Earn $100- $200 from these online jobs for college students

Earn $100- $200 from these online jobs for college students8 min read

Working as a college student is very helpful as it aids you to pay bills and offset expenses, but it can also be stressful and tough as you have to fit your job duties into your class schedule and extracurricular activities. Thus having one of the online jobs for college students makes things a lot easier.

It allows you flexibility and balance between your job and academics since you don’t necessarily have to be physically present at all times, and you can work from the comfort of your dorm or home. It also gives you the luxury of picking your operating times and hours, hence avoiding clashes between your class schedule and work.

Listed in this article are 15 online jobs for college students that will help you earn a steady paycheck while schooling.

Online jobs for College Students

Freelance Writing

Do you have good grammatical skills and love writing?  Freelance writing is the perfect job for you.

Freelance writing is a very flexible and profitable way to earn money as a college student. It gives you the luxury of fixing your work schedule while putting your study and class schedule into consideration. It is also an amazing way to build a writing portfolio for your future career.

Freelance writers earn about $50-$500 per article.

To grow as a freelance writer and get writing jobs, join writing platforms and communities. Also, take online courses to improve your expertise. To get gigs and employment as a freelance writer, you can look for jobs on Problogger.

It is one of the legit at-home jobs for college students.

Online Tutoring

Working as an online tutor is a great way to earn as a student, and it also benefits you, as teaching helps reinforce what you have learned already, especially if you teach subjects and courses related to your major.

But, if you feel you need a break from school and study, you can teach subjects in other areas of expertise such as art, history, sports, languages, and instruments.

Tutoring as one of the Online jobs for College Students can earn you up to $13-$50 per hour.

If you want to start a career as an online tutor, here are some helpful places to visit:

Social Media Manager

Instead of spending hours on social media for free, why not get paid for it. You can make it a profession by becoming a social media manager for companies, organizations, and small businesses.

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Most businesses, if not all, use social media platforms for advertising and projecting their services and brand, and sometimes they do not understand what it takes and need help managing them.

As a social media manager, you help businesses create and build brand awareness by building communities and network of potential customers, engaging these customers, and prompting them to take action. You also serve as the voice of the business.

A social media manager can earn up to $15-$40 per hour.

Getting started in this business requires you networking, and reaching out to local businesses and stores. You can also search for marketing agencies, and advertise your services and skills on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Online jobs for College Students

Virtual Assistant

Most individuals who are involved in the business are busy and have a lot to handle, and sometimes need help managing their schedules and clientele. 

Most individuals who are involved in business have busy schedules and a huge clientele and this sometimes gets overwhelming. They need help with some tasks but do not want personal assistants. Now, that’s where virtual assistants come in.

The roles of a virtual assistant range from customer services, data entry, replying emails, receiving calls and, taking messages.

Being a Virtual assistant as one of the Online jobs for College Students can earn you from $25-$100. You can visit Zirtual, People Per Hour, and Virtual   Assistant Networking for jobs.

Graphics Designer

If you have a flair for designs and know how to put colors together, and have an eye for details, then you can put your skills into good use by taking up a job as a graphics designer.

Graphics design is an amazing way to make money online. It is flexible and can fit into your study schedule. Even if you don’t have the necessary skills, but still have a desire to design, you can take up courses to get the basic knowledge of graphic design. You can charge about $5-$30 per design.

If interested and wish to get started, you can reach out to small and local businesses in your area, set up profiles on freelancing sites like Fiverr and 99designs designers, or apply for jobs in companies.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines aren’t always perfect or accurate, and that’s why always update their algorithms in order to serve their users better. They do this with the help of humans and real people who give them feedback about the usefulness and relevance of their results.

As a college student, this is a great way to earn as it doesn’t require many qualifications. You can find jobs on search engine evaluation sites like Appen, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and ZeroChaos. You can earn about $12-$15 per hour.

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Do you have an eye for spotting grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors?

Working as a proofreader would be a perfect job for you. It is one of the best ways to earn money online as a college student as it is flexible, profitable, and can fit into a busy college schedule.

Creating profiles on freelancing sites, and also reaching out to friends and colleagues in school who might need help proofreading essays and reports can be a good way to start your career as a proofreader.

Online jobs for College Students


As a college student, there is a lot of information you’ll love to share, and blogging is one amazing and beautiful way to do this. It is even more interesting than you can earn while doing this. Though building a blog that brings in income takes a lot of time and patience, blog owners make a lot of money.

When starting a blog, pick a specific topic you love and will like to talk about, and also know your targeted audience. Then, just write as you talk.

Resume Writer

If you know how to write amazing and engaging resumes, you can monetize your skill, while helping people create resumes that communicate their accomplishments.

This is a great and lucrative side hustle. The pay may vary but if you are effective and professional, you can earn as much as $50-$75 per resume.

One of the fastest ways to advertise and sell your services is by putting up poster and fliers on dorm notice boards as well as creating profiles and posting your services on sites like Upwork, ResumeBay or LinkedIn.

Survey Taker

Taking surveys, though not one of the biggest jobs, is one easy way to earn and make money online as a college student. It doesn’t require qualifications and can be done anywhere and at your convenience.

It also isn’t time-consuming. You might not earn huge amounts of money, but the little pennies add up over time. You just need to share and give your opinion about the services and products of companies and you get paid. The tasks can even be as simple as watching videos or playing games.

Create profiles on survey sites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Reward Survey. You can earn $1-$20 per survey.

Voice Over Artist

Do you have a funny and amazing voice? Or Have you been told you have a good voice? You could work as a voice over artist.

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With the increase in demand for narration for instructional videos, commercials, and podcasts, companies and agencies are looking for good and proficient voiceover artists to add to their employee list.

All you need for this job is a good voice and recording equipment, and you’re all set. You can apply for jobs at Voices.com nor advertise your services on Fiverr.


If you are a good listener and pay attention to details, you will do an amazing job as a transcriptionist. All that is needed is to listen to audios and turn them into texts. It is a very flexible way to earn extra cash.

The main requirements for the job is extreme accuracy, and good typing skills. The faster you type as well as more accuracy, the more you earn. You can earn about $17-$25 per job.

You can find jobs on Transcribe and TigerFish.

Start a YouTube Channel

This is a popular means of earning money among teens and college students.

All that is needed is to create engaging and interesting content, and be consistent and regular. Also, earning isn’t automatic, so you’ll need to be patient.

You can advertise your channel on social media platforms.

Online Jobs for College Students

Web Designer

Web designing and development is on increasing demand and is a lucrative means of earning.

If you have basic skills of web design, you can turn it into a side hustle and earn extra cash. You can also take up online courses to improve your skills and become a professional web designer.

Check out the Free Side Hustles for College Students

Data Entry Worker

Every business needs to be organized and thus, data entry workers are needed to help make this possible. This job doesn’t require any specialized skills and it is one of the special online jobs for College Students that is in high demand.

All that is needed is a computer and a good internet connection. You can earn $9-$16 per hour and can find jobs on Clickworker, The Smart Crowd, and DionData Solutions.


As a college student, you can balance academics with business if you plan yourself properly.

There are lots of online jobs for college students can do, pick up one and start making revenue at home.

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