11+ Tips on How to Cheaply Decorate a Student Room (FAQs)

Cheaply Decorate a Student Room: It is very important to decorate your room in the school and give it that feeling of home, regardless of whether you are beginning your first year of college or moving into a new residence after completing your first year. 

To have the best home away from home experience while living at university or college, we have compiled a handful of decor items you can use to give your room that beautiful look.

How to Cheaply Decorate a Student Room

1. Dispose of irrelevant things

Getting rid of unnecessary items is the first step toward creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. These extraneous items typically take up a lot of room, making the area feel cramped.

You could begin by reviewing the things in your room and determining what each of those things is used for. 

2. Bring some color in with some imaginative bedding

Your bedroom serves as a space for you to relax, study, and perhaps socialize with your close friends.

For this reason, you must create a space in which you can feel comfortable while you are going to sleep and when you are relaxing with your friends from school.

Choose bedding that is lively and colorful, and that showcases your unique individuality. 

If your bed and mattress are already in your student room, you should do everything you can to keep them safe to get your full security deposit back when the academic year runs out.

3. A door stop

Indeed, regular door stops don’t cost a lot of money, but you can easily give your space yet another touch of homemade charm.

There are many different ways to achieve this, but the most common one involves stitching a pouch out of fabric, which is then stuffed with rice.

4. Accents walls

An accent wall can quickly become the main point of a room that otherwise lacks visual interest.

If you want to make a wall stand out, you can either use what’s already there, like a fireplace or other architectural feature, or you can add something new, like paint, wallpaper, or wall art.

Fabric wallpapers are another fantastic option to consider if the surfaces of your walls are flat or have a very subtle texture.

5. Acquire some boxes for storage and several partitions

To cheaply decorate a student room, you will want to make the most of your space by utilizing various storage solutions.

Boxes can serve as a sound proof, and as an excellent addition to the top of your wardrobe, the inside, or anywhere else you have available space.

You might also discover some storage space under your bed, where you can put various items. These storage bins will fit perfectly under your bed and make it easy to get to all of your favorite things.

6. Get some houseplants

Plants within the house have benefits beyond their aesthetic value. Why? They exhale carbon dioxide and take in oxygen, the exact reverse of what we do when we breathe.

By doing so, not only is the air made more pleasant, but it is also purified of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Plants such as ferns, money trees, cactus and succulents, snake plants, and Aloe Vera are low-maintenance plant options.

7. Hang a mirror

To cheaply decorate a student room, you need a plain old-looking glass (a mirror). A mirror can be used to improve the appearance of a room.

It can reflect natural light from the sun and artificial light from lamps, candles, chandeliers, and light bulbs. As a result, it can make a room look bigger, brighter, and more open.

Mirrors give the appearance of more space on the opposite side of the frame, making a small room appear much larger. Your space will feel more energized as a result of its presence.

8. Make use of washi tape

This wall mounting method does not leave any residue, making it ideal for avoiding significant reductions in your security deposit on your student house.

Don’t risk anything by not using a safe adhesive, such as blue painter’s tape or dorm tape.

You don’t want to waste money fixing your blistered walls at the end of the year, and you also don’t want to spoil your images.

The tape can be used to “frame” images, posters, and memories, but it can also spruce up bookshelves, doors, and anything else that could benefit from a geometric infusion of color.

9. Display photos or artwork

When you are feeling sad and having a difficult day, or when you are missing a family member, having photos of them by your side can be a source of comfort.

You can hang them on the wall by tying a string to them. A space can be given fresh air by decorating it with works of art such as paintings and sculptures.

It also adds color and gives the impression that the room is finished. It unifies the entirety of the space reasonably effectively.

Finding a piece of artwork that speaks to who you are and what you value will go a long way toward making your dorm room seem more like home.

10. Get soft Furnishings

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to significantly improve your space’s coziness by adding a few throw pillows, a blanket, and maybe even a lamp.

They will give your new bedroom a sense of warmth and coziness, adding color and texture to the space.

11. Personalized Pin Bulletin Boards

A pinboard may be a simple to inject individuality into a student room.

You may fill it with images of your family and friends, inspirational words, or anything else that you want to serve as a reminder that you are at home.

In addition, it may be utilized to help you stay productive by serving as a reminder of important items such as upcoming deadlines and reading lists.

The fact that they can also be utilized to bring color and design to a space is one of the many reasons why pinboards are so useful. 

If you are moving into student housing, you need to consider the furnishings and accessories you bring with you.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Cheaply Decorate a Student Room

Is it OK to go home every weekend in college?

Believe me, it’s totally typical. It’s natural to feel anxious or homesick when thrust into a completely foreign setting.

What is living in a dorm like?

The cost of a college dorm room may add up quickly. Dorm rooms are not known for their high levels of privacy and individual space. Students rarely have access to cooking facilities and laundry facilities in dorms. Dorms, on the other hand, can be fantastic places to meet new people and mingle.

Should you bring a fan to college?

A fan is a great convenience to have in a dorm room. It’s a lifesaver for those steamy summer days and for people who overheat in their sleep. However, before purchasing one, it is recommended that you inquire about the availability of air conditioning at your school.

How often should you visit your child in college?

If you live within driving distance, you shouldn’t need to come more than once or twice per semester. Freshmen should take advantage of the first semester to make a successful transition to college life. It could be ideal to see him once a month if you both happen to be in the same city.


When you decorate your room as a student, you take on more adult-like responsibilities and move closer to being an adult.

A room that has been tastefully decorated not only elevates your mood but also helps you make the most of the space in your room, giving the impression that it is fully furnished. 

You can get started with a few simple decorations that don’t cost much money and have a big impact.

The benefits you will gain from decorating your room will likely outweigh the money that you will spend on it.

When you decorate your room in a way that makes you happy, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something. This will make it easier to make your room a good place to study.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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