How To Get IKEA Furniture Student Discount (FAQs)

IKEA Furniture Student Discount: IKEA is a furniture company that is renowned all over the world.

This company offers a large collection of furniture that is made using top-class materials.

Although IKEA does not offer any outstanding student discounts, there are other ways to save money when shopping at their store.

So, this article will talk about ways to save money at IKEA and other brands that could be relied upon in place of Ikea.

About IKEA

IKEA is a popular company that is into the production and sales of different types of furniture.

This brand was founded in Sweden in 1943 and has grown to become a household name for all types of furniture.

Moreover, many people love to shop at IKEA because their prices are very affordable.

This company even offers lots of discounts that cut down the cost of many products. IKEA is one of the world’s best furniture brands.

Ikea Furniture Student Discount

IKEA Furniture Student Discount

IKEA does not offer any special discounts that are specially made for students.

However, students can get any coupons or promotional codes offered by IKEA as long as they have a student ID.

How To Save Money On IKEA Furniture

Although IKEA offers most of its products at pocket-friendly prices, you can save money on Ikea furniture by applying the following tips:

1. Sign up for the IKEAFamily Club

Becoming a member of the IkeaFamily Club is one of the ways to save money on IKEA.

The IKEAFamily Club offers lots of amazing benefits, like 5% off purchases, special partnership deals, birthday discounts, access to lots of unpaid events, and free access to a $100 gift card giveaway.

You can sign up for the IKEAFamily Club at any of the company’s physical stores or on their online app.

2. Use IKEA’s “Buy Back & Resell”

You can also save money when buying products from IKEA by making use of the “Buy Back and Resell” offer.

With this deal, you can get store credit for selling old furniture that you can sell for money.

3. Use IKEA “New Mover”

You can save money on IKEA by registering for the “New Mover Program.”

This program offers a one-time $25 discount whenever you buy products from the store that are collectively worth more than $250.

However, the $25 discount expires exactly 2 months from the day it was handed out to you.

4. Get a free session at IKEA

Scheduling a free session with an IKEA professional before purchasing certain items in your house will do you lots of good by preventing you from purchasing items that you do not need.

Thus, ensure that you take advantage of this arrangement which can last for about two hours before you upgrade any area of your house.

5. Use IKEA “Click & Collect” for Pick Up

Whenever you buy products that are collectively worth more than $49, ensure that you take advantage of IKEA’s “Click & Collect” to get your products delivered to you free of charge.

Moreover, you can make use of this offer by clicking on “Click & Collect” at the checkout after you have picked the products you want to buy.

However, you will still have to select a participating IKEA store close to you to secure the offer.

6. Learn about the IKEAReturn Policy

As there is no IKEA furniture student discount, learning the return policy of the company will enable you to save money when you return a product that you don’t like.

This is very important because IKEA will reject any product that you are returning to them if it does not satisfy their return policies.

So, please take note that IKEA has a seamless return policy that allows you to return unopened items within 365 days from the day they were sent to you, as well as the product receipt.

On the contrary, any product that you have opened that you desire to return must be sent to them within 180 days from the date of delivery together with the product receipt.

If any of the policies listed above are flaunted, you will be unable to return the product to them, leaving you stocked with a product that you are not going to use.

7. Buy from the IKEAMarketplace

To save money when buying products from IKEA, shop most of your products from IKEAMarketplace.

This section, which exists both in physical and virtual stores, features home accessories, important cooking utensils, and many other products that are quite inexpensive.

8. Shop IKEA “As-is” Furniture

The IKEA “As-is” is a unit in the store where lots of cut-price items are available.

These products are those that are either marginally broken or have been returned to the company by their customers.

Most of the time, the items at the IKEA “As-is” unit are sold at a reduced rate of about 10%.

Moreover, it is understood that shopping on Monday from the “As-is” unit is a great idea because, by then, several people would have surely returned the goods they didn’t like over the weekend.

9. Shop IKEA “Last Chance”

Shopping for products that have the IKEA “Last Chance” yellow tag attached to them is another way to save money when shopping at IKEA.

The Last Chance products are old items that have been around for far too long that the store wants to sell off to create space for fresh items.

Most of the items that have the “Last Chance” tag attached to them are available at a discount rate that is as high as 50% in most cases.

10. Shop IKEA “Lowest Price” items

Once you are shopping at IKEA and you find items that have a red tag attached to them, endeavor to go for them immediately.

This is because these items, which were made when the cost of production was low, are offered at discounted rates.

11. Shop with IKEA promo codes and coupons

Always watch out for promo codes and coupons offered on the company’s website and use them for your shopping.

This is because most of them offer huge discounts that, in most cases, will massively reduce the amount of money that you will spend when shopping at their store.

You can also stay in touch with the latest promo codes and coupons offered by the company by signing up for their newsletter.

12. Use IKEACredit Card Promotions

Whenever Ikea is running a credit card promo, please always ensure that you use your IKEACredit card to shop.

During a promo, users of the IKEAVisa Credit Card are entitled to $25 off the first product they buy from the store; 3% discounts on dining and grocery items; 1% discounts on all manner of purchases; and many other rewards.

Users of the IKEACredit Card, on the other hand, will be able to pay for a single Ikea purchase within a certain time period with no interest.

13. Shop during the exclusive season

Although IKEA offers their products all year long, purchasing products on the following days is a great idea as most products will be available at discounted rates: IkeaPresidents’ Day sale, IkeaMemorial Day sale, IkeaMidsommar Event sale, The IkeaKitchen sale, and the IkeaSummer sale (both for Canadians only), IkeaBlack Friday sale, IkeaLabour sale, and the IkeaAnnual Winter sale.

IKEA Furniture Student Discount: Alternatives To IKEA

IKEA is one of the best stores for the purchase of furniture.

However, there are other stores that match the class and standard of products offered by Ikea:

1. CB2

CB2 offers products that are made with the latest design, have unique styles, and are reasonably priced.

This company offers a large variety of modern furnishings and accessories, and most of its items stand out visually. This company is an ideal alternative to IKEA.

2. Muji

Muji is a Japanese brand that is dedicated to the development and sales of items that may have simple designs but are still trendy.

Most of their items are available at pocket-friendly rates. Muji is another brand that can be perfectly trusted in place of IKEA.

3. Ferm Living

Ferm Living offers products that are highly innovative and perfectly styled.

Although most of their products do not come cheap, you will surely obtain value for the money you spend when you shop from Ferm Living.

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an outstanding brand that has several items that are comparable in quality to those offered by IKEA.

This brand offers a large collection of products made using the latest designs that will transform the beauty of your home perfectly.

Most of the items sold at Urban Outfitters are relatively affordable.

5. H&H Home

Another brand that can perfectly substitute IKEA furniture is H & H Home.

This company offers several amazing items that are made of the latest designs, and their prices are very fair.

Frequently Asked Questions on IKEA Furniture Student Discount

Is IKEA very cheap?

People go crazy about IKEA since their furniture is so cheap. IKEA is able to provide such low pricing in part because it packs its goods flat to minimize the space they take up in storage and during shipment.

Who makes the furniture for IKEA?

All of IKEA’s wood products are manufactured by its subsidiary Swedwood, the largest factory of which is situated in Southern Poland.

How long does IKEA furniture last?

The average lifespan of an IKEA product is between four and eight years. Materials, function, maintenance, and design all have a role. When properly maintained, a solid wood floor can last twice as long as particleboard.

Who owns IKEA now?

The Interogo Foundation is the ultimate owner of the Dutch holding firm Inter IKEA Holding B.V.


Despite the fact that IKEA does not offer student discounts, as a student, you can save money whenever you shop there by applying the tips carefully discussed above.

But don’t forget that if you want to get the student discount, you’ll need an original student ID.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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