How To Get West Elm Student Discount (FAQs)

West Elm Student Discount: West Elm is a company that is into the sale of cabinets and accessories used in the home. From rugs to tables, this company offers a wide variety of products.

No matter your budget as a student, there is always an item available for you at West Elm.

This company, on the other hand, offers student discounts that reduce the amount of money that any student will spend when shopping with them.

The West Elm student discount is open to only students that have fulfilled some conditions.

And this article will shed some light on the West Elm student discount in addition to alternatives that can be trusted in place of the company.

About West Elm

West Elm is a brand that is into the sale of trending furniture and home accessories that are made of exquisite designs.

From lighting to pillows, this brand is a reliable company for several high-quality furniture items.

The headquarters of this brand is in San Francisco, California, the United States. This brand currently runs over 600 physical stores and carries out operations in over 60 countries.

West Elm is a leading brand for home furnishings that will last for a very long time, and their products are available at pocket-friendly rates.

West Elm Student Discount

West Elm Student Discount

Like most of its competitors, West Elm gives students discounts to lower the amount of money they will spend when shopping at its store.

However, the discount varies according to the product that a student wants to purchase. In some cases, a student can get a discount of as high as 30% or as low as 10%, as the case may be.

Still, students can only get the West Elm student discount if they have a real student ID.

West Elm Credit Card

Using a West Elm credit card to purchase products is a great way to save money when shopping at West Elm.

With the West Elm credit card, you can earn extra points for your routine purchases that come with rewards like a discount of $25 off on your birthday, free delivery service, and lots more.

So, if you don’t have a West Elm credit card, you should apply for one right away.

Alternatives To West Elm

West Elm is a leading furnishing company in the world at the moment.

This brand is very popular all over the world for offering lots of top-quality products. However, there are several brands out there that have matched the standard of products offered by West Elm.

Below is a list of some of them:

1. Froy

Froy is one of the best alternatives to West Elm that is out there on the market at the moment.

This company shares lots of similarities with Froy, from the quality of products they offer to the price ranges allocated to each product.

Froy is a brand that is renowned for offering top-quality furniture designs.

2. CB2

CB2 is one of the top home furnishing brands in the world.

This company specializes in the sales of an amazing collection of the latest furniture that is identical to that found at any West Elm store.

Most of the products offered by West Elm are fairly priced and made using the latest technology. Also, the designs of the things CB2 sells are great and can stand up to those of its competitors.

3. Apt 2B

It is impossible to draw up a list of the alternatives to West Elm without adding Apt 2B.

This company offers a wide variety of home furnishings that are good enough to transform any home into a paradise.

Apt 2B products all have exquisite designs and are very reliable. Their Sylmar Side Chair is very popular all over the world because it offers a high level of comfort.

4. Article

Article is a brand that is comparable to West Elm in terms of quality. This company produces items that have unique styles.

For instance, the Texada Sofa, manufactured by the company, has a stylish leather tufting that is very exceptional.

Moreover, most of their products are made of the highest possible quality, and their prices are quite affordable.

5. Joybird

Joybird is an excellent addition to this list of alternatives to West Elm.

This brand is motivated by some of the most renowned home furnishing companies out there, and their designs are simply out of this world.

Moreover, the products offered by Joybird are very comfortable and made using materials that can outlive generations.

This company is dependable and has a wide range of items that will make any home look better.

6. EQ3

EQ3 is one of the leading brands in the world as far as home furnishings and accessories are mentioned.

EQ3 is a brand that can comfortably replace West Elm because it offers products that match the standard of those found at West Elm.

From chairs to tables to beds, EQ3 has several products that will make your home very beautiful. Moreover, their products are reasonably priced.

7. Hive Modern

Hive Modern is a perfect addition to this list of alternatives to West Elm.

Just like West Elm, Hive Modern offers exquisite products that are incredibly designed.

From ultra-iconic chairs to sofa pieces and tables, Hive Modern offers a wide variety of home furnishings. This company combines luxury and comfort when coming up with its product designs.

8. Medley

Medley is a company that specializes in the manufacture and sales of products that can last for many generations.

This company produces a large collection of items like the Palder Bed which is quite rare but comfortable, the Ridge Accent Chair which is very cozy, and the Atten 3-door Credenza which is an ideal storage solution.

Medley is well-known all over the world because it makes products that combine technology and comfort.

If you need to replace West Elm with another brand, Medley is a great choice.

9. The Inside

The Inside is another alternative to West Elm that deserves to be on this list.

This company combines playfulness and innovation to produce some of the most amazing furniture that is out there on the market.

The Inside offers colorful patterns, and the finishing of their products is mind-blowing.

No matter your budget, The Inside will always have a product available for you, and some of their products can serve several purposes at the same time.

10. France and Son

France and Son is an ideal alternative to West Elm.

No list of alternatives to West Elm will even be complete if this company is not added to it.

France and Son offer products that are amazingly designed and very reliable.

Moreover, most of the products offered by this company are affordable and will beautify any home tremendously.

Frequently Asked Questions on West Elm Student Discount

Is CB2 same as West Elm?

No, CB2 has a similar look, but it’s for younger shoppers.

What is West Elm known for?

West Elm was founded in 2002, and since then, it has been an industry leader in producing stylish, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly furniture for the home.

Who owns West Elm?


What style is Crate & Barrel?

Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn make traditional, rustic, modern farmhouse furniture. Both brands have a substantial U.S. and international online and in-store presence.


West Elm is one of the leading home furnishings and accessories companies in the world today.

Every single product offered by this brand has amazing designs that can transform the beauty of any home.

Even though West Elm does not have any discounts in place at the moment that are especially dedicated to students, you can take advantage of other discounts offered by the company when purchasing items from any of its stores.

Nevertheless, before you think of making use of any discount, get your student ID ready immediately.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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