How To Sneak Someone Into A Dorm (FAQs)

Sneaking someone into a dorm

How To Sneak Someone Into A Dorm: Sneaking your boyfriend or girlfriend into your dormitory room is not as easy as it seems. Although it is difficult, it is an inspiring thing to do.

However, accomplishing these kinds of acts without getting caught, especially in schools that forbid bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend into a dorm, requires intensive planning, high-level sensitivity and carefulness.

However, you can achieve this success by applying the following tips;

1. Have a plan

It is impossible to sneak someone into your room in the dormitory if you do not plan for it.

To plan effectively, check your room for possible entry points that are not noticeable to anyone but you.

Check out every door and window in your room if there is one that can serve as a perfect entry and exit point.

Be careful not to expose yourself, as you could be mistaken for a thief if you are spotted climbing a high window with someone.

2. Pick an entrance point

Before you try to sneak someone into a dorm, decide whether the person will be brought into your room through the door or window.

Determine the amount of sound that will be made once the window is open, and ensure that you reduce the sound to the barest minimum.

Study the safety measures that protect the window or door and look for another entrance point immediately if you realize a burglary prevention measure is in place.

If the window can only be reached using a ladder, you can make one available beside the window well ahead of the time you are about to strike.

3. Act normal

Make a good first impression before climbing up the dormitory window with your partner.

Before making a move, you and your partner, who you want to sneak into your dorm room, can walk around and pretend to be having a chat.

Similarly, you shouldn’t sneak past your roommates on the way to the window. It could make them suspicious, which would be disastrous for your scheme.

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4. Pick a hiding spot

Setting up a hiding spot in your room is very important. This will help you to properly hide the person you have sneaked into the room when an external person comes knocking.

You can create a hiding spot in your wardrobe or organize space under your bed. It will save you the trouble of getting caught by sneaking someone into your dorm room.

5. Contact the person secretly immediately if everything is good

Once you have managed to execute your plan down to the very last stage, you must look for the best way to contact the person without getting caught.

If some dorm residents are still awake, it will be very difficult for the person hiding in the garden to respond to a whistle from your lips and take appropriate action.

So, you should use cell phones. However, ensure that both of your phones are on vibration. Also, use only your phone for a conversation.

6. Wait till most of the people in the dormitory are asleep

To avoid being caught, wait until most of the hostel is asleep before carrying out your plan.

In a dormitory, most people will likely be asleep before midnight, so even if the person you wish to sneak into your room has to hide somewhere till then to get into the dorm, let it be done.

Since you can’t go from room to room to see if everyone is asleep, you should wait until most of the lights are out before you ask the person to come to your room.

If your dormmates know you like to sleep early and are suspicious of your late nights, tell them you’re studying for a test or completing an assignment.

7. Sneak them in silently 

Make sure the intruder enters very softly and in complete darkness. They need to go to the window as quickly as possible without making any noise.

On the other hand, you can play low-volume music to drown out all the abnormal noise made as the person makes his or her way to you.

8. Hide their possessions

If the person has successfully made it to your room and changed their clothes, ensure to keep them out of sight.

This should apply to their phones, wallets, room keys, or anything at all that is associated with them. Hiding their possessions will leave no trace that an illegal person was there.

9. Set a silent alarm so you can wake up early

Sneaking someone into a dorm: Before you sleep off at night, make sure that you set a silent alarm that will help you wake up on time ahead of the escape.

Setting an alarm that rings out loud can wake everyone in the house, damaging your escape plan.

If you know you won’t be able to wake up when your alarm goes off, don’t go to bed. Most individuals will probably start waking up at about 5 a.m.

10. Get them out of there 

As soon as the person steps out of your dorm, make sure no one sees them as they leave the area.

You don’t want to arouse suspicions by showing up to the men’s hostel dressed like a woman early in the morning, or vice versa.

So, as much as you can, do encourage the person to avoid anything that will make him or her get caught.

11. Remove all proofs

Check your room and ensure that you do not have anything in place that will give off the idea that someone else was there in your room that night.

Clean your room of any drink cans you shared with the person that night and dispose of them immediately.

12. Establish a good relationship with the late-night worker 

Sneaking someone into a dorm: Establish a good relationship with the late-night worker months before you attempt to carry out your plan.

Aside from the fact that it will ease suspicion, they can turn a blind eye if they catch the person attempting to sneak in or out of the room.

Involving your dormitory roommate in the plan is a great idea. Whether you like it or not, he or she will offer you all the help you can get and be on the lookout for you in case anything goes amiss.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sneaking Someone Into A Dorm

Can you bring people into your dorm room?

In most cases, the quick response will be “no.” It is common practice at many universities to let guests remain the night, sometimes for several nights. However, regardless of gender, visitors are typically not permitted to move into dorm rooms at most universities.

Can you get a dorm with someone you know?

Every incoming freshman who wants to reside on campus should fill out a housing application available on most universities’ websites. Typically, this form allows you to list a potential roommate.

Should I bring a safe to college?

Having a lockbox or safe with you to school is a good idea. It provides security for your stuff in the shared space and can help you adjust to your new roommate easily.

Is it okay to have a female roommate?

One must look for a person deserving of trust, friendship, and esteem. Although many people prefer to share housing with someone of the same gender, friends of the opposite sex can also be wonderful housemates. However, if you want peace and clear limits with your roommate of the opposite gender, you may need to establish some ground rules.


Sneaking someone into a dorm is not an easy thing to do, and it requires careful planning. However, before you do this, understand that getting caught in the act can attract serious punishment.

So, when executing your plan, ensure that you don’t take any chances and pay attention to every detail. If you feel that you may be caught, abort the plan altogether.

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