15 Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates (FAQs)

Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates: Getting to know your potential college roommates is very important. Good ideas or knowledge about your college roommates will allow you to make the right choices when staying with them.

Most colleges always allow students to switch roommates if they are uncomfortable with them.

So, once you have met your potential college roommates for the very first time, ask them questions to gain more knowledge about their interests.

Who is a College Roommate?

A college roommate is someone you live with in a shared living arrangement, such as a rented room, apartment, or house, at an educational institution.

There is a lot of adjusting to do when you move in with a roommate.

Conflicts can develop from numerous sources, including the maintenance of cleanliness, the provision of adequate nutrition, the protection of personal space, and the maintenance of harmonious interpersonal relationships.

So, to keep things pleasant for everyone, you’ll have to learn to compromise.

However, when students are assigned roommates rather than given the option to choose their own, it is frequently with the intention of increasing the likelihood that they would share a residence with someone from a racially or ethnically diverse background.

When should you find a college roommate?

If you’ve already decided on a school, then you’re probably thinking about where you’ll live after classes start.

Instead of leaving your roommate selection to chance, you can take control by beginning your search as soon as you make your commitment.

Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates 

1. What type of family did you grow up in?

Knowing the type of family that your potential college roommates grew up in is very important.

For instance, if their parents are people that have a history with indecent people, you can immediately apply for a change of room to avoid living together with someone that has a criminal tendency.

2. Why did you choose this college?

This question will allow you to understand the driving force that made your potential college roommate attend the same college as you.

You can learn if they see school as a place where they can grow as students and if the pursuit of academic success is important to them.

If it is the other way round and they are just driven by the fact that they have finally gotten the freedom to commit all forms of bad things, then it can convince you to apply for a change of room immediately.

3. What are you thinking about majoring in?

Knowing the major that your potential college roommates would love to adopt is a smart idea.

Finding out that you share the same academic interests can help you complete your registration processes together and build a bond early.

4. What clubs/extracurricular activities did you do in high school?

Do not fail to ask your potential college roommate about the extracurricular activities that they love to partake in.

This is important because, in cases where you all share the same interests, you can begin to nurture an amazing partnership in the activity that both of you are interested in.

5. Which charity activities have you been part of?

Finding out that your roommate is one of the biggest charity contributors in your society can be very heart-warming if you are someone that has participated in several charity activities.

So, feel free to ask them if they are already engaging in charity activities, as they can motivate you to do better.

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6. How many siblings do you have? 

Knowing the number of siblings they have and their position in the family is a great idea.

If your potential roommate is a firstborn with many siblings, they will likely be more disciplined and responsible than a potential roommate who is a last born and also the only child.

Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

7. What do you think about your parent(s)?

Knowing what your potential roommates think about their parents can give you an idea of their type of person.

If they act bitter and resentful when you ask them about their parents and can’t give you a good reason why, it could be a clue that they’re a problem and you should probably request a new roommate.

8. What would your ideal dorm room have?

If you do not smoke and your potential college roommate tells you that having a shisha pot in the room is the ideal dorm room, run away from that room immediately.

Besides smoking anything bad for your health, having a smoking college roommate around can negatively affect you.

9. Would you rather stay up late or wake up early?

This is another question that you have to ask your potential college roommates. The reason behind the answer is just another thing that can help you detect the type of person they are.

10. Are you more like your mother or your father?

Asking a prospective college roommate which parent they most resemble will provide you insight into their personality and behavior patterns.

11. What is your favorite TV show?

There is nothing more fun than having a roommate that loves just about the same type of show that interests you.

So, always ask them about the kind of TV show they love. A positive answer can get both of you off to an incredible start.

12. What is your favorite meal that your family makes?

Knowing the type of meal your potential college roommate mostly eats at home can give you an idea of their family background.

If you’re going to college in the UK and your prospective roommate tells you that his or her family enjoys eating a certain Indian food, you might infer that either he or she is originally from India or that he or she frequently visits India for vacation.

Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

13. What is your favorite genre of music?

If you like more mainstream music like pop or rap, it’s safe to assume that your potential college roommate doesn’t share your liking for metal, which is a very odd genre.

14. If you could solve one world issue, what would it be?

It’s possible to learn about a potential college roommate’s interests by learning about the kinds of problems in the world that person would be motivated to address if given the resources to do so.

15. If you could drive any kind of car, what kind would you drive?

Let’s say you’re interviewing a prospective roommate for next year at university or college, and you learn that they’re inspired by the prospect of driving the most expensive automobiles in the world, but that they’re not even willing to work hard to acquire enough money for it.

Then it’s safe to assume they’re lazy and willing to resort to any means, legal or otherwise, to acquire the money they need to buy all the things they want. A roommate change request should be submitted immediately in such instances.

How To Excel in College

The type of roommate you have in college will impact how well you will do in college.

So, you need to assess your potential college roommates to get a description of the type of person they may be before you move in with them.

However, academic excellence in college is totally dependent on individual effort put in by each student. Thus, apply the following tips if you desire to excel in college:

1. Form a study group

Forming a study group at the university is an ideal decision.

Studying in a group with some of your classmates who are also aiming for academic excellence will encourage you to be studious and allow you to get clarification on some ideas you did not understand in class.

2. Do not miss classes

Academic success can be guaranteed by class attendance.

Attending classes regularly will improve your memory instantly and offer you the rare privilege of receiving answers to all your questions.

However, do not only attend classes but also take notes during lecture sessions and arrive on time.

3. Build good relationships with your colleagues and teachers 

Existence as a class villain is one thing you should avoid throughout your stay in school. Seek to maintain a healthy relationship with your classmates and, most importantly, your lecturers.

Having nice classmates can help you learn any vital material you missed, but having a solid relationship with your teacher can help you acquire scholarship letters and special attention.

4. Draw up a schedule

Having a daily schedule is a catalyst for academic excellence.

A daily schedule will help you manage your time effectively, devote the majority of your time to studies, and avoid wasting your free time on unproductive tasks.

So, if you want to do well in college as a student, you should use a schedule to plan your day.

5. Make use of practice tests

Practice tests are useful educational materials. Completing enough practice tests ahead of a test or exam will expose you to the type and nature of the questions, which can help you prepare effectively.

6. Take a rest

Dedicating most of your free time to rest is a great idea. Getting enough rest when needed will improve your memory and recharge your brain ahead of the next reading session.

Frequently Asked Questions on Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates 

What should I say to my college roommate?

You can start by saying something like, “Hi, I’m (your name), your new roommate at (school’s name)” to kick off the conversation.

How do you socialize in a dorm room?

It may seem intimidating at first, but knocking on doors on the first day of class is the most effective approach to making new friends in your dorm. Try knocking on some open doors and introducing yourself if anyone answers. Talk to them if they appear friendly.

Is it OK not to have friends in college?

Most first-year and transfer students want to broaden their social circle by making new friends, but some soon realize they are all alone on campus. Making friends on campus can be intimidating, but all it takes is putting yourself in situations where you can meet other students.

Why do I feel lonely in college?

Many factors can contribute to a student’s sense of loneliness in college, including the transition to a new schedule, doubts about the relevance of their coursework or intended major, time spent away from loved ones, and the difficulty of making friends.


Ask your potential college roommates enough questions about themselves. It is ideal for detecting the type of person before you move in to stay with them.

While the type of roommate you have can partially affect you in school, academic excellence depends more on the steps you take as a student. Thus, apply the tips listed above to excel in school. 

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