs $35 per month or $159 per year.

Who is the CEO of LeetCode?

Hercy Chang

Why are coding interviews so hard?

The first reason why coding interviews are hard for a lot of people is that they don’t know enough about data structures and algorithms.


LeetCode is one of the best sites to enhance your programming abilities.

This site enables its users to develop their skills and at the same time prepare for their dream job.

LeetCode offers discounts to students that subscribe to its premium plan. However, this plan is only available to students that meet certain conditions.

Furthermore, if you signed up for the LeetCode Premium plan recently, make sure you spend quality time with the experts who are available to you to improve your programming skills.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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