How To Get Ralph Lauren Student Discount (FAQs)

Ralph Lauren Student Discount: Ralph Lauren is an American clothing company that has gained popularity over the last couple of years. This brand is also involved in the sales of fragrances and home accessories.

Shopping from Ralph Lauren is an excellent decision that any student should make because this company offers discounts that reduce the cost of shopping for any student.

However, this discount is only offered to students that meet certain requirements.

Thus, this article will provide everything about Ralph Lauren, its student discount, and other important pieces of information about the company.

An Overview Of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion company that manufactures and sells clothing, home accessories, and perfume.

This company currently has more than 150 storehouses, 270 Polo factory storehouses, and 75 Club Monaco storehouses scattered all across the world, and its online website facilitates shopping on the go.

Ralph Lauren remains a household name as far as clothing and other items are mentioned in the world at the moment.

Ralph Lauren Student Discount

Ralph Lauren offers amazing discounts to students to enable them to save when shopping at their store.

However, to enjoy this discount as a student, you have to create an account with your email through the official website of the company and endorse your student status with the company.

Once you log in to your account, Ralph Lauren will give you a code that will enable you to enjoy a discount of 15% on every item you buy from their store.

Moreover, it is important for you to note that the Ralph Lauren student discount is only meant for you, and giving out your discount code to another person is not allowed by the company.

Ralph Lauren Student Discount

How To Obtain And Use A Ralph Lauren Student Discount Online

Obtaining and using the Ralph Lauren student discount online is very easy. You can achieve this by taking the steps below:

  • Visit the website of the company.
  • If you have not done that yet, create an account with the company using your .edu email address.
  • Look for the products that you wish to purchase and add them to the cart.
  • Validate your student status immediately, and once done, the company will send you the code to your email.
  • Proceed to the checkout and input the discount code when you want to pay for the products that you have picked.

How To Save Money When Shopping At Ralph Lauren

As a student, in addition to using the student discount code, you can also save money when shopping at Ralph Lauren by applying the following tips below:

  • Buy most of your desired products during the Ralph Lauren designer sales events that are held once every year. During this event, most of the items are offered at a discounted rate of 30%.
  • Purchase more items during Ralph Lauren’s Christmas sales and Black Friday as the cost of most products is reduced by up to 40% and the products are delivered free of charge.

Free Delivery

Ralph Lauren has an online platform that enables one to shop on the go from the comfort of their homes or offices.

This company has several initiatives that reward customer loyalty. One of the ways that Ralph Lauren encourages their dependable customers is by offering them free delivery services.

However, this amazing reward is only available to customers that buy products that are more than or equal to $150 in value.

Moreover, even though the value of the products that you purchase from the company is not up to $150, you do not have much to worry about because Ralph Lauren charges customers a low shipping fee of about $5 per order.

Ralph Lauren Brands

Here are the brands under Ralph Lauren:

1. The Ralph Lauren Women’s Set and Ralph Lauren Purple

This is one of the numerous brands under Ralph Lauren. The Ralph Lauren Women’s Set was established in 1971 and has grown to become a very popular brand among women.

This brand offers several types of items, ranging from handcrafted sunset gowns to sports gear.

The Ralph Lauren Purple Label, established in 1994 for the male population, is renowned for offering a wide variety of suits of different colors and sizes, bench-made footwear, sports gear, and several accessories.

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Children’s

The Polo Ralph Lauren Children’s is another label under Ralph Lauren. This brand is popular for offering items like polo knit shorts and cashmere cable pullovers.

3. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren launched the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren collection in 2011. This company is popular for offering lots of products. 

4. Lauren Ralph Lauren

The Lauren for Women label, which was launched 26 years ago, offers a large variety of products ranging from active gear to footwear to dresses at affordable rates.

On the other hand, Lauren for Men offers a wide collection of men’s clothing like suits and ties, sportswear, pants, shirts, and pants, all at affordable rates.

5. RRL

RRL is a label under the Ralph Lauren brand that offers a wide collection of sports equipment, accessories, military clothes, denim, work gear, and much more. This label was launched in 1993.

6. Ralph Lauren Wrist watches and fine jewelry

The Ralph Lauren wrist watches and fine jewelry company is well-known for offering a wide range of high-quality watches and jewelry.

7. Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Men’s polo was launched in 1967. On the contrary, the women’s line was launched more recently in 2014.

8. Polo Golf and RLX Golf

Polo Golf and RLX Golf are two major brands under Ralph Lauren. However, while Polo Golf kicked-started its operation in 1990, RLX Golf was launched in 1998.

9. Pink Pony

Pink Pony is another brand under Ralph Lauren. This brand was established in 2000 and remains a key label under Ralph Lauren to this day. Pink Pony is a label that is into the sales of women’s gear and accessories.

It is a label that is highly regarded all across the world.

10. Polo Sport

This label was established in 1992. Polo Sport has a wide range of workout clothes that are great for sports and other types of exercise.

11. Chaps

The chap label is in the sales of men’s sports gear. It is available all across the world at cheap rates.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ralph Lauren Student Discount

What is Ralph Lauren’s real name?

Ralph Rueben Lifshitz

Why is Ralph Lauren so popular?

Ralph Lauren has always been successful because people like its classic styles, high quality, and high-end look. It has used the same core strengths to move into other fashion segments as part of a plan to grow.

What is Ralph Lauren’s target market?

Ralph Lauren caters to affluent consumers. At the present, the company focuses on married ladies who value quality customer service. Further, the corporation is now focusing on shoppers who make special-occasion clothing purchases.

What type of brand is Ralph Lauren?

The Ralph Lauren Corporation is an industry pioneer in the development, promotion, and distribution of high-quality clothes, accessories, housewares, fragrances, and services for the modern consumer’s lifestyle.


Ralph Lauren is an American clothing company that is highly regarded all across the planet. This brand is into the sale of perfumes and home accessories.

Shopping from Ralph Lauren is an excellent decision that any student should make due to the fact that this company offers discounts that lower the cost of shopping for any student.

Nevertheless, the Ralph Lauren student discount is only open to students that create an account with the company via their official website and confirm with the company that they are genuine students.

Ralph Lauren offers students a discount that is as high as 15%. This discount can be used to save up money when buying any of the Ralph Lauren labels.

Moreover, there are other ways to save money when shopping at Ralph Lauren.

Thus, go through the entire article once again to find out about some of them.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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